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Mega man by GENZOMAN Mega man :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,410 719 Megaman Tribute by NgBoy Megaman Tribute :iconngboy:NgBoy 4,925 419 Classic MegaMan - 1987 to 2003 by MSipher Classic MegaMan - 1987 to 2003 :iconmsipher:MSipher 2,350 480 Megaman Sample Hits by Blopa1987 Megaman Sample Hits :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 2,111 404 The Mega Man 3 Posse by CyberMoonStudios The Mega Man 3 Posse :iconcybermoonstudios:CyberMoonStudios 1,163 438 ROCKMAN-BLUES-FORTE-DUO by theCHAMBA ROCKMAN-BLUES-FORTE-DUO :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 2,522 140 Brother in Arms by spacecoyote Brother in Arms :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 2,019 0 25 Years of MegaMan by suzuran 25 Years of MegaMan :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,683 308 Dear Catcom--err Capcom by suzuran Dear Catcom--err Capcom :iconsuzuran:suzuran 498 321 Mega man grab my scarf by GENZOMAN Mega man grab my scarf :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,783 402 MegamanTribute-Zero Tollerance by MatiasSoto MegamanTribute-Zero Tollerance :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 854 352 Mega Man - Team Red Final Smash by suzuran Mega Man - Team Red Final Smash :iconsuzuran:suzuran 611 47 Rockman Character Height Chart by TuxedoMoroboshi Rockman Character Height Chart :icontuxedomoroboshi:TuxedoMoroboshi 683 162 ProtoMan by Tomycase ProtoMan :icontomycase:Tomycase 1,018 102 AT- Worlds unite- by Drawloverlala AT- Worlds unite- :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 789 119 Lets go! RockGirl by dcwj Lets go! RockGirl :icondcwj:dcwj 2,342 217 Megaman 10 - Sheepman by Rousteinire Megaman 10 - Sheepman :iconrousteinire:Rousteinire 483 66 Prototype Hero by Jin-Saotome Prototype Hero :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 171 49 Team Red and Team Blue by Sapphire1010 Team Red and Team Blue :iconsapphire1010:Sapphire1010 940 88 Megaman VS. Protoman by MaximoVLorenzo Megaman VS. Protoman :iconmaximovlorenzo:MaximoVLorenzo 1,302 147 Commission: Protoman by retinence Commission: Protoman :iconretinence:retinence 305 23 MEGAMAN EXE - Aqua Soul by Colossobm MEGAMAN EXE - Aqua Soul :iconcolossobm:Colossobm 530 81 Welcome to the Grid - MegamanX by groundzeroace Welcome to the Grid - MegamanX :icongroundzeroace:groundzeroace 733 111 Splash woman fan made figure by Gregarlink10 Splash woman fan made figure :icongregarlink10:Gregarlink10 133 7 Protoman X_v.1 by Asashi-Kami Protoman X_v.1 :iconasashi-kami:Asashi-Kami 683 41 Metal Man by Oniika Metal Man :icononiika:Oniika 569 64 AT : YerBlues000 by whitmoon AT : YerBlues000 :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 552 78 Custom Proto Man amiibo (functional) by Gregarlink10 Custom Proto Man amiibo (functional) :icongregarlink10:Gregarlink10 141 19 MegaMan by Madec-Brice MegaMan :iconmadec-brice:Madec-Brice 1,307 97
Megaman X...X
Megaman X…X!
X: So, Windmill Canary, I have you cornered!
(Zero chuckles)
Windmill Canary: And what's so funny?
Zero: Your name!  I mean Sigma finds the gayest bosses!
X: (Stifles a laugh) You're right!  Remember Overdrive Ostrich?
Zero: Yeah, and what was up with that dung beetle?
Windmill Canary: ARGH!  I AM NOT GAY!  WINDMILL SLASH!  (Tosses a giant fan)
Zero: (Holds out saber, doesn't even move, windmill fan cuts itself on saber and falls in half, accomplishing nothing) You done yet?
Windmill Canary: Yeah…(Walks into Zero's saber and dies)
Zero: That was simple.  Who's next?
X: Uhm…Knight Mare, Bubble Gecko, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Ben Sutta, not to mention—
Zero: Is there anything COOL to fight?
