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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 1
In the deep reaches of outer space, a spaceship could be seen shooting through the stars to its intended target. The planet Earth. Within the ship, a tall, red and white robot with protrusions that looked wings sticking out of his back was working furiously at the controls.
"We'll be nearing Earth soon, Grimlock." He called to someone behind him.
"Good work, Swoop. Me, Grimlock, thought we never make it." A deep voice replied to the one called Swoop.
"Do you think Optimus will help us?"
"If not, me make him help us. He risk life to save soldiers before. Not see why he not now."
The one called Swoop nodded. Long had he become used to his leader's way of speech. And it did nothing to change the respect and admiration Swoop had for his leader. But they needed Optimus' help if they were to…
Grimlock could sense Swoop's concern. "We rescue them, Swoop," He reassured his friend. "You see. We get Optimus, then we get others back."
Swoop nodded again but it didn't do much to boost his con
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TFDictionary and List of Terms
Transformers Dictionary/List of Terms
A Note from Your Maintenance Supreme: As you can probably tell, this is a very long piece, with tons of terms and lots of language. This is fine and dandy if you have a rainy afternoon to kill, but, if you're looking for a quick reference, I would recommend becoming very friendly with the CTRL+F function very quickly. I've tried to keep definitions of a certain type to a similar format down the Dictionary and List, so all the body part terms should have "body" as a buzzword, towns, cities, and city-states should have "city" or something similar, etc. Let me know if you run into serious problems while using the Dictionary and List, and I will get it fixed as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your time, cooperation, and contributions! They are VERY much appreciated.
~M "Mack" Blackwood, your friendly neighborhood Maintenance Supreme
P.S., I am interested in using a formal preview image for this Dictionary and List, bu
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