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Imperial German Propaganda by Keithwormwood Imperial German Propaganda :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 2,807 241 Team Fortress 2: Production by JayAxer Team Fortress 2: Production :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 2,353 263 Tesla's Death Ray by Keithwormwood Tesla's Death Ray :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 2,331 134 Keep Calm by contraomnes Keep Calm :iconcontraomnes:contraomnes 1,928 43 TF2 Spy by JayAxer TF2 Spy :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 2,566 154 TF2 Soldier by JayAxer TF2 Soldier :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 4,145 495 TF2 Medic by JayAxer TF2 Medic :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 2,408 172 Lackadaisy Propaganda by tracyjb Lackadaisy Propaganda :icontracyjb:tracyjb 4,411 403 animal farm propaganda by Satansgoalie animal farm propaganda :iconsatansgoalie:Satansgoalie 1,877 386 The Twilight Magistrate by I-am-knot The Twilight Magistrate :iconi-am-knot:I-am-knot 2,259 267 Wedding or art-nouv. vs poster by Phobs Wedding or art-nouv. vs poster :iconphobs:Phobs 5,790 319 Koopa Propaganda by TylerChampion Koopa Propaganda :icontylerchampion:TylerChampion 4,138 637 Propaganda by thomaswievegg Propaganda :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 582 25 TF2 Heavy by JayAxer TF2 Heavy :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 3,786 360 TF2 Demoman by JayAxer TF2 Demoman :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 1,657 169 TF2 soldier spray by RJD37 TF2 soldier spray :iconrjd37:RJD37 1,583 131 New Lunar Republic by I-am-knot New Lunar Republic :iconi-am-knot:I-am-knot 1,366 134 Mass Effect by FabledCreative Mass Effect :iconfabledcreative:FabledCreative 255 14 I Am NOT A Feminist by brentcherry I Am NOT A Feminist :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 956 1,598 The Solar Empire by I-am-knot The Solar Empire :iconi-am-knot:I-am-knot 1,377 110 Hyperion Announcement by inklou Hyperion Announcement :iconinklou:inklou 601 20 more production by maltgrqmax more production :iconmaltgrqmax:maltgrqmax 214 23 Rainbow Dash SWAG by Fr3zo Rainbow Dash SWAG :iconfr3zo:Fr3zo 614 45 Fire Nation Propaganda by TheCuraga Fire Nation Propaganda :iconthecuraga:TheCuraga 508 23 Zonetrooper - WIP by godwinfj Zonetrooper - WIP :icongodwinfj:godwinfj 363 33 Fallout War Bond LOL Cat Poster by KazFoxsen Fallout War Bond LOL Cat Poster :iconkazfoxsen:KazFoxsen 480 45 TF2 Propaganda by Hoosteenay TF2 Propaganda :iconhoosteenay:Hoosteenay 1,146 87 Kingdom of the Sun by Equestria-Prevails Kingdom of the Sun :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 1,986 181 BSG Propaganda wall by damndirtyape BSG Propaganda wall :icondamndirtyape:damndirtyape 148 17
This poem is about sex.
(yeah, that got your attention)
This poem is about sex.
This poem is about love.
This poem is about living in your sexuality
instead of being afraid of it.
This poem is about saying “fuck you”
to everyone who told you
it’s wrong.
It’s dirty.
It’s shameful.
This poem is about the sin so natural
it takes you to heaven on earth.
This poem is about turning the key,
finding your voice,
making your own choice.
This poem is about independence,
instead of buying into all their misery.
“Abstinence class”
150 pages of health text book telling you
6 years of administration telling you
6 years of scaring you
out of what’s instinctual.
6 years of alarmist tactics,
and no information
on –
anything, really.
No information,
no education,
just propaganda,
setting a social taboo
so they can control how we live our lives.
“Avoid the
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Faux Propaganda Art


animal farm propaganda
by Satansgoalie

In Progressive America...
by iMaksim

by luvataciousskull
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