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The Doctor Is In :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 1,672 163
Dear Charlotte
Dear Charlotte,
It's September 1st today. It's weird, isn't it? The way most kids associate the start of September with brand new backpacks, pencil shavings and the panicked beating of their hearts as they get on the bus, pretending all the while to be perfectly collected, not even a little nervous? I guess that's one thing this whole thing has given me to be grateful for. Dr. Spence says it would be a good idea for me to write a list every day of things I'm grateful for. You'd like him. He also told me I should try writing you a few letters telling you how I feel, even if I would never send them, and it's not like you'd open them even if I did. Anyways, don't get me wrong, it's not like the start of another year doesn't faze me, it's more like I'm used to it, you know? And besides, I have other things to think about.
Charlie. It feels strange to call you Charlie. It's like when we used to go to that sushi place on 3rd street that you absolutely loved and we would order the rolls with
:iconhumankaleidoscope:HumanKaleidoscope 341 129
Meta's Pledge
I know what I am.
You look at me as if I was a thing of evil.
Yet I give you a chance to be equal with me.
Go on, pick up your sword.
For today, we shall dance with our swords.
And sing with our cries of pain.
Don't try to suck me in.
I want you to fight me with honour.
For I am someone of great status.
With no other equal.
I don't want your pity or your help.
I want you to swing that blade.
For I hunger for the heat of the battle.
I don't do this to enjoy myself.
I do this to keep the beast at bay.
For it longs the taste of victory ever so much.
There is nothing else that it deisres.
Only bloodshed and despair of others.
Yet I cannot attack you unarmed.
So come at me, now.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 97 19
THE CLUMP OF PSYCHOLOGISTS :icondonpixe:DonPixe 185 23
The Entomologist
He keeps them all in little glass jars
In stagnant lakes of formaldehyde
Or pinned proudly to wooden frames
Neat print spelling their strange names
But many are alive, more delightful in motion
(Scolopendra gigantea, my deadly lady)
Ever so slightly off, these angles
Asymmetrical and nonsensical
Grasping details he didn't notice before
But awareness only blooms in the basement
(something's not right here)
Microscopes and blinding beams
Slender hands prod, a playful grin gleams
Chloroform and miniature surgeries
Finding the sublime behind compound eyes
Others shiver, avoid their touch
But his attention is glued to
Sleek shells and bristling legs and wings like
Dirty stained glass windows
Color bleached by a downpour that never ends
(something's gone wrong inside me)
He'll take them apart tenderly
Like the patients in his office
(don't go into the monster's den)
Whose psychosis is as old and ugly
As anything in the doctor's collection
Oh, yes, they'll squirm a
:iconcrazyone222:Crazyone222 26 9
In Another World :iconconicer:Conicer 361 33
The Psych Ward
Forced therapy,
Orderly degradation,
Jailhouse schoolyards,
Bored intellectuals,
Inválid tongues,
Ínvalid eyelids,
Freudian fornication,
Incestuous libraries,
Alphabetical death-rows,
Fastidious sadism,
Hallowed infamy,
Psychosomatic principles,
Indoctrination druggings,
Chain link unity,
Nailhead hypocrites,
Doctors of ignorance,
Instructors of normalcy,
Teachers of sanity,
Madhouse mentality,
Stone eyeballs,
Sterile lips,
Blank palms;
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 23 55
Diagnosing Blitzwing
Diagnosing Blitzwing
Synopsis: Blitzwing and his psychologist try to examine his personality using only Freudian theories.
“Talk” = Psychologist
“Talk” = Blitzwing
“TALK” = Hothead
“tAlK” = Random
*sheesheeshank* = the sound Blitzwing makes when his personality changes
“Tank you vore coming to see me, doctor.”
My pleasure, Blitzwing.  This is an unusual request though….
“Vell, I vant to use Sigmund Freud’s theories because he vas a vellow German.
But Freud wasn’t German.  He was Austrian.
*sheesheeshank* “CLOSE ENOUGH!!”
….Uh, OK.  Are you sure that psychoanalysis is what you want?
*sheesheeshank* “Vat do you mean?”
Because you seem to be bipolar……
*sheesheeshank* “yOu MeAn
:iconntldr:NTLDR 97 101
Supernatural Funny Moments 38 :iconfallenindarkness:FallenInDarkness 182 26 I listen to you :iconroyudai:royudai 269 10
Dr Francis' Clinic- part one
Dr Francois' Clinic: Therapist
Appointment 1: Canada
Canada: Doctor, I'm feeling inadequate about myself
Dr France: Now why iz zat?
Canada: Everyone thinks I'm invisible
Dr France: and who iz to blame for zat? You see, za reason why people don't notice you iz because you don't make yourself heard. When was za last time you got laid?
Canada: ummm….*blush*……I…..
Dr France: Listen mon cher, you will go out of zis clinic and you will send a dozen red roses to all your friends. Zat way everyone will remember you every time zey smell za sweet perfume of flowers, non? …I will write zis down for you…*writes a prescription for Canada, then turns around to give it to him*…eh? Where did zat boy go?
