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How to REALLY become Popular
Is it really worth it chasing after that meaningless "page view" count? Or is page views a synonym for popularity? Sure, we all want more watchers, but how much more? If you type the word "popular" in the DA search engine you will get a long stream of deviations bashing popular artworks and artists. I mean hey! It's easy to say "My art is 10 times better then that crap on the front page!", and it's okay to say that funnily enough, because art is subjective.  But what's not okay to say is "I deserve to be more popular then them it's unfair!" the reason why they are more popular than you is because they know the "method".
Everybody's method is different find yours
What is this "method?" you must be thinking. The method is essentially their own way to gain awareness, sounds silly doesn't it? Most of the biggest artists on DA never asked to be popular; it just came to them naturally. Yet regardless, subconsciously they knew which deviations to upload would make a big hit.
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How to get noticed on deviantART
Hi there! 
People asked me several times when I've became 'popular' on this site and in which way. I must admit I smelled a bit of envy in their tones, but  the thing that troubled me more was that they didn't think that my work was worth all the pageviews I got over the years. 
Well, I wanted to explain this little thing right now... dA costed me a lot of work! It wasn't a 'BOOM! POPULAR!' thing at all for me.
I had to study other people's methods too and to work hard on improving my art, and it wasn't easy. At all!
So tonight I'm sharing with you some methods to get attention by dA community.
Don't take them as unquestionable laws, just take them for what they are... Hints. ;)
They worked for me but they may not work for you.
And now that you have a dA account...
What should you do?
Your first post should be a fi
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[Tutorial ] How to get points everyday ?
Hello Sweeties,
Are you okay ? Hope you're !
To be honest i wanted to do my first tutorial about little chibis for everyone, but... everyday i receive note or comments with:
Donate points !  or  Please take a com from me !   or  I need points please !
With of course, some bad or pitiful reason (or nothing) with this. But i've to say something, that people who really want points have to understand:
Points are like Money ! They were bought or gain ! You have to "work" for it ! 
There is no miracle, but i'll give you all the way i know to get points. To get points EVERYDAYS (i got 10-50/day) and how to try to win great price.
How to Get Points Everyday ?
:star: Dahub & Datrade :star:
:icondahub: & :icondatrade:
There're the place to be if you want points everyday ! Of course they wont come without doing nothing.
You just have to watch, fav, g
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I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I REFUSE Stamp :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 14,863 1,111
How to Become More Popular
Do you know the times when you put in a lot of effort and time into a deviation; however it does not get the attention that you think it deserves? This is a very common occurrence that deviants experience.  You would like it if people commented on your work, for example, like expressing their opinions and critiques. However you see that there are very few comments for your deviation. Do you wish that you could do something to make your user page more appealing for other deviants to have an incentive to view your art? This guide might be able to help you by informing you of some simple tips and techniques. And hopefully these tips and techniques can give deviants more of an incentive to view and comment on your art, and possibly watch you also.
1. Subscription
If you have some spare money it is recommendable to purchase the subscription service from DeviantArt. A subscription allows for a much larger freedom of activities for your user page. You can make fun polls, more
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Nobody Loves My Character!
On making characters lovable, in your story and online
Brought to you by Super Editor
Disclaimer: This is a troubleshooting guide, and it doesn't necessarily cover every possible solution. It's based on my own experience, and not every idea may fit every character or work. Please use your common sense and personal taste when applying this information. Thanks for reading!

It's every writer's nightmare: your characters, after all the things you've put them through and all the months or years they've inhabited your head, have been eagerly displayed to the public and received an unenthusiastic response. Your audience has not been enchanted. They do not drool, fall hopelessly in love, or draw fan art in droves. They don't even pick favorite characters or whine for more information! You've failed. Nobody understands your characters. Nobody understands you.
...Wait a second. Try again?
Deviants who regularly post OC stories and art are lucky: their relationship with their audien
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How to get more views on your Literature
How to get more views on your Literature
    This article is an exploration of a common question on DeviantART in the Literature community; "How do I get more views?" If you read all of this you win a pony.
    Lately there has been a lot of discussion around the site about ways to expand the literature community and the visibility of literature on the site. It has been noted that a lot of people believe that site changes by the DeviantART team will help them get more attention for their work. It has also been noted in the past that when new features are instigated (such as more html, better thumbnails and stash) that people often interpret whether or not they have a direct positive effect on their own views as a way of telling if the new feature is worthwhile or not.
    It has been suggested that the community and individuals therein should themselves take more responsibility for creating opportunities and maximising poten
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GAY CORN by AquaticFishy GAY CORN :iconaquaticfishy:AquaticFishy 1,242 511
Said the Peasant to the King
I find it quite displeasing,
all your self-righteous claims.
Darling, don't you know,
that they won't buy you fame?
So flaunt your lovely vocabulary,
knowing that we can't see
your large print Oxford Dictionary.
For the thesaurus behind your back,
can't make up for what you lack.
Lying is an art,
and you've proven yourself the best.
