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Dinosaurs vs. Beasts by arvalis Dinosaurs vs. Beasts :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,572 600 Spinosaurs (The passage is denied) by atrox1 Spinosaurs (The passage is denied) :iconatrox1:atrox1 978 111 Dappled Sun by Lhuin Dappled Sun :iconlhuin:Lhuin 1,589 38 Edmontosaurus vs T-rex by atrox1 Edmontosaurus vs T-rex :iconatrox1:atrox1 572 71 TMHOTW: The Berzerker Beast by vcubestudios TMHOTW: The Berzerker Beast :iconvcubestudios:vcubestudios 199 10 Idas World by EsthervanHulsen Idas World :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 855 131 Oviraptor by EsthervanHulsen Oviraptor :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 895 139 failed attack by atrox1 failed attack :iconatrox1:atrox1 772 60 Zhuchengtyrannus magnus by atrox1 Zhuchengtyrannus magnus :iconatrox1:atrox1 671 35 Irritator challengeri by atrox1 Irritator challengeri :iconatrox1:atrox1 619 54 last Day by atrox1 last Day :iconatrox1:atrox1 592 38 Jurassic China by atrox1 Jurassic China :iconatrox1:atrox1 608 83 Short-faced Bear and Saber-Toothed Cat by deskridge Short-faced Bear and Saber-Toothed Cat :icondeskridge:deskridge 729 129 Pallimnarchus. Queensland Museum. by Swordlord3d Pallimnarchus. Queensland Museum. :iconswordlord3d:Swordlord3d 280 16 Prehistoric Buddies by DolphyDolphiana Prehistoric Buddies :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,331 114 Symbiosis by atrox1 Symbiosis :iconatrox1:atrox1 535 71 Spinosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus by atrox1 Spinosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus :iconatrox1:atrox1 558 124 Troodon by EsthervanHulsen Troodon :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 728 114 A Visit to the Sage by deskridge A Visit to the Sage :icondeskridge:deskridge 452 127 Isisfordia. Queensland Museum. by Swordlord3d Isisfordia. Queensland Museum. :iconswordlord3d:Swordlord3d 366 26 TRex in the Forest by deskridge TRex in the Forest :icondeskridge:deskridge 396 80 Gastornis by EsthervanHulsen Gastornis :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 877 117 Tyrannosaurus Rex by EsthervanHulsen Tyrannosaurus Rex :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 621 117 Altirhinus kurzanovi by atrox1 Altirhinus kurzanovi :iconatrox1:atrox1 416 31 Anomalocaris by hontor Anomalocaris :iconhontor:hontor 415 21 Giraffatitan And Dicraeosaurus by atrox1 Giraffatitan And Dicraeosaurus :iconatrox1:atrox1 352 18 Caiuajara dobruskii by atrox1 Caiuajara dobruskii :iconatrox1:atrox1 458 38 Torvosaurus gurneyi by atrox1 Torvosaurus gurneyi :iconatrox1:atrox1 476 55 Irritator by EsthervanHulsen Irritator :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 493 67 Rubeosaurus and young Hypacrosaurus by atrox1 Rubeosaurus and young Hypacrosaurus :iconatrox1:atrox1 618 46 Ichthyosaur Group by EsthervanHulsen Ichthyosaur Group :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 451 56 Thalassodromeus sethi by atrox1 Thalassodromeus sethi :iconatrox1:atrox1 459 48 ida is born by EsthervanHulsen ida is born :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 330 66 Edmarka rex by atrox1 Edmarka rex :iconatrox1:atrox1 283 32 Opabinia necklace by hontor Opabinia necklace :iconhontor:hontor 285 13 Chronomancer's Lost Legion by Rodrigo-Vega Chronomancer's Lost Legion :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 288 12 Zhenyuanopterus by Vincent-Covielloart Zhenyuanopterus :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 487 43 Mutation Crisis - Sabrebeast by WretchedSpawn2012 Mutation Crisis - Sabrebeast :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 72 4 Quetzalcoatlus by Vincent-Covielloart Quetzalcoatlus :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 494 63 Dilophosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Dilophosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 465 58 Pliosaur by EsthervanHulsen Pliosaur :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 291 45
I am Dreadnoughtus
I am Dreadnoughtus: I fear nothing.
The very earth trembles when I walk, and all creatures flee before me.
My tail sways like a mighty redwood: my limbs are as tree trunks.
Carnotaurs skulk in the shadow of the redwoods. They hiss and growl as I pass, but I do not fear them. I fear nothing.
I am chief among the creation: none dare approach me.
The forests and fields bring me food: I am Dreadnoughtus, and all creation bows to me.
Out in the field, a raptor has brought down a young hadrosaur. The herd has panicked. Calves bawl for their mothers. I pay them no mind. They are beneath me: I am Dreadnoughtus.
I am he who stops the flow of rivers. I am he who devours forests: I am Dreadnoughtus.
It is night: birds and mammals hunt in the undergrowth. They clear out of my way as they hear me approach. I am dreadnoughtus and nothing stands in my way.
Night after night, I call out into the darkness, into the black void. There is no answer. No answering call. A shooting star streaks through the s
:iconthemorlock:TheMorlock 29 30
Tylosaurus Hunting by Christopher252 Tylosaurus Hunting :iconchristopher252:Christopher252 142 10 Darwinius masillae by EsthervanHulsen Darwinius masillae :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 431 49 Dromaeosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Dromaeosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 443 49 Corythosaurus by CraftyCreatures Corythosaurus :iconcraftycreatures:CraftyCreatures 222 17 Ichthyosaurs by EsthervanHulsen Ichthyosaurs :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 380 57 Styracosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Styracosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 589 82