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Pokemon Tileset From Public Tiles by ChaoticCherryCake Pokemon Tileset From Public Tiles :iconchaoticcherrycake:ChaoticCherryCake 687 115 The Public Pokemon Tileset by ThatsSoWitty The Public Pokemon Tileset :iconthatssowitty:ThatsSoWitty 287 136 Now Arriving by fox-orian Now Arriving :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 8,744 416 Lying Down by Hellobaby Lying Down :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 10,514 960 Public Tileset by zerudez Public Tileset :iconzerudez:zerudez 585 75
The Right One [Spain x Shy!Reader]
    The brightly colored spines of various books presented themselves neatly to you. Thinking thoughtfully about which novel you would take a look at today, the decision came down to two individual books both with equally attention-grabbing cover titles and summaries.
    Which one…?
    Ah well- if you didn’t finish both of them in the time you had, you could always check it out and take it home to read. The familiar texture of the smooth pages and the descriptive usage of words by the author brought you into a different world as if you were with the characters you were reading about. You were so deeply absorbed it seemed that you hadn’t noticed someone tapping on your shoulder.
    “…con permiso chica?”
    You looked up slowly, titling your head slightly upward. The moment your [EyeColor] eyes met his emerald ones they widened slightly.
    “A-Ah! Sorry- am I in your way?” y
:iconcross-angel-chan:Cross-Angel-Chan 722 230
District 14 by adamkuczek District 14 :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 665 19 Steampunk TARDIS by Promus-Kaa Steampunk TARDIS :iconpromus-kaa:Promus-Kaa 1,408 212 Tapek by givesnofuck Tapek :icongivesnofuck:givesnofuck 982 361 Symphony by Grivetart Symphony :icongrivetart:Grivetart 1,029 73 Public Interior Tileset by ThatsSoWitty Public Interior Tileset :iconthatssowitty:ThatsSoWitty 120 37
Hundreds of free art e-books
This was originally written by David J.C. Briggs on the forums. (The original post can be found here.) All credit goes to him for compiling this list, I'm just passing the word on.
The Internet Archive is a massive digital library that stores all sorts of material in the public domain, from music and movies to images, webpages and nearly three million books. All of this is open-source and available to the general public free of charge. The books documented below cover all sorts of subjects from different eras, from anatomy to portraiture, fashion to architecture, from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci to the letters of Vincent van Gogh.
And this is only scratching the surface! If you head over to the Archive and search for whatever subjects catches your interest most you can find much, much more. Just select "Texts" in the search box at the top of the page.
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Your Spine and You by kevinbolk Your Spine and You :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 4,878 835 Pokemon DP Custom Gyms by KageNoSensei Pokemon DP Custom Gyms :iconkagenosensei:KageNoSensei 209 59 Rain of Yellow by poraschaudhary Rain of Yellow :iconporaschaudhary:poraschaudhary 2,480 227 Subway by Cementiet Subway :iconcementiet:Cementiet 343 21 ATTENTION by DADAIST-Gabriel ATTENTION :icondadaist-gabriel:DADAIST-Gabriel 6,044 818 Romantically Apocalyptic 07 by alexiuss Romantically Apocalyptic 07 :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 3,663 394 Metro by Cementiet Metro :iconcementiet:Cementiet 678 65 Free Feral-heart map ~Taiga forest by FabouCaribou Free Feral-heart map ~Taiga forest :iconfaboucaribou:FabouCaribou 185 100 Charlie XVII by Jag6201 Charlie XVII :iconjag6201:Jag6201 256 21 Public transportation by Pajunen Public transportation :iconpajunen:Pajunen 407 66 Pokemon mapping tutorial by KageNoSensei Pokemon mapping tutorial :iconkagenosensei:KageNoSensei 268 78 BW public tileset UPDATED by DarkDragonn BW public tileset UPDATED :icondarkdragonn:DarkDragonn 115 11 Dionysos by psykozz Dionysos :iconpsykozz:psykozz 900 28 Pencil Vs Camera (Study in Hong Kong Subway) by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera (Study in Hong Kong Subway) :iconbenheine:BenHeine 546 15 Meeting of Fronts by lydario Meeting of Fronts :iconlydario:lydario 1,439 149 The Holy Singer by poraschaudhary The Holy Singer :iconporaschaudhary:poraschaudhary 585 48 Alternative DP Tileset by KageNoSensei Alternative DP Tileset :iconkagenosensei:KageNoSensei 228 51 Miss Libertine by Ophelia-Overdose Miss Libertine :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 2,081 157 GND221 - Public Affairs by Pika-la-Cynique GND221 - Public Affairs :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 971 215 Streak of Green by poraschaudhary Streak of Green :iconporaschaudhary:poraschaudhary 839 50 Where Babies Come From by Trippy4U Where Babies Come From :icontrippy4u:Trippy4U 1,590 1,020 Suedtiroler Platz by roarbinson Suedtiroler Platz :iconroarbinson:roarbinson 564 116 English Garden by theblindalley English Garden :icontheblindalley:theblindalley 511 114 Death is the Only Escape by Treamus Death is the Only Escape :icontreamus:Treamus 1,261 107 Gladstones Library by michael-d-beckwith Gladstones Library :iconmichael-d-beckwith:michael-d-beckwith 228 24 Charlie XXVII by Jag6201 Charlie XXVII :iconjag6201:Jag6201 209 37 Amorwind COMPLETED, PUBLIC FH map by reclusive-foosh Amorwind COMPLETED, PUBLIC FH map :iconreclusive-foosh:reclusive-foosh 172 56 Sightseeing tour by LXXT Sightseeing tour :iconlxxt:LXXT 858 44 Buy a Sense of Humor by Harseik Buy a Sense of Humor :iconharseik:Harseik 645 78 Puro by givesnofuck Puro :icongivesnofuck:givesnofuck 777 262 what happens? by LXXT what happens? :iconlxxt:LXXT 605 22 Sarah H by HFMp Sarah H :iconhfmp:HFMp 1,207 22
The Real Story on SOPA 2013/Section 201
Edit 3/14/2014
I've finished my final writeup!

And my friend did a petition that covers my points:
Edit 3/13/2014
Are you here about SOPA 2014? I'm still working on my write-up of the latest SOPA Scare. Most of the research is done, and I am in editing/petition hunting now. If you'd like to see what I have, and maybe even help, the link is here:
Please do not use the article you're looking at now, "The Real Story on SOPA 2013/Section 201," to figure out the current situation. It has NOTHING to do with the two things that have people crying that SOPA is back this time. 
EDIT 3/12/2014: This article is OUTDATED and does not apply to the latest "SOPA scare." I'm hoping to write up a more detailed article on the new SOPA, but last I checked research was light, and these things take time.
The new SOPA is more
:icondecepticonflamewar:DecepticonFlamewar 145 520
Sightseeing 2 by LXXT Sightseeing 2 :iconlxxt:LXXT 439 23 Festitickle by the-flyng-hamster Festitickle :iconthe-flyng-hamster:the-flyng-hamster 1,009 57 JAPAN X by WindyLife JAPAN X :iconwindylife:WindyLife 987 174 Charlie XVIII by Jag6201 Charlie XVIII :iconjag6201:Jag6201 934 142