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utah by JeremyPaillotin utah :iconjeremypaillotin:JeremyPaillotin 315 25 Toothless. My Night Fury Plush by Super3dcow Toothless. My Night Fury Plush :iconsuper3dcow:Super3dcow 504 196 In the sky by jubliantlaine In the sky :iconjubliantlaine:jubliantlaine 1,510 79 FIFTIES FUTURE by theartyst FIFTIES FUTURE :icontheartyst:theartyst 673 219 Zen Ball Master by CanisAlbus Zen Ball Master :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,173 47 Plains of Blue and Gold by tourofnature Plains of Blue and Gold :icontourofnature:tourofnature 229 36 Everybodies Beautiful by theartyst Everybodies Beautiful :icontheartyst:theartyst 1,419 463 Tattoo by larafairie Tattoo :iconlarafairie:larafairie 1,367 170 Powell, the Headmaster by EJ-Su Powell, the Headmaster :iconej-su:EJ-Su 128 24 Take it all in by PeterJCoskun Take it all in :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 427 114 Among the Cathedrals by tourofnature Among the Cathedrals :icontourofnature:tourofnature 247 17 Sand Eroded by AlexandreGuilbeault Sand Eroded :iconalexandreguilbeault:AlexandreGuilbeault 312 33 Devils pool by PeterJCoskun Devils pool :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 237 52 True Love Waits by DefaultFaith True Love Waits :icondefaultfaith:DefaultFaith 348 85 BATTLEBABE NUMBER ELEVEN by GeniusFetus BATTLEBABE NUMBER ELEVEN :icongeniusfetus:GeniusFetus 267 29 Envy's Eternity by prismadragonfly Envy's Eternity :iconprismadragonfly:prismadragonfly 548 131 Illuminated by PeterJCoskun Illuminated :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 173 29 Pirates Nemesis by PeterJCoskun Pirates Nemesis :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 155 24 Heart of the canyon by PeterJCoskun Heart of the canyon :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 125 18 Light a Candle for Jenny by Guzzardi Light a Candle for Jenny :iconguzzardi:Guzzardi 219 33 Meeting Another Night Fury by little-ampharos Meeting Another Night Fury :iconlittle-ampharos:little-ampharos 122 11 Sand Fall by DivineWinter Sand Fall :icondivinewinter:DivineWinter 137 40 TOYING AROUND by theartyst TOYING AROUND :icontheartyst:theartyst 300 149 AirCar X by JamesF63 AirCar X :iconjamesf63:JamesF63 67 15 The Goon FanArt by TmoeGee The Goon FanArt :icontmoegee:TmoeGee 264 32
Penny and The Spider
“Three. Two. One. DRINK!” Jana Glushakov squealed excitedly before she and her group of friends eagerly gulped back their multi-coloured shots of tequila. She downed it in one, then briefly stuck out her tongue to get rid of the aftertaste. “Whew, I always forget how strong they make them here,” Jana giggled.
   “Want another birthday girl?” her friend and housemate Harmony asked Jana after she finished her own shot. “It’s my turn to buy a round in.”
   Jana shook her head, “No let’s wait until the next bar. Besides I’ve got half a Long Island Ice Tea to finish.”
   Jana’s friends tried to persuade her otherwise, but the birthday girl, nineteen that very day, had made up her mind. The beautiful blonde haired girl of Russian origin was having too much fun to care what her fellow university students thought. She intended to last the whole night, and the City of London was to
:icongolavus:Golavus 39 24
The Goon- Fanart by lao-wa The Goon- Fanart :iconlao-wa:lao-wa 136 14 Greetings From Earth by RobCaswell Greetings From Earth :iconrobcaswell:RobCaswell 93 56 Rhythm of the canyon by PeterJCoskun Rhythm of the canyon :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 105 32 Transformers Animated Meme by Taleea Transformers Animated Meme :icontaleea:Taleea 152 126 Karla Powell - Broken Glass lip series by Ryo-Says-Meow Karla Powell - Broken Glass lip series :iconryo-says-meow:Ryo-Says-Meow 131 5 Equestria's First BEER by Ceehoff Equestria's First BEER :iconceehoff:Ceehoff 118 33 High Tide by nosredna1313 High Tide :iconnosredna1313:nosredna1313 136 2 From the bottom of the canyon by DivineWinter From the bottom of the canyon :icondivinewinter:DivineWinter 113 33 The Goon Colors by Zatransis The Goon Colors :iconzatransis:Zatransis 242 50 MUSCLE 4 SALE by theartyst MUSCLE 4 SALE :icontheartyst:theartyst 232 67 Brush Stroke Idea by Caen-N Brush Stroke Idea :iconcaen-n:Caen-N 80 24 Step Brothers by Claudia-R Step Brothers :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 85 75 bad mamma jamma by kayliesaurus-rex bad mamma jamma :iconkayliesaurus-rex:kayliesaurus-rex 228 36 Hells Beach by PeterJCoskun Hells Beach :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 105 17 Desert storm by PeterJCoskun Desert storm :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 103 17 Toothless'ForbiddenFriendship by masochisticlove Toothless'ForbiddenFriendship :iconmasochisticlove:masochisticlove 129 66 Aerostar 11 by JamesF63 Aerostar 11 :iconjamesf63:JamesF63 51 22 Rails to Salvation - Railway Poster by TheScotsmanReturns Rails to Salvation - Railway Poster :iconthescotsmanreturns:TheScotsmanReturns 88 14 Supermarine Swift by JamesF63 Supermarine Swift :iconjamesf63:JamesF63 47 10 AT-AT at Heart Mountain by xTeknoWolfx AT-AT at Heart Mountain :iconxteknowolfx:xTeknoWolfx 73 36