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I'M NOT A POKEMON by groundzeroace I'M NOT A POKEMON :icongroundzeroace:groundzeroace 7,298 1,292 Sacrilegium: Alex by telthona Sacrilegium: Alex :icontelthona:telthona 1,739 42 The Emoticon Creator by jennifuh The Emoticon Creator :iconjennifuh:jennifuh 3,983 499 Police Shotguns by Philip-027 Police Shotguns :iconphilip-027:Philip-027 507 32 Era Silver by ErikShoemaker Era Silver :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 1,922 323 PUMP by ekud PUMP :iconekud:ekud 3,102 269 Misty Cosplay Pokemon - Staryu use Hydro Pump! by SailorMappy Misty Cosplay Pokemon - Staryu use Hydro Pump! :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 738 93 Lacing Lilith - Heavy rubber I by BelindaBartzner Lacing Lilith - Heavy rubber I :iconbelindabartzner:BelindaBartzner 581 30 The Spread of Robotenza by AndrewDickman The Spread of Robotenza :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 896 175 Imperial City - Rose of the San-San Saruk Republic by Lionel23 Imperial City - Rose of the San-San Saruk Republic :iconlionel23:Lionel23 193 2 Low on Health by Ry-Spirit Low on Health :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,081 53 Nodding Donkeys by Mr--Jack Nodding Donkeys :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 725 33 All I have left of him by momijigirl All I have left of him :iconmomijigirl:momijigirl 2,794 100 Feraligatr used Surf by Pixelated-Takkun Feraligatr used Surf :iconpixelated-takkun:Pixelated-Takkun 1,437 171 Hydro Cannon by Pixelated-Takkun Hydro Cannon :iconpixelated-takkun:Pixelated-Takkun 1,415 105 Aurora's Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch Aurora's Shoe - Disney Sole :iconbecsketch:becsketch 874 47 Maleficent Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch Maleficent Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole :iconbecsketch:becsketch 833 104 Ariel's Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch Ariel's Shoe - Disney Sole :iconbecsketch:becsketch 819 43 Gas Pump casual game by Grafik Gas Pump casual game :icongrafik:Grafik 321 12 Regular Show by young-frankenstein Regular Show :iconyoung-frankenstein:young-frankenstein 333 44 screwed by tomasbrechler screwed :icontomasbrechler:tomasbrechler 474 100 Feeling Full Yet? by Snow-chanDA Feeling Full Yet? :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,071 85
Caught Inflated
This is a commission for Gigacreator.
Amanda was a rather ordinary girl. She had shiny brown hair that reached down to her shoulders. She wore cute, square glasses, and a blue t-shirt and shorts. Her breasts were perky b-cups. She was sweet and friendly to whoever she met, especially her boyfriend Jon. Due to this, she was well-liked by most everyone as well. However, she always had a secret inflation fetish. The thought of having a colossal belly, filled with air aroused her, although she would never admit it to anyone, nor did she have any method of turning this fetish into anything beyond mere fantasy. 
When she was walking home, she saw a garage sale at one of the nearby houses. She thought for a moment, before rashly walking up to the house. The pump was a mere 10 dollars, so she bought it. She claimed that it was for a busted tire. She then proceeded to run home. 
She found herself back in her house. She silently slipped into her room, pump in her hand. She made su
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Bondage shop: pornwriter's girls
  «Not a single customer...»
  Andy sighed. Just an hour left of the day, and so far there had been no one coming to the bondage shop. It wasn't unusual, but today the owner wasn't around to tell his interesting stories about his bondage experiences. He was gone for the day on a bondage convention. Andy had wanted to come along, but he had to stay and mind the store. And now, he was bored. At times like this, he had nothing to do than just lean across the desk and look at the clock slowly tick towards closing hours.
  Then, a welcome sound. The sound of the door opening! He quickly turned to the door where three young girls entered. Two of them were eagerly chatting while the third were a little bit behind, shyly looking around the shop the moment she entered the door.
  They looked as though they could be over 21, but he wasn't sure. They could be 19 or 20 for all he knew.  So he had to do what he had to do. Check identificat
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Com - Haley Vs Yaneth by Day-Tripper-Guy Com - Haley Vs Yaneth :iconday-tripper-guy:Day-Tripper-Guy 562 70 Blowing Michelle by Snow-chanDA Blowing Michelle :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 805 131 Special delivery by JacketFreak Special delivery :iconjacketfreak:JacketFreak 1,085 84 Pumping Up Too Much? by Snow-chanDA Pumping Up Too Much? :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 984 89
A family inflation Part 1
This a piece on non erotic fiction, and it does involve body inflation. in particular the Belly. This the first a few in a series and there will be more to come. If you do not like or care for body inflation and is disturbing to you....... you have been warned and should not read this then.
      Finally, Leslie was asleep. The remains of dinner was put away, the kitchen and counter top was clean, the dog was quiet and Bills dinner was in the fridge. Lisa could finally relax, and tonight she knew just what she wanted to do to unwind and relax. She double checked the house, every door was locked, the outside lights were on and as she moved through the house she turned off the inside lights.
     She checked on Leslie one more time to make sure her four year old was asleep, and thought to herself she couldn't wait until her daughter was in school and she would have more time on her hands, and the house to herself. Not that she wanted
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COM: Chocolate Is Always A Great Gift by Qwuzank COM: Chocolate Is Always A Great Gift :iconqwuzank:Qwuzank 457 38 Pick On Someone Your Own Size! by brasbydesign Pick On Someone Your Own Size! :iconbrasbydesign:brasbydesign 579 46
Ballooning Bet
     "Coming!" I called, running down the hall. The knocking stopped, and I opened the door. "Hi, Jamie," the girl on the front step said. "Oh, hi Stacy. What's up?" I asked. She was holding a good-sized bag and seemed excited. "Is Ally here? Can I come in?" she asked. "Sure. I think she's in her room," I said, standing aside as Stacy bounced through the door with a "Thanks!"
