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Comic Block: The Proposal by dm29 Comic Block: The Proposal :icondm29:dm29 2,337 369 Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 3 by MichPajamaArtist Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 3 :iconmichpajamaartist:MichPajamaArtist 621 877
What is marriage....? KankriXReader
TRIGGERWARNINGS! TW#awkward moments TW# honey moon talk TW# cursing (obviously from Karkat) TW# Not tagging triggers TW# my quick version of marriage if attempting to describe it to a troll TW# Romcoms TW# human culture
"Now it is time to watch MY movie!" You said loudly as you wiped the remnants of tears from the corner of your eyes.
Karkat had promised that after watching one of his Romcoms you both would watch one of your, as Karkat put it, "SHITTY EARTH MOVIES".
"FINE BUT HURRY THE FUCK UP" He grumbled as he readjusted himself on the couch.
You quickly opened the CD case and plopped it into the CD player before rushing over to snuggled up beside your half of the couch.
"What are y9u 69th d9ing?" Asked the curious voice of Kankri.
"Karkat, I w9uld appreciate if y9
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Dangerous proposal by Naolito Dangerous proposal :iconnaolito:Naolito 1,729 137 Is that a yes? by KittehKatBar Is that a yes? :iconkittehkatbar:KittehKatBar 2,905 207 Marriage Proposal by Naolito Marriage Proposal :iconnaolito:Naolito 3,312 220 The One Ring by TeemuJuhani The One Ring :iconteemujuhani:TeemuJuhani 6,140 617 Marry Me? Base by BubbleBases Marry Me? Base :iconbubblebases:BubbleBases 1,386 159 Proposal by TamasGaspar Proposal :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 3,431 310 Mirabella by Tsvetka Mirabella :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 1,205 56 Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 4 by MichPajamaArtist Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 4 :iconmichpajamaartist:MichPajamaArtist 550 517
AmazingPhil Imagine (Phil LesterXReader)
Authors note:I hit 100 page views!(Its a big thing for me OK...) So in celebration i decided to (finally) write an imagine!I've wanted to write on for ages and im finally trying.Not sure what to call it so suggestions would be great :)
P.S:(Y/N) Means your name,(Y/F/N) means Your Full Name & (Y/YT/U) Means your YouTube username :)
"Phil,I don't think I can do this"You say,nerves evident in your voice.He giggles a little,his tongue poking out from between his lips.He cups your face in his hands and kisses the tip of your nose lightly.
"It'll be fine.I promise."You,Dan and Phil,(your boyfriend of two and a half years) were backstage at Playlist Live and were due on stage any minute now.Phil convinced you to start a YouTube channel just after the two of you started dating,and your channel took off instantly due to your colabs with Phil,Dan,Chris and PJ.You hit 900,000 subscribers a few weeks ago,and were invited to Playlist Live.Now,here you are,just about to go on stage where you wou
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Equivalent Exchange by kathrynlayno Equivalent Exchange :iconkathrynlayno:kathrynlayno 1,861 130
Love Letters :iconworldofjeff:worldofjeff 2,296 734
Japan x Reader- BAKA!
Japan x Reader
"I rove you."
You stare at the Japanese man who just professed his love for you. The one who hadn't visited you in years. The one who'd kept you waiting. You blushed as the cold air brushed against your pink nose. "B-b-b.. B-BAKA*!!" You shout, slapping him in the face and walked away from him, leaving his white face stained with a pink shade. "______!!" He yelled, his ink black hair blowing in the wind, chocolate eyes were filled with passion. 'At least he didn't break his promise..' You turned back at him, wondering whether or not you should keep walking away. Tears started sliding down your eyes as you remember the pain you felt when he was gone.
"I-I love you.."
You grumble as you kiss Kiku on the nose. He blushed, but smiled at you. "Wh-what are you smiling at?!" You whisper-shout at him, reminding him about your tsundere-ness. He chuckled. "No, nothing, ______-san."
The crowd noises filled your ears, and the loud rolling sound of luggage bag
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Proposal by Tsvetka Proposal :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 1,263 78 Sunset Shimmer Simulator by doubleWbrothers Sunset Shimmer Simulator :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 4,309 1,588 Mario: -FICTION- Desert King by saiiko Mario: -FICTION- Desert King :iconsaiiko:saiiko 1,147 226
Beautiful As You Are
       Through the thin curtains the sun filters, casting a sweet golden calm upon the room, upon him. That small frame of his leans against one of the many windows in the room- an odd half octagon alcove of glass windows branching from the rest of the room, the glass itself faceted and reflecting many different shades of the mesmerizing pastels. The young earl's dark grey hair contrasts with his light skin and surroundings, as well as the light reds in his coat. In his hands rests a single large pink rose, its many petals bursting from a thin stem and blooming around his thin hands.
