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StarCraft to Scale :iconxiaorobear:xiaorobear 160 46 Space 1999 - Santorini Space Probe :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,878 276 Spear :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 1,720 278 Acheron :icongabrielgajdos:GabrielGajdos 2,244 298 Chimera Synbiogen :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 1,494 515 The Power of the Dark Side :iconfranklando:franklando 458 169 Eden Rising :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 1,207 146 Lunar Investigation :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 526 32 Reworked Tarantula :iconburyatsky:buryatsky 683 27 Protoss Nexus Interior :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 416 86 Doctor Who Item Collection :iconwillzmarler:WillZMarler 2,214 457 Torn :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 705 200 Shaft Diver :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 323 21 Voyager 3 Saturn flyby :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 384 26 Sailprobe :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 625 139 MixPinski's Probe :icongrahamsym:GrahamSym 246 113 All For One, And Jark For All :iconsmashmethod:smashmethod 644 490 Probe Launched :icongrahamsym:GrahamSym 234 122 Salvage Recon :icondem0n-be:dem0n-be 818 124 Voyager 3 Pluto flyby :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 270 40 The Ketchup Conundrum :iconshira-chan:Shira-chan 1,294 158 Mobile RailGun Sharp Probe :iconkaranak:KaranaK 478 30 Yupiter 3 :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 239 14 Metallic Cylinder Hone Tool :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 145 10 Defensive Launch :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 808 29 Nani-probe :icondrewgardner:DrewGardner 1,360 67 Primitives Wasp :iconlky13:LKY13 147 31 Red Crevasse :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,039 34 Boss-class ship animation :iconisohei:iSohei 382 52 Tomahawk Details+WIP :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 204 29 The Forge of God :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 299 0 Second Chance :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 265 119 Sputnik 1 :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 297 31 Old Probe Droid :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 186 20 Primitive Crossbow :iconlky13:LKY13 130 18 Marauder MK III :iconlky13:LKY13 237 46 Grey Alien :iconharnois75:Harnois75 289 36 Halcyon's End :iconoverseer:overseer 232 57
So Long, I Must Be Going
Washington - The American space agency Nasa has lost contact with the 9-year-old Prometheus I space probe to Alpha Centauri, officials have announced.  Prometheus was the first to pass through the Oort cloud and send to Earth close-up images of comets and proto-comets found there, on its way to our nearest neighboring star system.  Catastrophic hardware failure is suspected, perhaps as the result of collision with space debris.
As it turns out, the galaxy is teeming with intelligence, and I found it.  Or it found me.  Wait, let me back up and start over.  I'm new at all this story telling stuff.  Never had to do it before.
I'm a deep-space probe from Earth.  I'm not going to bother explaining where that is, because if you're from there you already know and if you're not, you probably don't care.  It's tiny, an insignificant spark orbiting a medium-sized yellow star – that's all you need to kn
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 118 89
Warthog Battlemech :iconlky13:LKY13 164 32 A Treasure Hunt for Life :iconjosheiten:JoshEiten 220 3
It's a nudge from the Naiad orbiter that brings me fully to my senses, and, instinctively, I find myself checking my systems. Power from her solar panels quickly floods my own circuits, and I flex instruments and senses that feel like they've been dormant for all too long. Which they have, of course.
"Wakey, wakey," the Naiad's saying, as I burn through the reports and telemetry my body's feeding me.
Some of my instruments have iced-up, I realise. But that's a minor concern. Everything else is sound.
"Are we there yet?" I reply.
"We are indeed."
"Mayfly, this is control. " The signal's peppered with static, and I quickly adjust for the Doppler Shift.
"Control," I reply. "My IRR lens has iced, but all other systems are go. Telemetry is online." And then I wait. If I had fingers, I'd be drumming them.
I count the seconds as they pass, calculating the signal lag as I do.
"Roger, Mayfly. Your telemetry is good. "
Right on cue.
"Mission is go. "
:iconravensscar:RavensScar 110 80
Protoss Probe FanArt :iconjoelbelessa:JoelBelessa 220 58 Probe :iconourlak:ourlak 544 13 Alien Tourist :iconthewoodenking:TheWoodenKing 699 168 New Horizons :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 176 20 Autopsy_Admission :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 205 80 Suspended in a Sunbeam :icondarksilverflame:DarkSilverflame 292 51 Star Wars Icons Pack-2 :icon1darthvader:1darthvader 103 13 Outbound :iconrobcaswell:RobCaswell 124 54