     As I shut the door, I heard Stacy thumping up the stairs, then my twin's voice. I peered up at Ally's room just in time to see Stacy slam the door. I shrugged and went back to my game in the living room.
     I kept hearing muffled giggles and voices coming from my sister's room, though, and after only a minute I gave into the temptation and tiptoed up the stairs. There was a strange, rhythmic, "wheenk-ah wheenk-ah!" noise coming from behind the door. I put my ear against the wood, but I still couldn't tell what it was. Carefully turning the door handle, I eased th
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Erika Hypnotized by Teacher Mrs. Erickson by Lewd-Zko Erika Hypnotized by Teacher Mrs. Erickson :iconlewd-zko:Lewd-Zko 350 14 Shiku and Julia milky belly special 02 colored by Anubis2Pabon288 Shiku and Julia milky belly special 02 colored :iconanubis2pabon288:Anubis2Pabon288 797 22 Gentle vs Evil by Starkadhr Gentle vs Evil :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 150 13
Regular customer
 With a yawn I pull up my keys from my pockets. There's one thing I don't like about working, and that's getting up early. But I get used to it. But especially in the winter it's a real chore.
 With my hands slightly shaky I insert the key and turn it. Despite the cold, I smile a little. It's a new year, and with that comes new possibilities.
 "Let's see if this year will be the year of bondage," I mumble to myself and stretch my limbs once inside the store known as Leather Shibari. It was a bit creepy at first whenever I came inside, but by now I don't really care if anyone sees me. And now that we've been here for a while, I'm hoping there'll be more regular customers.
 Bob, the owner, says we were in the red last year. Not by much, but we'll need to get a more steady supply this year if we want to last.
 With all this in mind, I start doing an inventory count. It has to be done, and despite that the job itself is boring, it gives me a chance to make myself m
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Never a Dull Moment 01 by MilkyBody Never a Dull Moment 01 :iconmilkybody:MilkyBody 868 102 Cleo's Ball Inflate Fail by LordAltros Cleo's Ball Inflate Fail :iconlordaltros:LordAltros 681 30
A Belly Demon story
Belly Demon's Bursting Story
By biff97
B-girl met Ratboy some time back in a dimly lit Goth club.  Wiry and unkempt, he looked strung out even when there was little going on in his life.  She knew nothing of him otherwise; the shadowed nights amidst the pounding music and bleary drinks she found him curled up at a table in the corner, sullenly watching the pallid dancers mash and grind in sweaty unison.  This Friday night was no different.
"Hey, RB," B-girl purred as she slid into the seat across him, partially blocking his view.  He shifted uneasily, back pressed to the black-painted brick wall.  "Man, you look like shit..."
"Yeah, been feeling kinda rough lately," Ratboy replied, his voice edged gravelly, "I haven't been sleeping too great lately.  How's things with you?"
"S'Okay...just trying to keep up on things," B-girl said as she brushed her cropped onyx hair out of her face, "you know, you have to chill out
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Alex Berry pt.2 by OriginalSkchyPupster Alex Berry pt.2 :iconoriginalskchypupster:OriginalSkchyPupster 304 37 Commission - Kaerin by High-On-Fairydust Commission - Kaerin :iconhigh-on-fairydust:High-On-Fairydust 863 50 Never a Dull Moment 04 by MilkyBody Never a Dull Moment 04 :iconmilkybody:MilkyBody 751 43
Shipping Surprise, Part 1
     "Quick, come on!" Jeff whispered. Cody and I hurried over to the factory door and slipped inside while Jeff held it open. "Take your shoes off and leave 'em by the door. I don't want to get caught 'cause we tracked dirt in, or something. They're really careful about food contamination." Cody grinned at me. "You don't think Cal's socks will set off any alarms?" he said, then yelped as I poked him in the ribs. Once our shoes were off, Jeff led us into the factory.
     We looked around the cavernous space in awe. "Wow. Look at this place! It's so cool your dad works here," I said. "How'd you get us in?" Jeff grinned and held up a key. "I swiped my dad's spare. Come on, I wanna show you around."
     It was Saturday evening, and the factory was empty for the weekend. Jeff said he'd been here plenty of times before with his dad, and he knwe how to turn on the lights. He'd told us he wan't too worried about anyone noticing the light from the
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Red pumps by Starkadhr Red pumps :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 131 9
Violett, the Inflating Maid
It was Violett’s first day since being hired by the mistress of the mansion. She wrung her hands in her apron as she entered the rather large abode. She gulped; the place was enormous, which meant much more room to mess up. As she gulped, she felt the inner lining of her stomach grow tighter. As the mistress came down the large staircase, she noticed the maid's trembling. She smirked to herself, knowing that whoever she was, she was going to be an enjoyable little handful.
She led her to the large living room, where two large sapphire blue drapes covered up the presumably large window. That’s when the woman gave her the vacuum cleaner, directing her to clean the carpets and the curtains. Violett nodded and took the device from the woman, and began her work.
Now, everything was going fine, and for once, she felt like she wasn’t going to screw this up. That is, of course, until she slipped, dropping the nozzle of the vacuum. The nozzle began to wiggle around, like a cob
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Quick Pump On The Train by wannabehuge Quick Pump On The Train :iconwannabehuge:wannabehuge 174 11 Footpumpgirl - Pink Stretch by Spiderhaunt Footpumpgirl - Pink Stretch :iconspiderhaunt:Spiderhaunt 357 28 spider-flex by graphic-muscle spider-flex :icongraphic-muscle:graphic-muscle 637 143