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Comic: How Amy Met Susan by Axel-Rosered :iconyunon:yunon 978 64
Pregnant! Reader X 2P! FACE~ Hehe!!
Pregnant! Reader X 2P! FACE
Hehe-Didn’t See That Coming!
Slight Cuss! Somewhat. :) GO 2P!!!!!
 A small screech filled the air before going silent, the streets empty of anyone. Except for the few bodies that littered the alley, no one was about. Everyone knew to stay indoors and be still in the nightly hours. Only because of them.
 The group traipsed with leisurely peace, a few snide comments shared as they headed home. It had been a rather successful raid and with weapons brandishing a layer of crimson, they had matching smiles on their faces. (Hehe..)
Going through the door with a bang, France instantly went for the wine bottle chilling in ice for him, dropping his sledgehammer without a care. As he popped the cork and took a gulp, you came up beside him, gently leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.
“How did it go?” You asked, smiling at Matt and Al as they pushed each other around in a…bromantical way. Oliver started to berate them on t
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Dense- RomanoxReader
"Lovino! Come on, Lovino! Wake up already!" You struggled valiantly to pull your fidanzato (fiancee), Lovino Vargas, from your shared bed wit him. He groaned and moaned, constantly turning over and over, trying to avoid you and waking up.
Lovino fake snored into his pillow, muttering under his breath, "Ragazza, let me sleep... It's to early to be up..." Lovino yawned, shooting out his slightly tanned arms to grab you and pull you to him, "Come on, fidanzata, I'm tired!"
You pouted at him, poking his cheek in retaliation, "It's your own fault, Lovi! Because last night you..."
Lovino squinted his eyes at you blearily, "I...?" He blinked, before blushing bright red, remembering what had 'happened' last night, "Shut up, ragazza!" He buried his face in the curve of you neck. You could feel his face heating up, "It's your own fault for being so cute... I can't help myself!"
You giggled at Lovi's rant. You wiggled out of his arms and kissed his cheek before getting out of bed, "So
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Don't touch :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 1,151 145 The glimmers of Aurora :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 2,531 116 [CM] Nanoha X Fate motherhood 2 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 786 28
Regret: Cheater!Levi x Happy!Reader Pt.2
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I curse her.
Damn! Why is she is smiling?
Her husband left her for her childhood friend.
We both gave her a rather difficult time during Petra’s late pregnancy the first time; Petra flaunted her belly around and I gave my wife a kiss on the lips right in front of her at the line in the marketplace.
I even sent her an invitation to my wedding.
I smile more and gave Petra more kisses then I ever did with [Name].
Why was she blessed with having such a gorgeous little girl that is just showing her a fucking bug that could easily be squashed with my own foot?
That little girl should rightfully be mine and Petra’s, the baby my fucking ex is carrying should be in
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Commission: Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly
Ginger gulped, her fingers hovering over the tabs on the website. "Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly Order Form" the top read.
Questions asking what gender she wanted were easy. She wouldn't give birth to real babies so she randomized it. Questions asking for quantity and size were easy too: she maxed it out with quintuplets and 2XL, giving her a 90 inch waist with a pregnant stomach that weighed 120 pounds.
Then came the hard part: shape. "Hmm, Bowling Ball Shape, Ball Shape, Barrel Shape, or Carring Low?" Ginger read out loud, looking down at her own petite figure. For all the  fantasizing she'd done about one day being pregnant, this was never something she thought too hard about. Thankfully, there were a few pictures of models with each kind of belly and when Ginger saw the big, round shape of the "Ball" model, a shiver went down her spine. She clicked that one.
The questions started getting even more granular. How long do you want the pregnancy to last? When does it rea
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Anime positive pregnancy tests -Sonadow :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 1,217 310
Jean - TG with a Genie
Brian stared at the pink orb in front of him, pinching the tiny thing between his thumb and forefinger. "You want me to swallow this?" the eighteen year old asked, after a moment.
