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Trump Voters Welome to watch me...
So are Obama and Hillary Voters. This is an ALL friend zone here so long as you are all respectful as I know my friends are. We can agree to disagree, and I think just becauae you support or vote one way, I can't see myself ever kicking you out of my friendlist. Talk about about alienating and turning a person who could be very good reason, to actually BECOME EITHER A LEFT OR RIGHT Prejudice. That will not happen on my watch.
I voted for Trump. If that bothers you that you need to move on please do no hard feelings. If I am watching you and you want me to stop let me know ina PM and I will. That way I know no one will come and bash you for the request.
But KNOWING my friends so well, I DO not believe ANY will ask me to unfriend them.
If anyone wants to know WHY i choose Trump you can ask in PM. That way we dont have mountains of outsiders blasting or interrupting our conversation.
The reason I am doing this is because too many people here on DA are telling Trump voter to stop watching
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A Bird to Believe In
Shortly after the barrier is broken, Asriel manages to get a soul again and escapes the Underground. Now finding himself on the surface, he meets a new friend who helps show him where to go. A parody and spoof of a political campaign.
Asriel stuck his head out of the opening. The sun shone down on him through the branches of the trees. He had not seen sunlight in a very long time. He shielded his eyes and looked around at the landscape. Several trees surrounded the opening. He was in the middle of a forest.
So familiar, and yet so different. He couldn't imagine what all must have changed since last time.
He pulled himself out, brushing some dirt out of his fur. It felt wonderful to have a soul again. He stopped for a moment to take in the fresh air. The sun was warm and pleasant against his fur. The birds chirped, and the tree leaves rustled as the wind blew through them.
He had to find Frisk.
It was such a long journey. It shouldn't have been possible. Still, he made it this far. But
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