       Over the years he's grown, now slowly emerging into the façade of a fifteen year old boy instead of the childish thirteen he was when he first entered his new life. His limbs have elongated, his torso flattening yet toning and that porcelain doll face now longer with a sharper edge of youth. No one would believe that this del
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Mr. Nagano's Foolish Proposal by White-Mantis Mr. Nagano's Foolish Proposal :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 811 90
Prussia x Reader: Better Than Him
Better Than Him
You slumped in your seat. You were waiting for that boyfriend of yours with your friend, (f/n), hoping to go on a fun double date with her and her own man. The catch was, they were both still working.
“You remember the time we first saw Ludwig? And what happened after that?” she snickered into your ear. You scoffed with a smile. How could you forget?

You were working as a cashier girl in a café at the local mall. You were pretty happy the customers that came in so far that morning were also nice and happy.
When the line was finally empty, (f/n), who apparently worked the same shift and station that day, started mindless chatter while still keeping tabs on who’s next in line. You continued to chat with her, until you looked up to see a tall, well-built man with slicked-back blonde hair and strikingly light blue eyes. You and your friend did double takes.
“Ah,” you stammered, “good morning, how may I h
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Valentine's Day (Will Graham x Reader One-Shot)
It was just another ordinary day on the job; you and Will were investigating a crime scene together as Jack supervised and bugged Will with questions. Something was a little off on this day, though. Will kept looking at you, not that he didn’t look at you all the time anyway, but the look in his eyes was different than it usually was. And every chance he got, he would pass by you and whisper ‘Love you, (F/n).’ You were used to Will’s anti-social self, which was just one of many reasons you loved him. You were both anti-social for the most part besides when it came to each other, but this was just very unlike him.
When you got back to the forensics lab you waited until Will left to approach Beverly and talk to her quietly.
“I think something’s wrong with Will,” you started.
Beverly cocked her head at you before replying, “What do you mean?”
You sighed, “He’s been acting really weird around me today. I don’t know wha
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Harley and Joker - Proposal by shrouded-artist Harley and Joker - Proposal :iconshrouded-artist:shrouded-artist 632 118
England X Reader - Gentleman
You snuggled deeper into your overcoat as you headed toward the university. The crisp autumn atmosphere rolled all across England, meaning your evenings were now filled with hot chocolate and hearth fire.
And Arthur, of course, who you were on your way to see now.
Arthur really was the perfect boyfriend, a true gentleman straight out of a 19th century romance novel complete with perfect manners and the ability to dance.
Before you started to date, he actually called your father and asked his permission to "court" you. His chivalry wasn't forced or investing, it was simply in Arthur's nature: He was never rude to you, he was always considerate of you, and he held you in the greatest respect.
As if his manner wasn't enough, he was also incredibly handsome, with soft blonde hair and glittering jade eyes. You honestly had no idea what cosmological luck fall landed you with him.
You let out a happy sigh and nearly skipped up the stairs to the great stone steps of the building.
You opened th
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Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 66] by MariaMediaHere Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 66] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 1,049 549 Just say 'Yes'... by DolphyDolphiana Just say 'Yes'... :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,772 0
You're the One || Ereri Band AU
Eren is the lead vocalist in an uprising band and Levi is his bass player, as well as his wonderful boyfriend of 4 years, and tonight was going to be one neither of them would ever forget.
I recommend listening to this song while you read it:
Rating: Teen and up for strong language
Well, here they finally were. The big apple, the great NYC, the city that never slept. This was where all the amateurs came to really let their careers take off, to truly make a name for themselves. If you were gonna become a big shot anywhere, it was going to be here. It was time to sink or swim. They could do it though. They could totally make it. Soon they’d all have their names on signs and posters everywhere and they’d take the nation by storm.