"Yes, Mr. Daniels, that is exactly what we want," smiled the woman who had introduced herself as Sally, leaning over the table a little bit to show off her cleavage. Brian swallowed, the pill sliding down his throat on automatic as he did his best not to stare at the brown locks floating on her cleavage as she absentmindedly dusted them off.
"So, you… um… going to tell me the effects now?" he asked, after a moment, wrenching his eyes upward to meet her crystalline blue ones. They sparkled a little, as she smiled.
"The test trials you have agreed to represent a rather… large interest our firm has, regarding a contract we hold with the Djin world. This is our latest endeavor, the maturation of which you are to be responsible for,"
"And I get five hundred bucks, right?" he asked, nervously. He did
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Emerging Secret (Mpreg) Ch. 1 Alternate Ending 1
                      Jim placed his hand on his belly and his back against the shower wall. He balled his one hand into a fist as he pushed himself up from the ground, his knees buckling a bit as he wobbly stood up. With another swift waft of pain overcoming him he hunched forward, facing the floor. Jim bit his lower lip and as he waddled over to a cabinet, and grabbed a few towels.
             Jim attempted to get down on his hands and knees and mop up the mucus and blood mixture now staining the shower tiles; until he felt the little secret loosely move in him, down lower, like water from flood gates. He jolted against the wall in a sitting position knees bent. Jim knew he couldn’t stay here, his gym class would soon be over and the other boys would soon be coming back in. When the contraction passed, Jim dragged the now saturated towel and placed it in the garbage can under some paper t
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Broadcast: Chapter 26 - Breaking News from Hawaii
Hayley waddled over the bed closest to the bathroom and plopped down, the whole mattress shaking when her heavy frame landed on it. "What?" Hayley said, narrowing her green eyes at Thomas' nervous look. "It's not like we're going to switch to a different room. I think we can handle sharing a space for a few days, yeah? We can be adults?"
"Yeah, we can be adults," Thomas said, a bitter note in his voice as he slung his bag onto the other bed and stretched out his back. He was still attracted to Hayley but he did not like that nasty tone she was so fond of. "But I don't think I'm crazy to have assumed we'd get separate rooms."
"I never underestimate how stingy PGNT can be at times," Hayley sighed, fanning out her skin with the hem of her shirt. Being jumbo-sized pregnant meant sweat could form in lots of new, fun crevices now. "My first year, they actually made me pay to laminate my own ID and press pass, if you can believe that." She turned to Thomas, seeing him try to focus on unpackin
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Queens of eggs
It was a cold rainy night in Tokyo, Japan. An alien space ship had just crashed fifteen miles from Mt. Fuji. The pilot didn't survive expect for a weird octopus like creature. It slithered out of the ship and it went to the sewer. It came out of it in the streets, it was searching and found a nearby apartment. It went through the bedroom window.
Ayumi was sleeping off the worst hangover in years, Bottles and cans of plum wine and red bull riddled her bedroom, her alarm clock went off, she woke up, noticing something behind her door, she opened it, the alien wasn't too far behind her. Ayumi went to the bathroom and came out to have breakfast. She her turned her head. The alien jumped and grabbed Ayumi with its large tentacles. It was shooting a tube into Ayumi's navel. A woman heard the commotion and run to the door. She sees the alien impregnating Ayumi. "Ayumi!" shouted the woman as she tries to take off the creature off her stomach. It got off it slithered away, the woman comes to Ay
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Cheerleader Susan: Dream Edition :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,022 77
Magical Pregnancy
"Honey!" called Samantha to her husband. "What is it dear?" Hunter wandered into his living room and found his 6 month pregnant wife lying on the couch. "It's your birthday tomorrow and i want to do everything you want to do. So tonight i want you to think about what you want to do. And can you help me to bed? I'm tired." Sam told him. "That sounds great honey. Sure i'll help you right now." He helped her up then helped her up a floor into their bedroom. He helped her into bed and pulled the covers over her. "Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning." And he kissed her good night. He rushed down into his basement. He had been married for 2 years now but in that time there was something he had never told his wife. She knew he was a genius doctor and scientist but what she didn't know was that was actually a cover up for what he really was. A witch. And a maieusophile. He started to plan a wonderful day for tomorrow. He started mixing potions and createing exlixirs. He didn't need to sl
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Feeling :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 913 63 Pregnant Gods :iconhumon:humon 8,700 1,185
Danny and Brie
Danny paced back and forth clutching his swollen belly as Brie warmed the water in the birth pool. His contractions were about seven minutes apart and getting closer together each time they happened. He was actually more bothered by trying to walk with such wide hips swaying back and forth. He didn’t know how girls could do it, and wasn’t used to this female body shape even after over nine months of it.
