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Literal Lion King: Marital Problems :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 1,140 312
Fixing Common UTAU Errors
I'm just going to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head...if you come across another one let me know and I'll try to figure out how to fix it c:
Errors With Voice or UST
[!] exclamation points above notes
Unfortunately there's no quick and easy way to get rid of these, but so far this is the fastest way I know of:
1) click on note with [!] above it (it will turn pink if you don't have everything already selected)
2) push ctrl Y on your keyboard
3) past 'pre' and 'ovl' you'll see 3 buttons in a row in Japanese. Click the middle one.
4) hit ok
*This will get rid of that ONE exclamation point on that ONE'll need to do this w/ all notes that have exclamation points.
If that didn't work, do step one and two, but then drag the little red points around on the line until all points are not touching each other or are not vertical of each other.  Hit ok~
My Utau Won't Sing
if you highlight notes and hit play but there is
:iconblankinspace:BlankInSpace 118 51
cartoons problem :iconfukari:Fukari 4,474 1,101 Creator Problems :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 2,757 310
Depression hurts
Broken, shattered, torn into pieces
Caught in a world where everyday life ceases
Depression, cutting, bleeding my heart
Everything I loved is all falling apart
Everyday life feels more like a chore
There's not a whole lot I can do anymore
I don't expect you to understand the pain
although, if you did, I wouldn't have to explain
One cannot say "no pain no gain"
For emotional pain is hard to maintain
It cuts deeper than the deepest cut
Imagine a wound that would never shut
You bleed and bleed but you put on a smile
thinking if you do, the pain would go away for a while
But at night is when it all comes back
everything you tried hard for, all falls off track
You often wonder if life is worth living
when people around you can be so unforgiving
and no matter how much you try to stop crying
inside, emotionally, you feel like your dying
Before you even think or say "stop being so depressed"
We wish we could and it's causing us more stress
It doesn't go away with a mere hug or a kiss
Do you re
:iconamandas-sketches:amandas-sketches 230 104
Unicorn Problems :iconsubjectnumber2394:SubjectNumber2394 1,569 260 Consumed :iconalephunky:Alephunky 658 23
Our generation
cigarette smoke
the fumes
in the wall
cocaine lines
in bathroom
our generation,
we have it all
misguided teens,
with dying dreams
(poured down the drain
by languid veins)
the clinking of glasses
and racing hearts,
we cannot stop
what we did start
it's all an escape- a sick paradox:
we're running
from ourselves.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 332 140
Just Stop
I understand your point of view,
And I will let you finish, I will,
But before I do, I want you to stop.
Just stop for a second and,
In the words of One Republic, 'stare'
Well, not RUDELY of course,
But take a moment to stop and stare at everything.
Is it really getting better?
With every facebook like, with every passage you spit.
Is everything really getting better?
I mean, I don't have the light of God inside me,
Nor do I have some higher ideal to guide me.
Man, I'm just some dumbass rapper living in a crappy apartment. 
I ain't even sold a single song.
But from where I'm standing,
Every day is just getting a little bit harder.
Every family is just getting stretched a little bit thinner.
And if you're from the block that doesn't feel any of that.
Well, I hope you can see how privileged you are.
Having the time, energy and resources to complain;
That right there, is the real privilege.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 196 116
How to make a pixel flowerpot :iconvanmall:vanmall 617 28
Kiss me
No, harder
Rid me of every scar
Suck the night-old whiskey away from all my black and blue
Touch me until I don't feel worthless
All these broken ribs
The fluttering lids of both black eyes  
Pray away every awful thing I've done
And lick the salt away from broken skin
The exit wounds of bullets
The little lines of knife bites
Just love me until I'm mad
And kiss me until I'm whole again
:iconmalphasloveshisfries:malphasloveshisfries 95 31
red is a power color.
red is stoplights, anger. rage.
red is my nose when i cry about my parents.
“women are more attractive to men
when they wear red,” he says once
so you cut yourself
because red is blood
and when he ignores the bandages, you say,
“no. look what i did.
look what i did for you.”
but he doesn’t fall in love with you
red is the scream that
comes out of your mouth.
blue is the veins under your skin and
blue is depression that tells you to slice them
blue is the weeks you spend after him
and blue is the great, wide sky above you,
trying to remind you that the rest of the world
is still waiting.
your brother says he’s looking for the light
at the end of the tunnel
but the world is full of light.
(you would know. we can hardly see the stars
because of it.)
the world is not full of you
so you try.
black is what surrounds him
and black is burns
and you’ve been burned, scalded
so you blend in.
you’re backgr
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 193 52
problems :iconfukari:Fukari 1,718 64
Your feelings are valid
I once read
that a teaspoon of matter
from a black hole
can weigh thousands of tons
upon Earth
so think about that
when someone tells you
your problem is no big deal
it may not look
like you have the weight of the world
upon your shoulders
but it sure can feel like it.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 391 130
How To Use Life
On Earth,
      Life a unique commodity.
