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There are Things Beneath the Garden
There Are Things Beneath the Garden:
There are things beneath the garden,
Which you really shouldn't see.
There are things beneath the garden,
That don't belong to me.
There are things beneath the garden,
Gone rotten blue and black.
There are things beneath the garden,
In a dripping gunny sack...
There are flowers in the garden,
Which you really shouldn't pull.
There are flowers in the garden,
That sit on top of wool.
There are flowers in the garden,
With a really rotten scent.
There are flowers in the garden,
Above bodies burnt and bent...
I love this little garden,
It's a special place to me.
I love this little garden,
It's where I want to be.
I love this little garden,
Now wouldn't you like to see?
I love this little garden;
And you'll be number three...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 26th October 2012
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A Product Label.
Love. (Requited Edition)  
Apply thoroughly all over body
Avoiding contact with delicate eye area
Repeat on a regular basis
For best results:
Use in conjunction with other products.
Keep stored in a cool place
Keep out of reach of children
Do not use if seal is broken or missing
Choking hazard
Do not swallow
For external use only.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use-
Rinse eyes immediately with water
If symptoms persist
Seek medical advice or see your doctor
Handle contents with care.
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Sorry I'm A Man
Sorry I'm A Man:
He stands there naked
A blank-faced label
No features
No face
He is not an individual
He is exactly what you make him to be
The product of your misguided hate
The product of your personal prejudice
Caught blind and shackled
Voice stripped and throat cut
On knees and hands
He crawls beneath a slanderous hail
"Let they who are without sin, be the first to cast a stone"
Then you must all be innocent, unblackened and pure
Instead what I see
Is not angel wings and a white halo
Instead what I see
Is your silent profanity
Twisted obscene mask of humanity
Beneath the righteous sword of a figure of justice
Lies a rotting core of devil's teeth and black smoke
Blasphemous abberation
Crooked mirror of lies
"Guilty until proven innocent"
Is what I see in your eyes
He is not an individual
He is exactly what you make him to be
He is the monster, the abuser, the criminal and the pig
He is the violent, the drunk, the pervert and the enemy
Care not for the fact that he is a perso
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Room 214
Alice walked slowly down the brightly lit hallway. She wasn't exactly sure which room she was expected in, but at least she was early for her shift. Numerous doors lined the walls, various sounds resounding from each.
"Are you lost?" a passing aid asked.
"Umm…yes." Alice replied. "Would you happen to know where room 214 is?"
"Down the hall, to your left. Six doors down!" the aid answered.
"Thanks!" Alice said hesitantly. She was still very nervous for her first day on the job.
Turning the corner, she was greeted with yet another extremely long hallway. She squinted her eyes at the brightness of each hall. The tiles, walls, and ceiling. It was all sheer white. And very clean.
ROOM 214
Alice slowly extended an arm. She sure hoped this was the right room. Everything about this place felt so professional. Everyone she met was in uniform. Alice felt very out of place with her black yoga pants and blue sweatshirt.
Upon entering the room, she was taken aback by the sheer size of i
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Someday I'd Like to Be A Pirate
Someday I'd Like to Be A Pirate:
Someday I'd like t' be a pirate and sail across the seven seas.
I always thought it might be nice t' feel the ocean breeze.
I've always dreamt of findin' treasure, stashed away in a hidden box,
And then after I drop the anchor I'd burst open the locks!
Dubloons I'd find and diamonds t' keep, trinkets worth a life;
Or maybe I'd find a sacred sword or a really ancient knife!
But as I grew, I was soon t' learn, that dreams do not come true.
How many times have I seen a man be strangled till he's blue?
How many days have I watched them stumble, cursin' ill their fate.
When none would reach a helping hand, their heart would fill with hate.
I grew t' question th' ways of Kings who whipped the backs o' men,
More labour earned with blood and sweat while the preachers say 'Amen!'
Donations are given t' temples rich, while the poor are in the street;
So many souls are quickly trampled beneath their ugly feet....
Where first I believe the world was fair, no
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