Sharing all you've learned,
when you didn't even pass the test.
I see nothing here to admire,
and the only titles you'll earn from me,
are fake, fraud, and liar.
And all those people that you rejected,
are hopeless victims of the venom you've injected.
So tell them that it's easy.
Continue with your childish teasing.
Yes, indeed,
        I find it quite displeasing.
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the catcher in the rye. by isilkrnfl the catcher in the rye. :iconisilkrnfl:isilkrnfl 50 23 Let your blood flow by KatyTwist Let your blood flow :iconkatytwist:KatyTwist 91 9
I'd rather Die...
You skip around this world peacefully
with your childish dreams and hopes,
innocent thoughts of trust, happiness and love
are filling your fragile heart...
You take a break to watch the world
A big mistake you'll always regret
All your friends and family are gone
You stand confused and lost all alone
There are dark shadows eyeing you
They observe your every move
They analyze your every action
They glimpse and they glare
They laugh and they stare
The devil takes you by the hand
Don't worry, we'll teach you how to live
How to be just like everybody else
It speaks to you in a tempting voice
You shiver and you tremble yet you nod your head in fear
You should've said no but you're far too naive
The Devil smiles with proud and satisfaction
before it leads you to your doom
We'll teach you how to wipe that childish grin off your face
and replace it with a fake smile that everyone buys
We'll erase the sparkle in your eyes
and fill them with tears that you hide
We'll trade your loyal
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High School Popularity Pyramid by FireFaeree High School Popularity Pyramid :iconfirefaeree:FireFaeree 52 197 How to get popular by Bienoo How to get popular :iconbienoo:Bienoo 941 290
About DA popularity contest
The author made some good points, and I saw it through tiggerfactory, My good pal here. I feel the original author's response is still more to the emotional side, so I will add to the backbone. The logic of the popular contest issue.
OK... So I understand that most people probably didn't get into the psychology of men, so they can feel unfair. (normal conception kids will have, actually.)
To be honest I feel regretful for the artists who simply couldn't get great attention (if not no attention at all) for their art, simply because their art is a bit harder to understand.
It doesn't mean they don't interact, or they don't post often, they do. But there's no way for them to beat the easier to understand, and the popular subjects.
Even if all art start out being "fair" sort of speak, every category will advance differently, every audience is different.
For example, if the majority on DA are teenagers and young adult
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Popularity TG (recap) by unit1138 Popularity TG (recap) :iconunit1138:unit1138 322 16 Popularity...a refreshing view by TanyaSimoneSimpson Popularity...a refreshing view :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 322 432 Popularity: Tjora vs. Neng by pallanoph Popularity: Tjora vs. Neng :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 315 156
10 Ways To Get Popular on dA
10. Be polite – You know that age-old concept that used to get you a lot of social standing with the right people? It got you friends, respect and admiration for being a fine artist or a person in general. No no no, not so much anymore. If anything this is surely the slowest way to get popular on this website.
9. Be a troll – People may hate you for it, but until dA staff can act you can get as many as 2000 pageviews or more if you're a good enough one. You even get watchers, which is quite amazing sometimes seeing as you're posting obscene images or gifs. You're even so popular that users comment on your profile! Popularity isn't all shades of green grass as you can see.
8. Be an art thief – This can work so much better than being a troll mainly because it lasts longer until you get rumbled. You can search the Internet for images of fanart no one knows much about and just post, post, post. Or alternatively you have the option of redrawing or 'modifying' people's deviati
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Love is everywhere || Izuki Shun
If you think that you have enough of hearing puns…
“I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way you feel about me” you turned around on your heels and tried to get away from the place you were currently in as fast as you could. It didn’t feel right to just leave that boy alone but you couldn’t do anything to help him. No, if you stayed with him in attempt to cheer him up, it would only worsen the situation. Hearing so many love confessions over one month taught how to behave, what to do and what you shouldn’t even think of doing.
Days begun to get warmer, insects and animals came to life. Flowers decorated empty grounds and green leaves appeared on the trees. People got nicer and towns started being more lively. Yes, spring begun, the most cheerful season of the year. You were seeing more and more happy couples around the school and on the streets. Everyone wanted to find their true and only love.
Of course you did too. At first.
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Why are comments important?
I've been a member of Deviant Art for 3 years and it always amused me what great lengths some people go to get comments on their work.  Communities sprung up that require its members to give comments to the other members; the forums are filled with "you comment on mine, I'll comment on yours" posts; I've even seen people do "write one comment, get 2 free" types of deals.
So why are comments so important? I'm overlooking the obvious fact that some artists seek constructive criticism on how to improve their technique and master the media in which they work in. I choose to overlook this fact for two basic reasons. First, Deviant Art is hardly the only art-related website on the internet there are dedicated websites and communities for all forms of art which engage in this kind of criticism and technique discussions. Second, the people who deal and scheme and complain about not receiving comments are usually not looking for comments to improve anything but are seeking comments
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