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FFXV: You're Lucky You Made It ch. 2
CHAPTER TWO: Though the road may wander
Prompto woke up to the sound of barking outside his window. He rolled out of bed and stared out his window, and Pryna stared back at him from the lawn, dancing on her front paws and barking. If nothing else, his dad was at work already and his mom could probably sleep through an air raid siren, so he wasn't worried about that.
Groaning, Prompto dragged himself to the front door and opened it. Happy as could be, Pryna trotted inside and started bouncing in circles around the family room.
"D'you want some breakfast?" he sighed, even as he was already pulling out a bowl and dragging out the bag of dog food. He filled the bowl and set it down in front of her before he set about getting his own breakfast.
As his pastries toasted, he moseyed back into his bedroom to put on his school uniform, emerging back into the kitchen just as the toaster popped, and found Pryna sitting by her empty bowl and staring at him as she licked her teeth.
"You had yours,
:icononceuponatimetheysay:OnceUponATimeTheySay 2 1