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Handcuffed (Cop!Levi x Reader) AU
    Were they starring? They were starring.
    You shifted your hand over the fleshy bruise encompassing your left eye. It was so embarrassing to even be here. You could handle yourself, you didn't need any damn police officer giving you fake sympathy.
    The entirety of the bullpen seemed to be giving you the eye. Hardened criminals were handcuffed to benches, waiting for lawyers to arrive. Witnesses and bail bondsmen chatted with the officers at desks. And here you were, a young woman stranded on a cushy chair, looking like you had been in a bar brawl.
    You ignored the curious looks and concentrated on the desk facing you. Not much to look at there. In fact, almost nothing. It was completely spotless, save a manilla folder positioned dead center. A singular black pen was positioned parallel to the document. If you had a ruler on you, which would be incredibly odd or coincidental, you would find everything spaced by exac
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Handcuffs - Officer!EnglandxReader
You sighed as you banged your head against your desk. You had so much school work to do, and then there was your after-school job… the amount of work that was assigned to you was ridiculous. You tried to focus on your work, but your thoughts kept getting interfered by the boy you crushed on, Arthur. Arthur Kirkland.
How badly you wanted to tell him how you felt. Each time you saw him, thought about him, or even heard his sweet, English-accented voice, your heart skipped a beat. You sighed dreamily and closed your eyes, smiling as you fantasized. You snapped out of your dreams when you heard a siren going. You jumped up and ran to look out the window.
A police car was parked right outside your house. "What on Earth… what did I do wrong?" you muttered as you walked outside. You gasped at who came out of the car. "A-Arthur?!" you stammered. "Hello, ____," England greeted, smiling. Though his smile seemed a bit… devilish, if someone asked you… You crossed you arms, a pu
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Roles for Women: Police Officer
This story contains male to female transgender and race change.  It is part of Roles for Women month.
Connor was in prison, serving a 20 year sentence for a Hit and run.  He was speeding through the city, when he hit a father and his son.  They lived but he sped away, not wanting to deal with the consequences of his action, but someone saw his license plate, and called the police, where he was arrested, and later tried.
It was his first day in prison, and he was not happy.  “It’s not my fault that they got in the way, they should have watched,” he said to himself.  He wanted nothing more than to get out and not have to  waste 20 years of his life.
That was when the door to his cell opened, he had no idea how or why, but he was ready to escape.  He just needed to escape now.  
He sneaked around the prison, making sure not to get caught by any guards, u
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Mr. Five
I checked my watch as I strolled down the halls of the Midvane Asylum. My supervising officer hadn't told me what I was walking into, unfortunately for me. A male nurse met me at the building office. His scrubs were smeared with what I assume was saliva, and his glasses were uneven on his face. He had no hair on his head, but there was a black soul patch staring at me from his chin.
"Are you here about Mr. Five?" the nurse scrawled across a clipboard as he spoke.
"Mr. Five?"
"Yes, the patient that we called about. You were told what the situation was, weren't you?"
The nurse sighed and nodded towards the door of the office and walked out. I followed him down the hall, struggling to keep his pace. He never looked up from his clipboard on our trip through the Asylum halls, even when he had to step around gurneys and patients. I kept the brim of my hat tipped forward throughout the walk. Something about the way crazy people stare, it unsettles me. The nurse tilted his head back towa
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Neon City | The Future Cop 2 :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 247 19
England(Arthur) X Pregnant school girl reader
England (Arthur Kirkland)x pregnant school girl reader (okay i re-did it but i notice it puts in some weird code so  if you read it and it comes across please comment or note me! thanks)
"Oh god not again!" you run to the bath room again throwing up for the third time this morning, your mom getting concerned once agian "sweetie maybe you should stay home today" for sure you should stay home but as the stubborn girl you were you pricked back up "I'm okay mom see?" you show a smile on your face "I'm totally fine!" your mom just rolled her eyes "just hurry up you're going to be late for school" you get your back pack on and run out the door "see yha mom!"
It was a nice sunny morning better than what it had been lately. You enter the doors of the school and you see a blonde guy with messy hair and bushy eyebrows "IGGY!" you shout to your boyfriend, he looks to you and smiles "hi love" you two both hug " you're a bit late today" "so.. sorry I didn't set my alarm" you didn't want t
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