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Run or die by kawacy Run or die :iconkawacy:kawacy 15,099 520 You don't own me by kawacy You don't own me :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,597 265 Welcome. by Aviaku Welcome. :iconaviaku:Aviaku 1,159 129 Psychotic by RainNoir Psychotic :iconrainnoir:RainNoir 1,950 282 Come as you are by Tohad Come as you are :icontohad:Tohad 848 44 I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by BlasticHeart I'm Gonna Show You Crazy :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 789 26 The Full Monty by WildSpiritWolf The Full Monty :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,852 715 Slow Chemical by NanFe Slow Chemical :iconnanfe:NanFe 2,114 36 Yuno Gasai by Witchiko Yuno Gasai :iconwitchiko:Witchiko 3,474 606 + How Pathetic + by akirakirai + How Pathetic + :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 2,098 124 Dead End::::::::: by Witchiko Dead End::::::::: :iconwitchiko:Witchiko 544 79 :: Dangerous Bloody Patient :: by xtl :: Dangerous Bloody Patient :: :iconxtl:xtl 2,205 869 Escape by BlasticHeart Escape :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,331 40 dog psychopath by 6Artificial6 dog psychopath :icon6artificial6:6Artificial6 4,148 364
Myself [Psycho!Reader x Rivaille/Levi] chap.3
Myself [Psycho!Reader x Rivaille/Levi]
WARNING! Attention readers! Beware of psychopaths and sadist. Don't like don't read. The further chapters, could contain creepiness and violence.
Chapter 3 — Monsters
"In case, maybe we should dissect her too..."
"Please wait! Maybe I am a monster, but she has nothing to do with this!"
«Monsters... Huh..»
"You're defending her, so she's still on your party! "
"It's the truth!"
"How can we trust you?"
"No!!" Eren yelled, following an awkward silence. Accused of betrayal of humanity, he was attached and bending on the ground. You stood there crossing your arm, beside Hanji, as bored as ever.
"I-I mean, you are wrong. But, you are only talking on your own too. And, even if you never saw a Titan, what are you so afraid of?" After a mere hesitation, he spoke again, "If you have the power, then why don't you fight? If you hold the power and are too afraid to fight, then lend me your strength! Cowards..."
«How interesting. Having
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Clippity clippity by illusionwaltz Clippity clippity :iconillusionwaltz:illusionwaltz 622 38
I Am A Writer
I am a deadly murderer
I am a crazy psychopath
I am a gentle ruler
I am a war-driven tyrant
I am a secretive assassin
I am a jealous lover
I am a tortured soul
I am a ruthless god
I am manipulative
I am all-mighty
I am powerful
I am omnipotent
I am murderous
I am loving
I make sweet dreams
I make terrifying nightmares
I make tender moments
I make anguished deaths
I am the one
I am their god
I am a writer.
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Python Concept by splatpixel Python Concept :iconsplatpixel:splatpixel 690 102 Jacket of Straightness 4 by DaeStock Jacket of Straightness 4 :icondaestock:DaeStock 352 101 Chorus of Contempt by IreneLangholm Chorus of Contempt :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 426 178 SMILE by sahinduezguen SMILE :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 390 45 |Jeff The Killer| Fabulous by 0ktavian |Jeff The Killer| Fabulous :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 392 33 The Face Carver by AustenMengler The Face Carver :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 278 31 Mundo, The Ripper by sunnykoda Mundo, The Ripper :iconsunnykoda:sunnykoda 329 42 Intruder Gloom by BryanBaugh Intruder Gloom :iconbryanbaugh:BryanBaugh 321 86
The psychopath.
If I had you in my arms right now,
I would love you-
With my clammy hand
curled round your mouth,
And a rusty knife pressed between your thighs,
You'd have no choice but to love me back.
If you don't like blue,
I can beat you black.
Just unlock your doors and
surrender your jaws,
Let me drill holes in your system.
I have cutlery,
I have nail files and
butcher's knives.
I'm dying for you to love me back.
:iconflesh-box:flesh-box 63 43
Maybe it's because I'm a psychopath by Mizu-no-Akira Maybe it's because I'm a psychopath :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 628 43 Social mockery by vixklen Social mockery :iconvixklen:vixklen 848 66 CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP! by Hioderro CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP! :iconhioderro:Hioderro 192 22 Last wish... by aliyilik Last wish... :iconaliyilik:aliyilik 370 69 Warden by Eemeling Warden :iconeemeling:Eemeling 255 18
I met Carmen the day someone set the gym on fire. I’d known who she was before then—I’d heard the whispers of the tricks she pulled, and I’d seen her saunter up and down the clinic halls with a wicked glint in her eyes—but it wasn’t until I watched her drop an empty matchbox into a trashcan outside the smoldering gym that she let me into her incredible world.
Mon dieu! I thought you were the nurse ready to bust me again!” she exclaimed. Then she took a moment to look me over. “Wait, I know you. Your name is Emma and you take your meds daily like a model patient. I am Carmen, by the way. Don’t believe the things you hear about me.” She smiled as though we shared a secret.
Carmen was one of those people who had an almost electric energy to her, a mixture of audacity and charm that attracted people like moths to a light. She’d barely introduced herself and I found her fascinating.
“Let’s not waste
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The Psycho by Giuliabeck The Psycho :icongiuliabeck:Giuliabeck 1,224 332 C. Forever by NE-R0 C. Forever :iconne-r0:NE-R0 431 50
The Wants of a Psychopath - Josh x Reader
The Wants of A Psychopath - Josh Washington x Hurt! Female! or Male! Reader

~~~ Author's Note: Well someone needs a Snicker's bar...
Warning: Contains Cursing and Stressful Situations.