Canada: I'm right here!
Dr France: *ignores* Oh well, he must have been desperate….
Appointment 2: Germany
Dr France: hon, hon, hon, I'd never thought I'd see you here Monsieur Perfection…
Germany: I had no choice. I've been having these weird feelings nowad
:iconmoonbeamdust:MoonBeamDust 38 27
How are you feeling? :iconpaintedhoofprints:PaintedHoofprints 171 15 Two sides of the clown :iconquotidia:quotidia 298 20
             I think I am going insane.
My legs are folded on the black leather couch and I am running my fingers over the veins in the back of my hand, barely listening to what She has to say. I stare at a patterned rug that dissolves into chaos about the fringes, the neatly-weaved red, yellow, and blue blocks bending and twisting off their threaded stacks. It is ugly. It pisses me off.
She asks me something. I don't know what it is, but I tell Her, "I don't bleed. There is no blood in my veins. I don't bleed at all. Am I human?"
She stares at me. I stare at Her.
"You're not crazy."
And then She is someone else, but I am still right here.
"I think you need to go to the hospital."
I look up at Her, and She is still staring at me with the same green eyes She had before She was this someone else. I stand, because I'm just as crazy as they say I'm not, and I scream at Her. "Why?! Why why why?! None of this is m
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 19 10
The people with no faces
The people with no faces
I know that I sound crazy.
People would call me tired, some call me lazy.
But I know it's not true.
The people came again, some I never knew.
The whispers inhabited my mind,
Some were evil; some were kind.
They stood and looked with no faces,
They lived in far off places.
A world no one knew of,
with words as silent as the coo of a dove.
The pain grew immense,
Sometimes way too intense.
They tried to dull the pain
But it was back again.
I heard the laughter as it grew,
with words so silent they never knew.
They would torture me in my mind
Some were mean, some were kind.
They lived in far off places
The people, with no faces.
They glanced at me, but I couldn't tell
I would hear them try to yell
Collapsing bodies on the ground,
Even I, couldn't make a sound.
They lived in far off places,
The people, that had no faces.
Worlds no one cared of
... I see the dove! I see the dove!
The smoldering streets, the cold winters.
Words so sharp, they hurt like splinters.
:iconpecansandy309:PecanSandy309 15 9
Faith is Chronically Fragile :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 83 54 inner murderer :iconmarvyanaka:marvyanaka 210 50 Naruto 567 - Psychoanalyst :iconjesterry:jesterry 183 18 split personalities :icondraculinaxy:draculinaxy 99 4 Thoughtful Committed Citizens :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 73 8
Soldier!Levi x Psychologist!Reader [Modern AU]
We Will Rock You
Colonel Levi Ackerman let out a weary sigh, lowering the newspaper in his hands from his field of vision to languidly survey the place that Brigadier Erwin Smith, his superior and best friend, had brought – correction – dragged him to.
The Recon Corps Hospital was like any other hospital, a distinctive synthetic smell wafting through the air whilst the bright fluorescent lights glared at the white tiled floor. The ringing telephones kept each of the receptionists busy whilst a couple of children giggled contently in the small play area in the waiting room. The adults entertained themselves by reading the various magazines and newspapers scattered around the room but as Levi witnessed plenty of people coughing and sneezing on them, he hurriedly put the tabloid he’d been reading down on the empty chair beside him before crossing his arms over his chest.
“Tch, coming here is a complete waste of time.” the raven haired
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 186 53
Tell me what you are feeling :iconrhynwilliams:RhynWilliams 85 26
The Psychologist
Society looks at her
And she stares back
They see joy and humor
They see everything she lacks
I look into her eyes
And she looks into mine
I see dark clouds and azure skies
A shiver crawls down my spine.
I see depression and tears,
Paranoia and fears.
I see a whole world crashing down.
Hidden emotions behind the mask of a clown.
Society looks at him
And he stares back
They see malevolence and sin
All they see are non-existent cracks.
I look into his eyes
And he looks into mine
I see betrayal and thousands of lies
He is so beautiful and divine.
I see wisdom and intelligence
Anguish and eternal loneliness.
I see a life ruined by society
A life destroyed by anxiety.
No one ever trusts us
All of them look down on us
The youth is not what everyone sees.
Yet the stereotypes are not what everyone believes.
The psychologist sees the unseen.
The psychologist sees the person as a human being.
:iconroseofdeath:RoseOfDeath 12 7
Dr. Harleen Quinzel Practice :iconblood-and-lust-87:BLOOD-and-LUST-87 71 46 Saori Kido :iconxplotter:xplotter 335 57 Spider Vixen Hypnotized :iconarnie00:ARNie00 213 10 UNHOLY UNION pg 1 :iconblood-and-lust-87:BLOOD-and-LUST-87 55 75
I had a bad day, Clémentine thought as she quietly slid closed the door to her apartment in Marseille, France, where she attended medical courses at Aix-Marseille University. She slipped her shoes off and unwound the red cashmere scarf from her neck. Her feet led her to her usual place in the pink armchair across the living room. She slumped down in the chair, her socks gathering on the tan carpet beneath her feet. It doesn't bother me.
