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Butter and Coffee [Norway x Reader]
"Hey! (name)!"
You turned around to see who was calling you. You weren't surprised to see your (partner in crime) friend, Mathias running towards you.
"What's up, Mat?"
"Lukas' gonna come over to my place in a few hours. Wanna come over?" Mathias said as he gave off a smirk.
"Why do I have a feeling that you're up for something, Mathias?" You said as you narrowed your eyes, glaring at him.
"C'mon... You know you want to~" He said teasingly.
-Le Time Skip by Mr. Puffin-
"...Only a few more minutes." Mathias said as he looked over the clock.
"I'll just go over the kitchen." You said as you left the room.
*knock knock*
"HEY! How are ya-"
"Fine." Lukas said, rather coldly as he made his way towards the couch.
"Geez, man. Hey (name)! Make him some coffee!" Mathias shouted as he gave emphasis to coffee.
"Damn it, Mathias! I'm no slave of yours!" You shouted across the room.
'I don't think I can do this...' You thought as you were hesitating on adding a spoonful of BUTT
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The Prank Pt 3 :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 923 48 Gemuine Prank :icontoxic-mario:Toxic-Mario 1,494 456
KageKao Creepypasta Part 1
    Mark sighed and looked out at the night sky. He was standing on the roof on his apartment building, four stories up.  Sometimes Mark just liked to stay up here and reflect, it was quiet and peaceful. Looking down you could see the normal hustle and bustle of city life but if you looked up you could see the beautiful sky, and sometimes even a full moon or some stars.
    Mark walked along the border of the roof that helped keep him from falling to his death. It was pretty late; he should be going back down to his apartment soon. Then he saw something waving in the wind a few meters away. Mark walked over to it and picked it up, seeing that it was today’s newspaper, he began to read the front page:
    Earlier today John Parker, age 20, was found dead near the northern woods. His family stated that he never had any real enemies, but he was a bit of a trouble maker. Still they di
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Kagekao Creepypasta Part 2
   (Link to Part 1 in Description)
*   *   *
Mark left the bar he was at. He had come to this bar to have a little bit to drink before he faced Beatrice but he didn’t feel like drinking at all and hardly touched what he had bought. Mark told himself that he would go and apologize like a man and set off towards her house.
Mark reached out his fist and knocked on the door loudly. He waited. No one answered. He pressed the doorbell several times, and could hear it ring through the house. Still no one answered. Getting worried, he knocked on the door and shouted her name, still no one answered. He tried the door knob, and it opened. That was odd; she usually kept the door locked.
The first thing he noticed when he entered was the open window, the wood bordering the sides of it seemed to have a lot of claw marks on it, like a cat had been there. He walked into the dining room, calling out her name. He paused when he saw the bottle of champagne on the table. It was
:icongingaakam:GingaAkam 175 203
Who Was Phone? :icongray--day:Gray--Day 1,610 296 The Prank Pt 4 :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 962 68 Silly Celestia :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 2,183 383
HOW TO Make Your Computer Sound Like GLaDOS
First, you need GLaDOS's sound files. These can be found here: (naturally, spoilers abound).
This site contains the audio files for every voice line in-game for every character in the Portal series, so if you'd rather someone other than GLaDOS (though why in Aperture would you?!), or want to supplement your new GLaDOS computer system with some other characters too, you can get their voice lines as well.
Next up, you're going to need an idea of what quotes you want to use, and get ready to set them. You'll need to open up your system sounds editor. On my Windows 7, I just right-click while in my desktop, click "Personalize", then when that menu opens up, I just click "Sounds" on the bar beneath all my themes. Alternately, I can just use the search or Control Panel to get to the "Sound" option window, and click the button "Sounds" on the bar on the top. Depending on your operating system and version, finding how to change your syste
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April 2007: Zuko's April fool :iconbanishedprince:BanishedPrince 849 106 Best Prank Ever :iconpoptart36:poptart36 1,554 144 The Prank Pt 2 :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 913 48 How To Draw Turians :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 712 175 Miss Chief Mischief Maker :iconshadobabe:ShadOBabe 102 24 Her Favorite Prank :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 1,107 234 Amon, that prankster. :iconblindbandit5:blindbandit5 2,204 176 Funny Bones :iconevil-dec0y:Evil-DeC0Y 916 224 Big Bad Timber Wolf :iconfign01:FigN01 1,709 311
The Prank-Soldier X Reader
The Prank
Soldier X Reader
  It was a normal day at the Fort, which was alright on their free days. Instead of having to go steal Intel or die off in some dramatic fight, each team member set off to relax and spend some time to themselves.
 One such person was Soldier. He woke bright and early, but with less urgency like usual, using some time to straighten his room and throw on his ‘casual’ uniform. The nice thing to him, being a guy and all, was that he didn’t need to use a mirror, knowing all the while as he threw his hat on without a glance that he looked as spiffy as he did every day since he joined the team. If only he had looked….
  “Yo _____! I got the eggs ready.” Scout shouted, flipping an egg over his shoulder as you caught it on a plate with ease. As the new rookie for the team, a Specialist for different things, your duty was to make sure the breakfast production line went smoothly every morning. It was fun, working your
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Midna's Prank :iconnintendo-nut1:Nintendo-Nut1 962 220 Cutie-Prank Crusaders -- Pt.1 :iconparallaxmlp:ParallaxMLP 1,307 200 Gotcha :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,320 85 Cutie-Prank Crusaders -- Pt.3 :iconparallaxmlp:ParallaxMLP 1,217 509 Practical Joke :iconnaolito:Naolito 1,473 61 Reading 'Out Loud' Rainbow :iconsubjectnumber2394:SubjectNumber2394 1,381 246 Princess prank :iconsigurdhosenfeld:SigurdHosenfeld 5,981 915