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Class Project - 9 Months
"Okay class, so the college is trying to raise awareness about unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies. In order to promote said awareness we are going to having a little project..." Mrs. Shaw reached under her heavy oaken desk and pulled out a tan-ish white body suit, it had distinctive breasts and a large belly.
"These are fake pregnancy suits. The school spent a 'large' sum of money to make sure they were very realistic and durable. You are probably wondering what these have to do with our little project, and the answer is simple. You all will be required to wear one of these for a week and then right a essay on your experience."
The class collectively groaned, and the girls looked quite annoyed at the prospect. I was more than annoyed, and I was going to let the teacher know it.
"I don't need to wear some fat suit to know how a condom works Mrs. Shaw, if I can't opt out I'll just take the F."
"Miss Lane, please sit back down, and the school is REQUIRING all students to do this."
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Tilly's Tummy
I was ready to take my place as the world’s last fertile woman. Scientists had worked for 4 years genetically altering my body, while simultaneously extracting and freezing about 500 of my eggs. I could now grow to superhuman feats, my uterus could hold thousands of pounds, my skin would never rip open from inhuman stretching, and my legs would be able to stretch far out without pain, and able to support my body weight for most of my pregnancy. My body was manipulated, now my brains main function is to keep my organs working, and my uterus working to develop a full term pregnancy with extremely big and healthy babies in roughly a month’s time, though the scientists weren’t certain on the exact amount of gestation time. I was now ready to grow a belly filled with at least five hundred large babies.
I was transported to a facility with plenty of space, thousands of square feet wide and twenty feet tall. I was placed on a large bed, with an iron foundation, and a very co
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Breath of the Wild - Great Fairy :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 761 43 Babies-awake :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 892 53 Race Day :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 692 24 Patreon | SaraVore's September Portrait :iconvenatari:Venatari 589 25
University of Surrogacy, Southern California Part1
University of Surrogacy Southern California
Rachel Green is a new student at USSC this year. She scored very highly on her SSATs(Student Surrogate Aptitude Test) and her medical records would have any surrogate college recruiter flying her out first class. In just a few minutes she’ll be arriving at her dorm and meeting her new roommate, Lily Johnson.
The students of USSC ranged from fairly pregnant to heavily pregnant. Some girls walked fairly normally, some waddled, and some had to be transported around in special carts. Rachel admired the seniors jealously. She couldn’t wait to get through surrogacy 101 and reach the advanced classes. Rachel arrived at room 207 and knocked on the door.
“Come in!” yelled a strange voice.
Rachel opened the door and was greeted by a cute blonde girl.
“I’m Lily, I’m your new roommate!”
“Nice to meet you Lily, I’m Rachel.”
“Are you excited to start the semester tomorrow?”
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