"Clémentine, you're home," Cameo said as she emerged from the hallway behind Clémentine. The words came out as if Cameo was letting Clémentine know that she had arrived, and they were not pleased and did not resemble a greeting of any kind; they were more like the words a snake would speak if one ever could speak.
"Yes," Clémentine answered dryly.
"We had a bad day today."
"Yes." Clémentine heard the central heat in her apartment come on as the temperature inside dropped. Cameo slid soundlessly
:iconstrawberrychewies:StrawberryChewies 12 26
FLR 56 New superhero :iconfelolira:Felolira 408 242 Maslow's Hammer :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 42 6
A visit to the psychologist.
"I think i may be crazy" the girl whispers sweetly
"Why do you think so?" the lady asks,
"Well, where should i begin?" the girl sighs,
"Tell me about the time you first came to this...conclusion?"
the lady encouraged,
"The first time...well, i can't remember miss, it's like it's always been
there but now its coming out...and i can feel it" the girl answered bravely,
"How does it feel?" the lady wanted to know,
"It's like sometimes i can hear things, but people say that no-one's said anything
and that im just making things up, im overly forgetful, im not sure why either, i
get in trouble at school for things i dont even remember doing or saying and i
have bad dreams about things i shouldn't even know about...i hear a lot of screaming, it's mostly screaming, makes me want to fall down, curl up and scream too-" the girl was telling the lady hesitantly,
"Does it ever make you react violently?" the lady interrupted,
"In my mind there is so much destruction, that i think even a demon may bre
:iconwith-no-emotion:with-no-emotion 11 21
Who Is This Man ? :iconenzocavalli:enzocavalli 16 2 The Truth About Terrorism :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 42 27 Day 21 - Pearly Consulting Fluttershy :iconhollowzero:hollowzero 179 80 I- Dr. Quentin Walker :iconinonibird:Inonibird 62 29 Candy Psychologist :iconsoul-of-the-sword:Soul-of-the-Sword 38 11
Angles and Angels
I had always hated the walk up to Dr. Shapacia's building.  Not the act of walking, mind you, but the walkway itself.  It was one of those cement-tiled walks typical of medical buildings, constantly twisted and intersected upon itself and the walkways to other buildings, with a few artificial plots of grass or saplings planted here and there.  The problem was, the tiles didn't line up rightly.  Because of the way they intersected, there was always a tile that was cut off by another, a triangle where there should have been a rectangle, a trapezoid where there should have been a square.  The pattern that should have been wasn't, because whoever built it either couldn't decide which way to face it--or just didn't care.  So every time I walked from the street to the front doors, I would look down past my feet, as was my habit, and try to reorganize the components of the path into straight lines, some semblance of consistency.
:iconerror732:Error732 23 102
self-destruction at its finest
"why do you think you're alone in this?"
"because i am. because everyone is."
"but they can feel. they can feel what you feel. they can understand. they're alive."
"and you're a fucking liar."
"why won't you let anyone touch you?"
"because i don't have any bones."
"what about blood?"
"a heartbeat?"
"not even."
"then what do you have?"
"a whole lot of shit."
"and what if you did have bones?"
"then i'd want to dress up the world in sandstone and diamonds and honey and ashes so somebody would think about giving a damn for once."
"you're angry."
"damn right."
"then scream."
"right now?"
"right now."
"are you crazy?"
"are you?"
"screaming makes you crazy."
"do you want to be crazy?"
"why not?"
"because no one would love me if i were crazy."
"you think so?"
"i know so."
"but i could love you. even without sandstone and honey, i could love you."
"even if i were crazy?"
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 25 17
TOP 10: Therapist Love
TOP 10 Warning Signs Your Therapist is Really Into You
10. Begins each session with a back massage and the question, "and how was your day, sweetie?"
9. Whenever you begin talking about your sex life they become agitated and refer to your lover as, "that no good lying sack of shit."
8. You are no longer invoiced for services.  Instead, queries into payment are met with a wink and, "we'll work something out."
7. "Tell me about your mother," while dressed in apron, pearls, and nothing else.
6. You realize over the course of several sessions that no matter what you say, no matter how extreme your words or feelings, you are completely normal.  It's the rest of the world that doesn't understand us, baby.
5. Constant reminders that while therapists cannot prescribe medication, there's nothing wrong with a huge dose of "Doctor Love".
4. Your long, emotional monologues are often met by a startled glance, along with an admission of, "sorry... I was mesmerized by your
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 19 63
Addiction is :iconshadowlight-oak:shadowlight-oak 29 7 Lambda Lightning - refined :icondangerman-1973:Dangerman-1973 83 8 Therapy Session with Slender #1 :iconaviatre:Aviatre 47 22 Material Girl: S.O.S. :iconheartgear:HeartGear 160 20 psychologist game :icondra-art:dra-art 18 11 Freud Poster :iconaristodes:Aristodes 32 27 Lunatic :iconrachelpoulain:RachelPoulain 138 24