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The Cleaner by Wulfsbane The Cleaner :iconwulfsbane:Wulfsbane 2,885 352 Aliens tribute by Rodrigo-Vega Aliens tribute :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,060 128 Desperate Housewife by ornicar Desperate Housewife :iconornicar:ornicar 4,099 418 More Than Precious -colored- by AstroZerk More Than Precious -colored- :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 708 143 predalien by nebezial predalien :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,040 449 Predator WIP by Lovell-Art Predator WIP :iconlovell-art:Lovell-Art 243 18 Alternate Horrorverse by AstroZerk Alternate Horrorverse :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 907 272 Alien vs Predator Scratchboard by RTyson Alien vs Predator Scratchboard :iconrtyson:RTyson 1,704 527 Baby Shower by AstroZerk Baby Shower :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 600 173 McMorbid - Predalien, ya by Rimfrost McMorbid - Predalien, ya :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 1,517 476 Predalien by Tina Leyk by SageHazzard Predalien by Tina Leyk :iconsagehazzard:SageHazzard 222 31 Predator Fan art last 2008 by cantas78 Predator Fan art last 2008 :iconcantas78:cantas78 149 83 Entering The Hive by XenoPredDragon Entering The Hive :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 135 194 ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2012 by cantas78 ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2012 :iconcantas78:cantas78 233 20 Predalien by kalivana Predalien :iconkalivana:kalivana 191 23 Fifth Breed by mangrasshopper Fifth Breed :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 508 34 Design Commission:. (Predralisk) by Remarin Design Commission:. (Predralisk) :iconremarin:Remarin 237 21 predalien bust by zeal08 predalien bust :iconzeal08:zeal08 316 59 The PredAlien by Predaguy The PredAlien :iconpredaguy:Predaguy 752 228 Predalien by youbesonicimtails Predalien :iconyoubesonicimtails:youbesonicimtails 132 30 Alien vs Predator: Requiem by DannyBage Alien vs Predator: Requiem :icondannybage:DannyBage 42 4 Cheater by AstroZerk Cheater :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 419 97 Alien v. Predator - Predalien by schellstudio Alien v. Predator - Predalien :iconschellstudio:schellstudio 638 30 Predalien AVP:R by kris-knave Predalien AVP:R :iconkris-knave:kris-knave 268 36 Predalien-AVP by Destinyfall Predalien-AVP :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 560 223 Horsie Excape by XenoPredDragon Horsie Excape :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 103 143 Bad Blood-PredatorVSPredator-2 by PredatrHuntr Bad Blood-PredatorVSPredator-2 :iconpredatrhuntr:PredatrHuntr 76 41 Lost Breed by mangrasshopper Lost Breed :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 213 26 AVP predalien and predator by sullen-skrewt AVP predalien and predator :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 380 68 to the death by mangrasshopper to the death :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 203 19 Dr.Lindsay Boyd by DannyBage Dr.Lindsay Boyd :icondannybage:DannyBage 78 10 PredaVoorhees by ACivicDilemma PredaVoorhees :iconacivicdilemma:ACivicDilemma 133 14 Predalien Collaboration by PsychoSlaughterman Predalien Collaboration :iconpsychoslaughterman:PsychoSlaughterman 238 46 A Comprehensive Walkthrough by Wulfsbane A Comprehensive Walkthrough :iconwulfsbane:Wulfsbane 299 46 Bail Out by XenoPredDragon Bail Out :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 82 123 Silk Of The Queen by XenoPredDragon Silk Of The Queen :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 107 130 Next in Line by XenoPredDragon Next in Line :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 87 101 Reinforcing the Restraints by XenoPredDragon Reinforcing the Restraints :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 99 228 Predalien fanart 2014 by cantas78 Predalien fanart 2014 :iconcantas78:cantas78 467 54 AVP:R Hybrid by mangrasshopper AVP:R Hybrid :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 133 4 Let's Go Fly A Kite by XenoPredDragon Let's Go Fly A Kite :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 85 90 Precious by AstroZerk Precious :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 408 122 Feeding Time by XenoPredDragon Feeding Time :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 90 133
Unchained. Predalien Reader X Winter Schnee 2
Ever since Winter had introduced you to her family as her suitor they loved you. Even Jacques grew to think of you as a son. A few weeks after you arrived however Weiss had to leave for Beacon. The family watched as she boarded her ship and flew away. Frost, (Winter, Weiss and Whitley’s mum), had tears in her eyes. You brought out a handkerchief and gave it to her. She took it and used it to blow her nose. As Weiss’ ship faded into the horizon the family returned to their normal routines. This meant that you would go into Winter’s room and read as many books as you could. You enjoyed both the information and the stories those books provided. Sometimes, like now, however Winter asked you to read in the training hall while she practiced. Unlike the other times however Frost had come down to the training room.
“Good evening sweetheart” Frost said as she walked towards her daughter, Winter looked surprised at the fact that she was here.
“Mother what are
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Unchained. Predalien Reader X Winter Schnee
Ruby and Yang are mean in this Fic by the way.
Also you are a Predalien, but you basically look like a predator with the Alien tail and thing inside its mouth as well as the claws so you run extremely fast on all fours. But you can transform into a human form and that’s how you hide and it’s also your semblance. Tai Yang found you abandoned and hurt a year after Raven left and decided to adopt you.
hope you enjoy this new idea i got from reading :iconkr-shadow-knight:KR-Shadow-Knight story "The First King" which i think he discontinued
again hope you enjoy
Ruby’s P.O.V.
I walked down the streets of Vale towards Vale Plaza, Yang had texted me asking me to come and meet her there, something about our… Brother.
Just thinking about him makes me want to throw up. Its not because he’s not a nice person, it’s because he’s a freaking alien monster! Seriously, I’ve seen him transform when he and dad think no ones
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Concept PredAlien by mangrasshopper Concept PredAlien :iconmangrasshopper:mangrasshopper 310 39 predalien by ashasylum predalien :iconashasylum:ashasylum 1,495 499 Hissy Fit by AstroZerk Hissy Fit :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 403 57