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Summertime Blues
    Bold black letters reading "TASTE TESTERS WANTED! Inquire Within" stood out sharply on the plain white paper filling the window.
    Aaron nudged Daniel and pointed at the sign. "How about that?"
    The boys had put off their search for a summer job too long, and no one was hiring anymore. Maybe this was the break they needed? "ZauberZucker Candy Co." Daniel read the company name on the door. "Huh. Worth a shot," he said with a shrug. He opened the door for Aaron and followed the taller boy inside.
    They were in luck. Not only was the place hiring, they paid $25 an hour — and they could start today. The boys didn't even bother asking what the job was.
    "...And if you just sign here... great!" The receptionist smiled and retrieved the papers. "You're all set! The flavor lab is right down the hall, they're expecting you."
    As the receptionist left, Daniel turned to Aaron and held up
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Going Out With a Bang
"Aw man, what do I do?" she asked herself nervously. She could already feel her stomach gurgling. If there was one thing she did not handle well it was social event's. She didn't like being around large group's of people. Or small group's of people. Heck even being with the few friend's she had gave her problem's sometime's. She ran a hand through her long blue-purple hair and placed a hand on her stomach. " Just need to calm down" she said, talking to herself. A habit she had picked up year's ago. " It's just a dinner with some friend's. And a few of their realtives...and their employeer's...and-Gahhh!". She gripped her head tightly before bracing herself against the dresser on the far wall of her room. Looking up she looked in the mirror. Her pale green eyes looked even paler. Her heart was beating faster then normal. The dinner's tomorrow...she thought to herself. What am I going to do? Her parent's where away for the week, leaving her in the house alone. But she could hear her fath
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Chelsea's Story
Chelsea went over to her closet to pick out what she would wear. She picked out a blue sweater, jeans, and a belt to wear on her waist. Chelsea went to her mirror to double check her appearance. She admitted that she looked great. Her literally deep red hair was in pigtails, which was how she liked it, her face showed zero blemishes, an her eyes were deep and pretty; however, if one saw them, they would notice how Chelsea had 2 different colored eyes; one blue, one green. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that was unique about Chelsea.
“Well then I think I’m ready.” Chelsea said to herself and heard a knock at the door. She opened it to find you on the other side of the door. “Well hello there.” Chelsea says to you as you enter her house. “I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been dying to show you this for so long!” You and Chelsea have been hanging out for quite a while now and now that she has gotten to know you so well, she decide
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Short Story Inflation
Heather got dressed in her pink sweater and blue jeans and went down to the library. She didn’t seem like the reading type, but when she arrived, she saw something that sparked her interest. The book Heather got was red with blue sparkly gems on the front. She checked it out and began to read on her way back home.
“Once there way this young beautiful girl who loved to read. She would read anything that had text in it or on it….Sounds like me.” Heather giggled silently to herself. “One day she found a strange book and began to read it. In it, there were these strange words: Expanda, growther, largea balloonea, expaflation, bursplosion…” Heather returned home as she continued to read into her room.
“Soon, the girl felt sleepy and fell asleep. Little did the girl know was that this book was magic and when she woke up…she had changed! The young girl was a round ball, like a balloon! Not only that, but she could feel that she was growing. The gir
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Big Burger Special
Big Burger Special
by Troubledevourer
            Sam had left the music festival about an hour ago and was barreling down the empty highway, going about 85.  The headlights of his car illuminated most of the dark but straight pavement before him, trees hugging both sides of the road tightly, stars twinkling just above the tallest branches.  He still had about an hour still before he got home, but time didn’t matter to him.  The electronic music festival that Sam had left behind was one of the most mind-blowing and fun adventures he had ever gone on, and he was so happy that he could spend his 22nd birthday there.  It took up a football field-sized clearing in the middle of the woods with five alternating stages hosting too many DJs to count, spanning a four day weekend.  It was a raver’s paradise,  even for an inexperienced, casual listener like Sam, and he had made many new friends
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Hide and Eat
“Sooooo boooooring...”, complained Bethany as she waved her chubby legs back and forth. “I wanna do somethinggggg...”
“Well shouldn't we wait for our daddies?”,Wendy said moving a strand of hair out of her face.
Bethany and Wendy had been brought to their father's job at a cake factory, but they soon found themselves alone in the lobby while their fathers went to take care of an inventory issue. They had never met until 10 minutes ago but Wendy got the vibe that Bethany was a brat, probably spoiled by her father due to him working at the cake factory. In the 10 minutes Bethany had only called Wendy names and complained about how boring and hungry she was. As Bethany complained, her midsection seemed to bounce as she talked, showing how utterly flabby it was.
