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50th - pack - Lying poses by Precia-T 50th - pack - Lying poses :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,175 20 Rainah - Wardrobe - Commission by Precia-T Rainah - Wardrobe - Commission :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 406 11 Guess anime characters ^^ by Precia-T Guess anime characters ^^ :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,515 204 Poses, tutorials, sketches and more on patreon by Precia-T Poses, tutorials, sketches and more on patreon :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,830 43 Chibi :3 by Precia-T Chibi :3 :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 442 5 hairdressers by Precia-T hairdressers :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 272 29 Alternative World by neogoki Alternative World :iconneogoki:neogoki 34 23
Mother to the Rescue
Fate groaned from where she was laying on the ground. It felt as if her ribs were broken, all of them. She reached out for her staff but the whip-like sword pushed it away from her reach.
"Stay where you are Testarossa. It will only hurt for a bit and then it'll be over"
The pink-haired woman spoke, her voice stern but not devoid of sadness. A book floated in the hand she wasn't using to hold the sword. Her steps were getting closer, Fate whimpered as she tried to move, her last attempt at resistance. And she fell to the ground, it hurt, it hurt so much. There was no one who'd help her, no one. Small tear ran down.
"Father... Mother... Nanoha"
Her voice trembled, another tear ran down her cheek, the enemy coming closer.
And then Signum jumped back, a crackling whip smacking the ground where she stood a moment ago.
"Who the hell!?"
The pink haired woman held her sword at the ready, her eyes focused on a point above and behind Fate. The girl turned slightly and her eyes shot wide open, b
:iconandarion:Andarion 7 76
One Imouto Please by Andarion One Imouto Please :iconandarion:Andarion 18 7 Ninpo kawarimi by neogoki Ninpo kawarimi :iconneogoki:neogoki 12 13 Super Robot Wars Kiddies by magicalcrap Super Robot Wars Kiddies :iconmagicalcrap:magicalcrap 15 17 Best! Precia! Ever! by Shadow-Crystal-Mage Best! Precia! Ever! :iconshadow-crystal-mage:Shadow-Crystal-Mage 13 7
Felaryan Short stories: Story 3
Story 3: Yet another perilous Journey .
Inari hummed a dulcet melody as she arranged her bed sheets and made them neat and tidy. She smiled as the tender odor of the new sheets tickled her nose. Unable to resist, she collapsed on the bed and decided to take a rest. She had been doing chores all day: cleaning, grocery shopping, and ironing her uniform in preparation to return to service in two days. She thought this was a rest well earned.
She had enjoyed her vacation despite its lasting for only one week. It had an unforgettable start, with a trip into the Felryan jungle with her best friend Ramina Highwind, where they were caught in perilous situations including encountering an Earth Mouth, being chased by a harpy, and saving a dryad from a highly wanted thief (that encounter had almost led them to their death before the dryad saved their lives at the last moment).
However, ever since that day, an unnerving thought had been gnawing at her mind, stuck in it like a
:iconazurejass:AzureJass 14 34
Happy-Dance by neogoki Happy-Dance :iconneogoki:neogoki 15 34 Prism Ark's Precia by maxxilyn-chan Prism Ark's Precia :iconmaxxilyn-chan:maxxilyn-chan 6 5 Strawberry Precia Lunafell by ysionris Strawberry Precia Lunafell :iconysionris:ysionris 6 16 Precia Teller by Tri-Edge-64 Precia Teller :icontri-edge-64:Tri-Edge-64 4 0 MSLN x Tangled Crossover by mariheal MSLN x Tangled Crossover :iconmariheal:mariheal 6 2 Bel Peol and Precia 100314 by Endless-Seven Bel Peol and Precia 100314 :iconendless-seven:Endless-Seven 7 0 Art Heap the 2nd by con2020tran Art Heap the 2nd :iconcon2020tran:con2020tran 5 7 Fate talk to Precia(spanish) by SteelAngelMusic Fate talk to Precia(spanish) :iconsteelangelmusic:SteelAngelMusic 3 0
MDLN: Prologue
A dark room, lit only by computer screens and a large glass tube containing a body of a young blond haired girl curled up in foetal position. A tall dark haired woman in a wrinkled lab coat stood in front of it, her hand curled up against the glass. Her look filled with sadness, longing, desperation
"My sweet Alicia, why can't I have you back."
A single tear ran down the sad woman's face.
Sound of footsteps broke her out of her grieving.
"Linith? I told you I didn't wanted to be disturbed"
But then she remembered, Linith was no longer with them, so who...
"I'm afraid I'm not that Linith you mentioned"
The woman spun around to face the intruder, her device in her hand within a blink of an eye. There at the door stood another woman. A smirk on her face at the other woman's violent reaction
"Precia Testarossa I assume"
Not a question, a statement, the other woman's smirk became wider as she slowly strode forward, her heavy military boots thumping against the floor. Both her hands in the p
:iconandarion:Andarion 2 19
Precia - ibitch by lmoodringl Precia - ibitch :iconlmoodringl:lmoodringl 4 2 [PA]-Knight Precia folder icon by DreamyHeart89 [PA]-Knight Precia folder icon :icondreamyheart89:DreamyHeart89 2 0 Strawberry Lunafell -Colored- by ysionris Strawberry Lunafell -Colored- :iconysionris:ysionris 2 7 Lindy Harlaown by KidaLuna Lindy Harlaown :iconkidaluna:KidaLuna 2 2 Precia Dex by jcfag2 Precia Dex :iconjcfag2:jcfag2 2 3 Precia by chrissy12 Precia :iconchrissy12:chrissy12 0 0 Priecia by lordknighta1 Priecia :iconlordknighta1:lordknighta1 3 1 Arf - ibark by lmoodringl Arf - ibark :iconlmoodringl:lmoodringl 6 0 precia and new kanto regions by jcfag2 precia and new kanto regions :iconjcfag2:jcfag2 0 5
the Freakin' Holidays
Setting: Chicago, Christmas Eve. A crowded, dimly lit bar.  There are people dancing in front of a small stage that has a karaoke set, but no one's singing.  A jukebox's loud words are barely heard over the crowds' talking amongst them (Pump it up until you can feel it, pump it up until don't really need it).  The bar is more crowded than usual, due to some special guests who made their appearance.  
[Cut to a guy fetching drinks from the bar then carries the drinks over to a table where two girls are seated.  He serves their drinks as he sits down.  One, wearing a NV Tour shirt, is trying to peer over the crowd]
Female Fan: I can't see a damn thing! [She complains]
[The girl then stands on her bar stool and gets a glimpse of a guy with yellow/blue hair, one with green and white, and another solid black.  She grins in accomplishment]
Female Fan: Ah-ha.
[Cut to the three guys at the bar. The one with yello
:iconblackbird13:Blackbird13 2 8
Arf from Lyrical Nanoha by lmoodringl Arf from Lyrical Nanoha :iconlmoodringl:lmoodringl 15 8 Precia and Fate Alliance by Endless-Seven Precia and Fate Alliance :iconendless-seven:Endless-Seven 8 3 Fate-chan and Arf by lmoodringl Fate-chan and Arf :iconlmoodringl:lmoodringl 2 6 Precia by Artifact911 Precia :iconartifact911:Artifact911 2 4 Dural and Precia by tshuki Dural and Precia :icontshuki:tshuki 55 7