You have been warned, loves. <3 ~~~

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!"
Eyes wavering to and fro, you thought you heard another footstep- footsteps coming toward you. 
"Please...please don't see me." 
Huddling into the back of a freezing tree, you watch the moonlight filter through its branches. It couldn't see you right? There's no way it could see you. You had to be safe. You had to-
Nearly screaming, you instead bit hard on your tongue and clamp a hand onto your mouth. Like ants crawling up your arms, you feel the subtle but tangible feeling of it nearby. Shaking, but slowly moving your vision towards your right, you felt tears threatening to peek out. 
The Wendigo is twenty feet from
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+ Intricate Solution + by akirakirai + Intricate Solution + :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 1,228 88 This Blood I Shed For You by Mytherea This Blood I Shed For You :iconmytherea:Mytherea 323 44 CLAW-FACE by Eemeling CLAW-FACE :iconeemeling:Eemeling 382 63 Lenn Shimura - Character Sheet by akirakirai Lenn Shimura - Character Sheet :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 758 120
Dear Psychopath
I'm gonna write you a letter
Something that'll remain in your mind forever
I wonder if your heart shivered
From all the lies you delivered
Does this brain of yours even recognize empathy ?
Or are you a psychopath that finds joy in others agony ?
That's quite a show you performed
Broke in into people's lives and left it stormed
Stole the hearts of the innocent souls
Treated them as if they're just a bunch of tools
Don't be fooled if you thought you made your getaway
I wont lay a finger at you but in your head ill make sure youll pay
If only you did the right thing and confessed for your crime
I would have forgiven you and gave you my time
But that's too late now a liar is who you are
You think I'm crawling in darkness ?
Look up I'm a star
:iconreham-y:Reham-Y 32 34
    Neko whimpered and made her way in to Koori and Galen's room, her face stained with tears. She'd thrown up, and she didn't know why. Over the past month or so she'd put on a few pounds, and it was just starting to show. "K-Koori..." she whimpered, walking in to the room and shaking slightly.
    Koori groaned as she lay on the bed, her eyes fixed shut. "What..?"
    "I... I don't feel good."
    Galen rolled over, away from Koori and Neko and continued to snooze. He had a tendency to be lazy in the mornings, and right now, sleep was all he cared for. There was something about Neko, but he wasn't in the mood to find out what. Koori could deal with her just fine. Right?
    Wrong! Koori reached over and pushed Galen roughly off of the bed. "You deal with her-I'm not in the mood." She muttered, moving back under the blankets and  curling up in a ball, quickly starting to fall
:iconoffended-by-light:Offended-By-Light 75 13
I Love You Less
Ya know I loved you
From my very first breath.
Maybe a bit too roughly
Because I loved you to Death.
You know I must be
Out of breath.
Getting a little rusty
Because I broke your neck.
Somebody stop me!
Before I slash your chest.
You know it's not free.
It's not a test.
Do you think it's easy
Just to let you rest?
Because you complete me
And I love you to Death.
Some say I'm crazy.
Covered in blood.
But I've been feelin' lately
Like a sane man should.
Your body makes me
Feel so damn good.
Can't believe I found you
So cold and alone.
Now I have to
Get you on your own.
Don't you know I love you?
Though I must confess,
That I can't wait to
Make a bloody mess.
Don't you know, girl
That I'll love you to Death?
:iconvelikorossiya:Velikorossiya 41 140
Psycho Path by akirakirai Psycho Path :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 1,685 101 Psychopath by RainNoir Psychopath :iconrainnoir:RainNoir 1,197 165
Let me feel your heart inside my hands
You think I am being romantic, give me a chance
I'll charm you with my sweet words and lips
Take you through emotional trips
I'll make you feel so light and high
Though my word is just a lie
You will trust me with all your heart
Until I begin cutting you apart
With this blade I draw your blood
And it bubbles up like a flood
I promise I will kill you slow and sweet
I'll make it feel like a sexual treat
I am the man that you once trust
And the one you followed in your lust
But I guess your luck has run dry
For tonight you are going to die
I was so sweet, a charming man
That was when this all began
But this is my true self forevermore
But you didn't see it until you were dead on the floor
:iconred-stained-december:red-stained-december 51 41
So much pokemon vore.
My true hatred for my father…
This is my true feelings toward my father in a Pokémon vore story. Prepare for hell.
Age one…
I was a talented young child. My family lived in the middle of a forest. My father was a true bastard. My mother… She was quiet to say the least. I had a rare ability one that hadn't been seen in years. I naturally befriended pokemon. And I understood them like I would another human. My father was unaware of something about me though…
Age three…
I wandered off from my little town into the forest… There I would find my true love in life. Vore… I when I got lost. Befriended every pokemon I had come across so far. I was quite happy at this. I felt them nudge me at times. Then I found an old rundown cabin. I made it my little hideout. Then at the end of my first day of wandering I headed back to the inn we stayed at. My father cruelly beat me for wandering off without telling him. The next day I went back. The pokemon noticed th
:icontavin-forchune:Tavin-Forchune 93 161
My Sociopath
My sociopath.
You're cunning,
And manipulative.
People are just a means,
To achieve your goals.
You don't really care.
It's all pretend.
I wonder if they can tell?
But I'm different.
I'm your love,
Even if I don't love you,
Even if I can't love you.
You will protect me,
And care for me,
And I will show you kindness.
I will act as if I care,
Because you make me happy.
Your manipulations will get you far,
One day,
My sociopath.
:iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 46 27
Complete Monster by Chaser1992 Complete Monster :iconchaser1992:Chaser1992 238 241 wrong tunnel by GK-7 wrong tunnel :icongk-7:GK-7 263 10