          It is precious.                          
              Though, what sets it apart
                   from other resources,
                       is that, it is         
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 57 28
Dear Maths... :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 4,687 790 First world problems :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 1,588 81 CWP :iconhumon:humon 3,340 156 Into the blue :iconskylooks:Skylooks 458 87 'Spectre' crossover (Markiplier, Kids w/ Problems) :iconshuploc:Shuploc 817 53
after they diagnosed my father,
my mother told me,
if she had known,
she would have never had children.
it scares me to think that,
one day i could hear a small voice saying,
“mommy, i don’t feel right.”
“you don’t look sick,”
they say, noticing that i’m not dragging around
an i.v. stand.
noticing that my sweatshirt is black
and not a white hospital gown
swinging around marbled, knocking knees.
“but i’m still unwell,” i say
in a voice that doesn’t shake
and they just look disappointed,
like i don’t fit.
like i’m the skewed painting
on the fucked-up-person wall.
“but,” they say, “don’t bipolar people
usually kill themselves?”
“but i tried,” i say
with my wrists unmarked
and they just shake their heads
almost as if to say
not hard enough.
“poor girl,” they say, looking right at me,
sitting next to my dad as he laughs too loud.
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 1,029 371
Reach the Sky :iconadamscythe:AdamScythe 119 15
and last night i felt like the weight of paper and
then i felt like i would sink into everything i touch.
and yesterday i thought that maybe a bottle of
red wine and 3am and then too many post it notes
and staring at the ceiling from the tiles in the
kitchen would make the tiger hiding in the cupboard
go away. and if you could line up miles of mountains,
that's how far away i felt from myself. even though,
i could see me in the mirror and i could hear me
saying stop it stop it stop it. you are not here any
more. you are not there any more, and suddenly
i was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the living
room. watching the television but it was off. and i
did not exist. and my house did not exist and my button
collection did not exist and you and this and that did
not exist. rarely does the rabbit outrun the fox, but
i close my eyes and try anyway.
last night i felt like the weight of paper and then i
felt like i would sink into everything i touch. somehow
antennaes and rooftiles, fox
:iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 167 53
Sleeping problems :iconleox90:Leox90 3,262 486 Please stop :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 793 256
I'm holding your hand
But they're trying to pull it away
Like a hand full of sand
Slipping between my fingers
The cruel words slip out of their mouths
They're predators and we're the prey
And I try not to listen
And I mustn't reveal
Any insecurity that I feel
If I let my guard down, they'll eat me alive
How will we survive?
Close your eyes and I will too
Block their hatred from our view
For it seems I've made some enemies without ever meaning to
Please don't listen to their lies
They're the wolves in sheep's disguise
And I love you, and I need you to get through
Tell me what I've done wrong
Tell me why I deserve this ridicule
This has gone on too long
Haven't you hurt me enough?
It started out with a rumour but now you're playing too rough
And I try to stay calm
But they're right in my face
Your indiscretion makes me want to embrace my anger
To hurt you too
But I'll never sink as low as you
Close your eyes and I will too
Block their hatred from our view
For it seems I've made some enem
:iconlady---vengeance:Lady---Vengeance 45 5
PewdieCry - Never alone~ :iconmicatsa:Micatsa 1,548 199 Towers of Ordeal :iconxetobyte:xetobyte 289 39 Erma- Just Pull Back :iconbjsinc:BJSinc 564 82
Lies vs. Truth, Satan vs. God
Yell louder
Yell louder
It will make them listen
Lie faster
Lie faster
It will make you convincing
Curse stronger
Curse stronger
It will cause an impact
Blame more
Blame more
It will make them falter
Push harder
Push harder
They will change their intentions
Listen closer
Listen closer
I will make it all better
Pray louder
Pray louder
It will make them notice
Come faster
Come faster
It will bring us much joy
Stand strong
Stand strong
It will strengthen your faith
Bring more
Bring more
It will pour out the blessings
Search harder
Search harder
For the truth that's before you
Listen closer
Listen closer
I'm right here beside you
by Maddie
:iconluvsspunkransom:LuvsSpunkRansom 32 39
Art Anxiety :iconsanitrance:sanitrance 358 62 take it in, all of it :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 543 78 Sea Spider Problems :iconburnup19:burnup19 820 57 WTAF :iconfancy-tramp:Fancy-Tramp 367 77
To the Silver Moon
Shining brightly silver moon
From a crescent to full bloom
Up above the Earth so high
Like a lonely seeing eye
There was a dream all men shared
To stand on you and look back here
All through the ages that we dreamt
Till *god took us, so we went
Wars and battles you saw all
Life and death with no recall
But still you shine on with hope
The kind that we do not deserve
All the things from up there
And what we disregard down here
Sea of blue and brown patches
Filled with the mess of progress
Stepping off-world was a dream
Uniting the divided
Scars left by meteorites
Now joined by rubber soled prints
Sky's the limit wasn't true
A portal to the stars
The legacy left on the Earth
Can be continued from afar

Kirsten Z. Jacob
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 54 15
Growing Problems :icontoonexterminator:Toonexterminator 615 10 Trixie Found a Better Car than Yours :iconalexstrazse:Alexstrazse 769 323 Russia's cooking apron :iconyunira-chan:yunira-chan 579 398 1 in 4 :iconpinkie-perfect:Pinkie-Perfect 58 23 The Cake of Modern Feminism :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 85 67 Ezio Auditore Cosplay - Assassin's Creed 2 by Leon :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 236 13
Bad, Bad Twilight
God saw me hungry; He created pizza.