X: Well…Sigma found a Red Eyes Black Dragon…
Zero: DUDE!  He knows he can't bring that into a Megaman episode!  The Board of Authors will totally come down on his ass!
X: I didn't say he was using it…
Zero: Anyway
:iconlunateix:LunateiX 41 13
Swiming-with-the-angel-fishes by Jizlum Swiming-with-the-angel-fishes :iconjizlum:Jizlum 275 84 ROCKMAN TRIBUTE by jinguj ROCKMAN TRIBUTE :iconjinguj:jinguj 793 108 Star Force Protoman by Minicle Star Force Protoman :iconminicle:Minicle 264 60 Protoman by suzuran Protoman :iconsuzuran:suzuran 518 32 Mega Man issue 55 ROCKMAN variant cover by RyanJampole Mega Man issue 55 ROCKMAN variant cover :iconryanjampole:RyanJampole 347 37 Protoman by retinence Protoman :iconretinence:retinence 349 35 Megaman 11 Robot masters_1 by XAMOEL Megaman 11 Robot masters_1 :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 346 120 Three Cannon Boys by Manganiac Three Cannon Boys :iconmanganiac:Manganiac 421 86 Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog by 4xEyes1987 Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 289 35 ouran RMs by mizz-ninja ouran RMs :iconmizz-ninja:mizz-ninja 359 150 LATER, BRO by Cuboidal LATER, BRO :iconcuboidal:Cuboidal 209 58 Nitroman Vs Megaman by Rousteinire Nitroman Vs Megaman :iconrousteinire:Rousteinire 303 25 We're the robots by Blopa1987 We're the robots :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 429 59 Proto Man Go by DanHowardArt Proto Man Go :icondanhowardart:DanHowardArt 820 69 A Sea of Faces by Diggeh A Sea of Faces :icondiggeh:Diggeh 164 30 Strength of three by Blopa1987 Strength of three :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 460 176 Mega Man Family Portrait by Photia Mega Man Family Portrait :iconphotia:Photia 654 48 Feb2012SM-Blues Caught a Cold by AndrewDickman Feb2012SM-Blues Caught a Cold :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 627 36
Tickled 'Till You're Blue - A Mega Man Fanfic
  It was a clear, moist summer day at Light Labs. The sun was shining as a gentle breeze that would sometimes play with one's hair churned the moistness of the atmosphere. To top it all off, this was Plant Man's favorite thing about summer, the Tiger Lilies were starting to blossom. In the backyard, Mega Man himself (a.k.a. Rock) and his reunited older brother, Protoman (a.k.a. Blues) were enjoying the great summertime outdoors. The Blue Bomber and the Prototype robot were having a brotherly battle to pass the time. It was hard to determine who had the upper hand. It kept toggling between the two bro-bots.
  Rock had dodged another series of shots from his brother's Buster and retaliated with a crash bomber. At this point, Rock was surely winning, but he didn't want to hurt his sibling. At the same time, both robots knew this battle was just for fun, not for any real conflict between the two. Protoman soon did a clever trick. He assembled a leaf shield, readied two metal blad
:iconraccoontwin-3:RaccoonTwin-3 26 45
MegaMan UMVC3 Moveset
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Game Series: MegaMan
First Appearance: MegaMan (1987)
Health: 900,000 HP Points
Voice Actor: Cole Howard
Power Ranking (Out of 7)
Intelligence: 3
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 4
Designed and built by Dr. Light, MegaMan fights against the evil Dr. Wily and his Robot masters in order to protect the world in the year of 20XX. He's often companied by a robot dog by the name of Rush, and always has the support of his sister Roll and Dr. Light. His main weapon is the Mega Buster, an energy blast that's powered by solar energy.
Assist Alpha: Full Mega Buster Charge Shot (Shot, Forward)
Assist HC: Rain Flush
Assist Beta: Tornado Hold (Shot, Tilt Down)
Assist HC: Rain Flush
Assist Gamma: Wave Burner (Shot, Instant)
Assist HC: Rain Flush
From the top of the screen, MegaMan will teleport onto the screen, Rush teleporting after him and standing next to him.
:iconhotfeet444:Hotfeet444 82 22