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10 Reasons To Buy Toilet Paper
1) To stuff my bra in hopes that you'll see me tonight
2) To dry the tears from my eyes when you don't
3) To blow my nose and try again tomorrow
4) To keep in my pocket just in case
5) To dab my lipstick before our date
6) To fix my mascara after you say you love me
7) To clean my glasses and see the truth on your collar
8) To wipe the crap off of your lips when you swear I'm the only one
9) To use every roll to cover your house in blankets of white
10) To replace the toilet paper I wasted on you
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Padded Pool Day
It was two months since Dan had gotten his packet of diapers. He wasn't going to forget how he was forced to use his diaper for the first time by the laxative he unexpectedly ate. Yet despite that he enjoyed using it, the warm squishy mess was strangely nice and enjoyable. Dan wasn't going to soil his back side again unless he was busy with something and home alone so his parents wouldn't be able to smell the diaper. He also wanted to do it out of no control meaning he would eat some food and a laxative.
"I wonder what Sarah's doing? I hope she'll be able to help me get some more diapers," Dan said to himself as he noticed his set of diapers was running out. Dan had hopes of keeping his set of diapers lasting longer than he intended but he found he enjoyed wearing them more than he first thought.
RIIIINNNG! RIIIINNNG! RIIIINNNG! Dan's phone started to go off, he looked at the caller ID but he didn't know the number. Taking a chance he picked it up, "Hello?"
"Hey Dan, its Sarah from the
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DragonBall FF: Saiyan Stomach Problems
It was another beautiful day over West City as they held one of their many annual martial arts tournaments. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as a hundred thousand people cheered in the stands of the three sided stadium. In the middle of the stadium was its perfect 4 sided ring. This year it sparkled in the midday sun thanks to the diamond rock it was made out of. You know, for those more… intense fights.
As the 6th fight of the day came to an end, the crowd roared as the winner held their arms up in victory. As soon as the medics evacuated the stage with the barely conscious fighter, a tall, well dressed, blond man who wore a pair of black sunglasses took the stage.
“WHAT A BATTLE!!!” The announcer yelled into his microphone. “THAT WAS EVEN MORE EXCITING THAN MY NEW GLASSES!!!”
No one really got where that little spice of humor was supposed to mean but since he was correct about his statement, everyone cheered and clapped to it anyway.
“NOW! Fo
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