God saw me thirsty; He created mango juice.
God saw me bored; He created dA.
God saw me without problems; He created Twilight.
:iconpaint-n-poem-freak:Paint-n-Poem-Freak 60 119
Pushed back down :iconzephy0:zephy0 1,392 69 Computer Problems :iconsamuelrj11:samuelrj11 216 19 Zehnder threw Ben at me :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 617 241
I've been kidnapped by Cry and Pewdiepie. Chap 6.
(Warning: Recommended 14+ for Violence and Romance. You have been warned.)
Chapter 6.

You waited impatiently for Ryan to follow.. You were hurt… Mentally and Physically… Your body ached and you just wanted a simple “It’s going to be okay” but alas the future looked doubtful. After a while you heard footsteps coming down the hall. And Ryan crept into the room. He was even more bloodied and bruised then before. You were silent and so was he as he made his way over to you… He just sat there on the bed with you, him murmuring a quiet apology.
“Ryan I’m scared,” you whispered. “I know… That’s why I’m going to help you escape,” he whispered. “But what about you?” you asked. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” He whispered but something made you feel like he was saying that just to make you feel better. “Is it true about what you said earlier?” you aske
:icongrrbot:Grrbot 117 148
A Cure For Writer's Block
When your pen hits the paper and nothing comes out
With a full cartridge, something's about.
Sitting there lonely staring off into space
You've got Writer's Block mate, it's a terrible case
The symptoms are some of the worse things to *bare
If left untreated, might as well say a prayer.
Diagnosing the problem is the first step to take
So let's get it started before it's too late.
Do you find yourself doing, the things you've put off?
Or watching TV late at night till you cough?
Dusting and cleaning. Hunting for food.
Surfing the net since you've found yourself glued.
Hanging out with friends all night long?
Getting them together for a night on the Town.
Or lying in bed staring off into space
Tossing something up till it hits you in the face.
This list of symptoms can go on and on
Keeping you busy for weeks, whilst mentally withdrawn.
Now on to the cure which you'll see,
It's really quite simple like *growing a tree
To Block means to stop, the ideas from flowing.
Get this barrica
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 427 266
My School Says I'm Worthless (sort of a rant)
I'm a criminal because my values aren't their values
And I'm scum to say the least
Because I'm not on their list
Of academics
High achievers
Fervent believers
Ones who have their lives set out
And drink from molten glory raining down from
School top balconies...
And I have myself left to blame for all the non-attempts
And truancies; the bleak distractions
That help me escape the inviolable test-score stares
Of disapproval that I attract from their
Sternly-sculpted syllabus-minds
And they're forced to ask me 'Why?
Why are you still here?'
And I can barely say
That I'm afraid to leave.
That I know that no-one knows
Or what they want to be
But unlike those
I gave up
A while ago
And they can't tell me to my face that I'm a failure so they heavily imply
That my lacking presence
And even less impressive
Tendency for slacking off is evidence
That I am stupid and a fool and nothing more than such a waste of resources
And it's a disappointment
That I don't hold their ideals
:iconraevenous:Raevenous 88 97
When Rain Falls In Life
Thick grey clouds float in the sky
Casting dark shadows over my life
The wind picks up and begins to blow
All of my problems that won't let go
Nothing ever goes according to plan
Then the rain falls over the land
Trying hard to make things well
As drains and rivers begin to swell
A torrential downpour is what this be
With zero visibility in front of me
How did I get myself here into thee?
Ignored the signs I did foolishly
Can I pretend to be brave in this storm?
By sitting in the eye all safe and warm.
Or I can go out timid and afraid
The only way of ending my own masquerade.
When rain falls in life it won't pass away
It's the type of rain that stays everyday
The key to clear skies lies dormant within me
To a better future only I can see.
I won't decide all this right now.
Inside a deceptive calm in a storm.
Kirsten Z. Jacob
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 34 15
Volume :iconjaicca:Jaicca 547 161