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All Pokemon Elemental Types!!! :icongymjack:Gymjack 4,937 693 Dreamland :iconwojciechdziadosz:WojciechDziadosz 1,467 242 Dress Poll Winners :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 518 139 I failed. :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 4,047 853 IM SERIOUS O.o :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 1,129 564 Harvest Moon MM- Ray is a hobo :iconanimeshen:Animeshen 681 209 friendship bracelets :iconciara-cable:ciara-cable 119 53 APH: Germany's Darling :iconcadaska:Cadaska 1,339 250 Armored Superiority :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 604 201
Good day for a swim.
“Coma on lets go!” Said a boy in blue swim trucks another boy comes out. Wearing a green one. “ok ok Shadow. I am coming.” he said and walked with him out of the house that was owned by the Boy in the green trunks.  “I will drive Dustin. I know where to go.” said Shadow as he got in the car and Dustin got in the passenger seat. Dustin sat there as Shadow  pulled out the drive way and  drove a mile to the school’s pool. They got out and walked to it. “Well here we are.” said Shadow. “Whoa! I didn’t know it was this big!” “Well it is where the girls practice there swimming at.” Shadow said and took his shirt off and dived in. Dustin w as about to do the same, but felt something. “Oh I be right back Dude. Got to use the bathroom.” he said and ran off. Shadow laughed. “Well I got this to myself for a while.” he said and started to swim to the other side of the pool. As he
:icondustomega:Dustomega 41 19
APH: Patriotism :iconcadaska:Cadaska 1,208 386 APH: Didn't want to know that :iconcadaska:Cadaska 892 236 Birth of a flame :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 117 12 Derpy Shaming :iconpridark:pridark 1,034 104 Heart stood still when we first met :iconelectric-lady:electric-lady 198 33 tattoo :iconlizardlars:lizardlars 1,056 47 i want my money back :iconhinoneko:HinoNeko 1,049 222 Stalker :iconrunandwine:runandwine 208 21 Mock-Up for Suggested Poll Revamp :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 316 243 PWotM 1: Jet the Hawk :iconchibiemialvi:ChibiEmiAlvi 437 105 Black and mint :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 246 113 Digging Through The Dust :iconcrgphotography:CRGPhotography 219 13 C'mon! It'll be fine! :iconrunandwine:runandwine 332 44 (+NSFW) RIAS GREMORY! (Free To Use) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 514 67 Danbo's First Strip Club :iconbryphotography:BryPhotography 130 17 Leanne Sequence :iconaka-fa:Aka-FA 827 10 Lovely Lucy :iconrocky-ace:Rocky-Ace 763 60 Ten points for Slytherin - dA points donation poll :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 1,030 73 Lygia finds you :iconmike973:mike973 238 9 Guardians of the Totem :iconyoni-danziger:Yoni-Danziger 195 126 ::Chibi Menma:: :icondankee--e:DANKEE--E 385 46 Twilight Imp Princess :iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule:Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule 403 158 Poll 2 :iconask-shadowlink:Ask-ShadowLink 167 123 POLL - please, read the description. :iconzakraart:ZakraArt 300 30 PWotM: Espio the Chameleon :iconchibiemialvi:ChibiEmiAlvi 376 84 Heaven on Earth :iconcrgphotography:CRGPhotography 202 24 Team Magma FTW :iconforlork:Forlork 331 33 Wang Yuanji - Wallpaper :icondynastywarriors7:DynastyWarriors7 162 4 FREE DA UserScript Brows Fast :iconmixedmilkchocolate:MixedMilkChOcOlate 182 142 Nature's Songs of Joy :iconcrgphotography:CRGPhotography 196 15 it's time :iconeiniv:einiv 673 66 Ragdoll 4 :icondickstarr:DickStarr 110 39 +CotT Saria+ :iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule:Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule 209 116 Spitter's anguish :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 480 280
Carrotia no5: Violaceous Half
"I don't know how many guards are still alive," Shilee's voice rung through the spacious hallway. "So you better keep your gun ready." He peeked around the edge of the wall, searching the irregularily illuminated corridor.  "Think it's all safe here, though."
"That's comforting," Poll muttered, her left arm still clinging around Tinn's body. He was still awake, but only barely; every once in a while, he'd attempt to faint again. His sighs and moans were occasionally punctuated with half-sentences regarding Primari acoustics and the modern carrot. She made a quick mental note to look into aversion therapy as soon as possible. "Now will you stop ranting?"
"What, you don't like to listen to me speak? I'm truly hurt, Pollin." The grin in his voice was audible. She clenched her teeth. Aversion therapy. With a mace. "It's been five years, yeah, but that's no need to treat me like I'm no longer your buddy. Remember that stint we pulled on your Lieutenant that once? Man
:iconbakenius:Bakenius 24 13
The best MLP villain :iconalfa995:alfa995 350 358 Goku and his Power Pole :iconeggmanrules:eggmanrules 213 23 TRIXIE'S MASTER PLAN :icontim-kangaroo:Tim-Kangaroo 486 254 Breast Size Comparison :iconsapphirefoxx:SapphireFoxx 139 100