Wendy on the other had always tried to be polite and curtious to strangers. She had greeted Bethany with kind gestures, but Bethany seemed not to take any notice of them and preferred to throw ba
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Popping Pills
    You come up to me and throw your arms round me and we kiss.
    "I've got something fun planned for us." You say, smiling, and open your hand to reveal two pale blue pills. They kinda look like jellybeans.
    "What are they?" I ask.
    "Something I know you've secretly wanted for a long time. Your flat little stomach doesn't fool me, I know what you're into."
    "Wait, what? No..." I stutter, but you just giggle and lean over to my ear.
    "I'm into it too." You whisper.
    "You mean, you like...?" I venture.
    "All I want is to be blown up like a big sexy balloon. The main reason I'd want to get pregnant is for the belly, but we don't need to do that because I've found something better. I wish you'd mentioned this before!"
    "Me too." I laugh, slightly nervously.
    "Well do
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 201 28
The star fell from the heavens, and as it did so it burned.
The heat and intensity that enveloped it as it burned its way through the atmosphere were indescribable, the fabric of it twisting and writhing as if alive under the strain of it, but still it came, ever onward.
It fell like a bomb, like a missile, like some terrible thing, for in truth, and no one could have known at the time, that was exactly what it was.
A woman Sat alone in a room full of monitors in a building far out in the heart of a desert. She watched it fall.
A woman watched inside a giant telescope atop a mountain, and she watched as it broke apart and released its contents.
Both of them felt The Pulse, though in the desert it was much more pronounced. They watched as screens burst into static, cabling sparked and melted, computers went haywire.
But the woman in the desert... It made her different.
Ichat burbled to itself as it connected. She'd had to grab an old iMac out of a storage cupboard as her main work
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Bubble Butts Part One
I woke up earlier than we had planned. Sophie was still asleep on the couch in my room. She slept on her side facing the back of the couch toward the wall and away from me. We had a full day planned so I decided to be as quiet as I could. I reached down to the side of the bed and grabbed my phone. I unplugged it and after a few minutes of browsing I set it aside. I felt frisky. I was also comfy. I looked back over at Sophie but saw nothing but her hair covering her face. I turned onto my left side and adjusted the blankets behind me. My hand felt something and after separating it from the blankets, I pulled it out and saw it was a balloon I had forgotten to put away. I felt around for another but couldn’t find any more. I rested my hand at my hip and my bottom got warm and tingly. Still frisky. I wonder if I can blow myself up a little without waking her…?
I placed the balloon in my mouth and was about to start blowing it up but stopped. Maybe I could get away with using my
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Paula's Gonna Pop
"what do you mean ratings are down?"
A sigh filtered through the receiver. "People are tired of your schtick, Paula. Let's face it, we're just making the same show over and over again."
"what do you mean?!" the peroxide blonde vision declared, a hand moving to sooth a soft gurgle from beneath her desk. "My public love me! I'm a born winner!"
"yes, I know, but once you've seen one episode of 'Paula's Gonna Pop!' you've pretty much seen 'em all. The format got tired three series ago, you just don't seem to be pushing yourself like you use to."
"Not pushing myself?!" Bright red lipstick forming a tightly drawn line of annoyance bordering on rage, "It's not my fault there's not an eating challenge I can't beat!"
"well, if you don't think of something, they're going to can the show. You've got one episode to turn things around, if not we're history."
Paula slammed down the phone and angrily stood, pacing back and forth on the luxurious thick pile white carpet of her office. Cancel her show?
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Tap The Keg
"you can just stop looking, you know I totally saw him first."
"Nuh uh."
"I totally did!"
"Stephanie, don't be such a twat."
"My names not Stephanie, it's Nightshade!" Stephanie pouted, her black lips scrunched as she stamped her foot, no mean feat in a pair of boots sporting a three inch sole and enough metalwork to make a battleship blush. Mean feet indeed.
"Whatever Stephanie." Janine shrugged before draining the last of her beer and setting the cup aside so as better to appraise the target.
He was tall, dark and handsome. It sounded quite cliche, until one stopped to consider just what level of extraordinary and rarified circumstance might arrive to produce someone with all three in such a fashion. His name was David, he was somewhat new in town, but he had caught the two of them's eyes across the party, though he was oblivious to such a fact.
"Besides, it doesn't matter who saw him first, once he looks my way, I'll have him." Janine purred.
"what makes you so sure?" Stephanie aske
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The Ritual