At least, that’s what Eren kept telling himself mentally, though the painfully twisted knot in his stomach wasn’t nearly as certain as h
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'Will you marry me?' by DolphyDolphiana 'Will you marry me?' :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 858 340 A Normal Night Out by HeidiArnhold A Normal Night Out :iconheidiarnhold:HeidiArnhold 2,416 374 ZeLink Valentine's Day by mayday-daywalker ZeLink Valentine's Day :iconmayday-daywalker:mayday-daywalker 409 28 Marry Me by StarsColdNight Marry Me :iconstarscoldnight:StarsColdNight 256 70 Stony - Marry me Cap by Tsuki-Nekota Stony - Marry me Cap :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,183 100 THE PROPOSAL by FERNL THE PROPOSAL :iconfernl:FERNL 816 121 Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 65] by MariaMediaHere Rooftop (SEPTICPLIER) - [PAGE 65] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 768 523 proposal by efeline proposal :iconefeline:efeline 2,427 483
Cheap Vodka
Aaron was gulping down his anger with cheap vodka, hiding from the world to drown in his self-induced sorrows. It was a routine, at times – fighting then drinking, drinking then fighting. It was as if he wanted it to happen. Today was no different, and the tears that ran down my face were a testament to how the day had gone. I had been beaten down by resentment; disgraced for having an opinion. I knew, at this moment, he hated me. And yet, I loved him. Don’t ask me how or why, but I did, and I wanted to marry him for some god-forsaken reason.
We had been together for over two years, and I felt it was time to make that commitment. The night I brought it up, he began ranting at me again. He asked me "what difference would it make for us" and "why should we pay for something that wouldn't affect the nature of our relationship?" I couldn’t tell him, I didn’t want to tell him. I wanted to be myself again; not living in worry about losing him to someone else because I
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Mare and Stallion Proposal Base by SelenaEde Mare and Stallion Proposal Base :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 883 192 In Which Vinyl Scratch Proposes by jump-cut In Which Vinyl Scratch Proposes :iconjump-cut:jump-cut 927 173 Death of Silver bonus-COLORED by LiyuConberma Death of Silver bonus-COLORED :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 777 274 Commission: Lyra and Bon Bon by alexielart Commission: Lyra and Bon Bon :iconalexielart:alexielart 1,032 79 The promise of Satan.... by Rakuen-ds The promise of Satan.... :iconrakuen-ds:Rakuen-ds 1,636 114 USUK - Iggy Iggy Proposal by TechnoRanma USUK - Iggy Iggy Proposal :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,041 115
Nudity and Sex: Deal with it
Here's a suggestion:
Stop treating sex and nudity as taboo or risqué and accept it as a normal and natural part of who we are as a species. Let's put away the old ideologies of shame and ignorance and progress ourselves by showing a level of maturity about these mundane and common facts. Society needs to stop acting like a adolescent (i.e. thinking with one's genitalia) regarding the subjects of nudity and sex. Clothes service a vital purpose in our lives -protection from the elements, our environment, breast shag, and the sight of obese and elderly body-types; economic growth and marketing; social statements; the discrete transport of weapons, explosives, and contraband; etc.- but the lack thereof should not be cause for alarm or disgust (in most cases). Maturity in dealing with these natural traits should be a hallmark of our sentient and cognitive existence. Reason drives us to advance beyond our current lackluster approach and reach a state where such trivial things no longer matte
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Mavis/Johnny - Trouble in Paradise
The sunbeams glowed pink and purple as the sun itself dipped just below the horizon. Mavis lowered her parasol and admired the view. Palm trees blew softly in the wind and sand glimmered white between their toes. Johnny had given her her dream. Finally, after all these months of travel, they had made it. Hawaii.
"Mmm-hmm?" he nuzzled into her shoulder.
"I have something I want to ask you."
He sat up straight, disconnecting from her physically so that he could look at her, but keeping his fingers tight around her own. "Yeah?"
"We've been together for a long time. Through thick and thin, we've had our struggles, but somehow they only made us stronger."
He squeezed her hand and smiled. "Yeah?"
"You mean more to me than anyone in the world. You're my zing, my soulmate, and I want to spend every day together for as long as we possibly can."
She slid off of the log they were sitting on and into the sand, bending down on one knee, never letting go of his hand. "Jonathan, will you ma
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Playstation Ring by brandimillerart Playstation Ring :iconbrandimillerart:brandimillerart 215 104 Sony Proposal Booklet by TheRyanFord Sony Proposal Booklet :icontheryanford:TheRyanFord 684 136 Personalized proposing set... by alexlibris999 Personalized proposing set... :iconalexlibris999:alexlibris999 130 10 NaruHina - POTC3 PARODY by cherlye NaruHina - POTC3 PARODY :iconcherlye:cherlye 1,423 381