Danny and Brie were an odd couple. For one thing, Brie was tough and serious, yet also sweet on the inside. Danny could be easily mistaken for a lesbian. He had a bowl-shaped boyish haircut and a very feminine face. He wasn’t muscular at all and had very narrow shoulders like a girl. But Brie had the most unusual attribute, for she was a witch, and had the power to switch one’s gender or sex role. That is, she could take the genitals of a boy and a girl and switch them. In this scenario, the girl would be on top during sex.
And that’s precisely what she and
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   The lock came undone and the door swung open.  The keys landed on a nearby table and the occupant entered the home with a tired huff.  
   “Malory I’m back!” a female voice called out.  A flick of a light switch lit up the apartment and revealed the owner as she closed the door behind her.  Rylee kicked off her boots and let out a sigh of relief as she wiggled her toes, free from the cramped boots she had been wearing all night.  “Malory?” she called out again.  While waiting for a response from her roommate, Rylee walked with a waddle towards her bedroom.  She turned on the light and made her away around the bed and paused next to her bureau.
   “Well that went way longer than expected.  Last time I go to a family party without Felix…” Rylee murmured aloud as she removed her earrings and set them down on a tray on the top left of the dresser.  “Mal
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Beautiful: mpreg story
Only three times had he been out of bed, he realized, since the day began.  Once to use the bathroom, a second time, to use the bathroom, and a third time, to use the bathroom yet again.  On the way back he grabbed drinks and cans of ravioli, eating them straight out of the can with a spoon and tossing them in the nearby trash can conveniently installed for him.  At least Anya was sleeping for now.  That gave Kyle some peace through the afternoon as he pulled up the pillows to support himself and sat himself up to better watch television.  
The soap operas couldn't do anymore.  They were getting boring and predictable.  Kyle flipped the channels, looking desperately for something to watch.  Finally he turned it to CNN, and then ESPN, his last two choices.  It was a slow, boring news day, go figure, and Sportscenter wasn't on now anymore, replaced by the new baseball season.  Baseball.
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Birthing Chambers: Episode One
Tightly I gripped my modified M-76 Pulse Rifle. I looked around me, but everywhere was dark. I felt so helpless, blinded by darkness without the nightvision goggles that had been smashed against the stone wall when my platoon and me had been ambushed.
We were on a routine scouting mission, when we spotted a potential S'Tencha hive.
The S'Tencha were insect-like aliens, bio-engineered by some far bygone race for the specific purpose of killing. After killing out this race and drifting in space for many eons, they were found by a spaceship on a deep-space cargo assignment. The poor crew inadvertently brought the alien species back to our planet, and we suffered for it.