The ritual was complete.

The circle scrawled on the floor glowed and crackled with the barely suppressed force of unspeakable energies. Craven symbols of unholy power drifted slowly up from it, hanging in the air like a purple mist over the proceedings. Though her skin crawled to even approach it, Marissa knew that untold power lay within the circle, and she craved it for her own.

Marissa was an impressive sight, standing six foot tall, lithe and achingly beautiful, her heart shaped face twisted in a malicious grin, her long ebony hair swept up into a plait that reached right down to the small of her back. She entered the circle wearing little more than golden metal underwear, knowing what lay ahead of her.
A voice rang out klaxon like in the chamber.

"The new bearer of the Antrach enters the circle. Mark your choice."

The question was a simple one. To become the new bearer of the Antrach required a show of fealty to
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Mona stood before the massive black doors, wearing her white shorts and pink knit sweaters, and wondered why Marsha Mellons had invited her over for dinner.
Oh well, she thought, and pressed the door bell button.  The blonde, busting out all over a woman answered and welcomed her in.  She showed Mona to the dining room where there was a T-shaped 20' long table, the short end in the middle of which ended at the wall.  As Marsha seated her, a small door opened in the wall at the table and a conveyor  belt built into the table brought her a plate of food.
"Please excuse me," Marsha said, "I didn't quite allow myself enough time to get ready, please go ahead and start eating.  I'll only be a moment." She smiled and left, closing the doors behind her.  Mona waited a moment and then, picking up her fork, took a cautious bite.  Finding it delicious, she went on to finish the plate.  As she did finish, Mona discove
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May Bubble Inflate animation - update 1-26 :iconthiridian:Thiridian 414 30 sequence pool :iconmarkus2002:Markus2002 282 5
Fantastic Food Fight
"welcome to another addition of The Fantastic Food Fight with me, the host who can eat the most roast, Amanda Thorpe"
Amanda smoothed down her tucked in loose fitting billowy white shirt and smiled for the camera. Her brown eyes sparkled as she brushed an errant strand of long, straight brown hair out of her eyes, lighting up the camera and the television screens of her adoring public with her infectious grin.
"I'm here in Armahearn, Arizona, to meet one very special lady, Kelly Rivers, who invited me to come visit her restaurant with a challenge. Let's meet Kelly."
The image whips through a quick montage of shots of Amanda posing with ridiculous foodstuffs; here she is with a burger the diameter of a dinner plate, there a pizza that looks like a wagon wheel with pepperoni on it. The images end, and we see her stood next to another woman. This new arrival is a fair few inches shorter than Amanda's impressive five foot seven frame, but she sports a very impressive looking belly. Wearing
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Kelly's Belly
This is the story of a girl who grew
Her hair was blonde, her eyes were blue
Young and pretty, her name was Kelly
All she wanted was a big round belly
Her friend was smart, made her a pill
One to make her stomach fill
She let the pill slide down her throat
Then felt herself begin to bloat
Next her tummy rounded out
Her cheeks puffed up and made her pout
Her top was stretched, it was too small
to cover her belly, now a big round ball
You'd think she had too much to eat
She could no longer see her feet
She rubbed her belly, felt it grow
Wondered when she'd start to slow
But there was no end to her inflation
Although she quite liked this sensation
She grew to many times her size
And there was panic in her eyes
Her friend realised something was wrong
The pill she'd made was way too strong
As Kelly floated from the ground
Her belly made a creaking sound
Her friend said sorry she had to go
But Kelly was about to blow
Now alone she filled the room
Reached her limit and went kaboom
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 98 31
Closing Time
   "Hey, you." said a familiar voice as I entered the shop. I looked up to see Sophie smiling back at me.
   "Hey. Busy day?"
   "Ugh, no. It's been so dead in here, I considered closing up and going home. I mean, who would know?"
   "I would..." I said playfully. "I could get you fired!"
   "Yeah but then they'd replace me with someone else who probably wouldn't give you free stuff."
   "Well you've got me there."
   "So, what will it be?"
   "Well I'm pretty hungry but I don't have much money so I want as much as I can get for..." I noticed a sly smile start to spread across her face.
   "I might have something..." she said seductively. She walked over to the door and locked it before pulling the blinds down. "...but not for just anybody."
   I watched as she went back behind the counter and pulled out a small bottle containing two blue
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 155 20
The Princess And The Dragon (ends with a BOOM) :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 378 19