The S'Tencha spread like locusts across the globe, killing as they did. What made the S'Tencha so dangerous was not their ability to kill, but their ability to reproduce. S'Tencha, in order to reproduce, impregnate any type of female creature using a tentacle-like organ in their mouth. The S'Tencha holds onto the host with
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Pregnant Pin Up [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 130 52 Pregnancy Stock - Couple 6 Months :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 866 557 Pregnant Archer - Pose Reference for Drawing :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,067 269 Pregnancy Drawing Reference - 6 Months :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 561 625 It's Not His [Pose Ref for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 405 16 2AM Kicks - Pregnancy Reference for Drawing :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 721 299 40 Week Pregnancy Turn Around Set 1 - Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 473 139 Payback is a Witch pg3 :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 662 36 Commission | Comic Con Cravings - Part 1 :iconvenatari:Venatari 785 95
Wish Upon a Star
Warnings: rapid pregnancy. Also contains some breast expansion, pregnancy-related weight gain, and minor lactation.
Ever since she was a child, she knew that she wanted, someday, to be a mother.
She grew up playing with dolls, pretending that they were her children, tucking them into their tiny beds and making sure to watch over them in case they needed anything. When she became older, the thought of having a baby hovered in the back of her brain, an unbidden grin on her lips as she saw pregnant women whenever she went out in public. And she always thought to herself, someday, that would be her. She would carry a baby too, all by herself, and she would be able to raise it and nurture it, just like she used to do for her dolls.
But things didn’t always work out like they were initially planned.
When she entered her mid-twenties, and was settled down enough, she started trying to get pregnant. She had a boyfriend then, years ago, when they were first trying for a kid, but nothing s
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Black And White Stuffed :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 2,579 265 Zero Suit Samus's Rapid Pregnancy Growth [GIF] :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 2,976 262 Godness of Fertility - P3 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,854 27 Godness of Fertility - P1 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 2,008 47 ERMERGERDABABEH - Pose for Drawing Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 426 160 Commission: Preggo Maya pg1 :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 3,223 161
Lauren's Nightmare
WARNING: contains pregnancy, growth, and ripping clothes
Lauren winced as she took off her bra and sighed once she was free of it. She made a mental note to go out the next day and by a maternity bra- her breasts were steadily growing already in her 19th week of her pregnancy. They were already heavier than she was used to, and just big enough to make her old B cup bras feel uncomfortable. It was to the point where she was ready to renounce bras all together, but some instinct in her warned that she may not feel that way in the later months to come, so she would keep wearing them.
She slipped her arms into her favorite pajama tee shirt and maneuvered it over her head. Soon, she wouldn't be able to wear this either, but she was determined that she would until her body literally forced her to buy something bigger.
Part of that was the fact that it hugged her body. It always had, but now it was even tighter, showing every new curve each new day brought. Not that she was very curvy yet, at
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Godness of Fertility - P4 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,627 127 squigglewigglewiggle :iconmadammoo:MadamMoo 1,570 221 MMM|Moodam :iconmadammoo:MadamMoo 1,254 37 Godness of Fertility - P2 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,675 28
Prego Pills
Martha was invited to Heidi's house to try out some pills, Martha didn't know how they will work and where they came from.  "Ummmm are you sure it's safe? What if something bad happens." Martha was twisting her hair nervously. "Don't worry, the pills are already tested." Heidi  pulls out a box filled with three panels one has an egg symbol on it, the second has a cow bell symbol on it and the third has a question mark on it. "Pick ya poison!!" Heidi shows Martha the box.
"I was thinking on taking the one with an egg symbol but I'll go with the one with question mark and see what happens."  after Martha swallows it she's got pain in her stomach but turns into pleasure. Martha is impregnated with a pleasure demon, she writhes in orgasm after orgasm as her belly swells and feel invisible tentacles caress and grope her body and breasts. " Ooooohhhhh god that feels good, my pussy is getting all wet oh yes make my belly bigger demon." The demon doesn't need asking and soon her
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Preggo Maya :: Page 5 :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 2,406 177 Tifa And Aerith's Holiday Meal :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 2,303 160 The Pregnant Power of Isis :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 2,136 87 A Genie's Day Off pg 1 :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 1,741 46 Stuffing Sena Page 2 :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 2,812 292