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Mega Kingdra by Phatmon Mega Kingdra :iconphatmon:Phatmon 320 25 The biggest Kyogre plush you've ever seen by MagnaStorm The biggest Kyogre plush you've ever seen :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 2,901 348 Delta Stream Emerald Break by Pixelated-Takkun Delta Stream Emerald Break :iconpixelated-takkun:Pixelated-Takkun 755 49 Let's eat something by Winick-Lim Let's eat something :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 376 69 Plants vs Zombies by sapphireluna Plants vs Zombies :iconsapphireluna:sapphireluna 934 153 Art Trade- Landwalker by pettyartist Art Trade- Landwalker :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 219 49 Sapphire Pokemon by Dropchocolate Sapphire Pokemon :icondropchocolate:Dropchocolate 177 51 Team Magma FTW by Forlork Team Magma FTW :iconforlork:Forlork 338 33 Zigzagoon by Zareidy Zigzagoon :iconzareidy:Zareidy 203 52 Mega Swalot by Phatmon Mega Swalot :iconphatmon:Phatmon 90 9 May/Haruka by Daikirikun May/Haruka :icondaikirikun:Daikirikun 465 14 FranticShipping: Declaration by Jeshika-Haruno FranticShipping: Declaration :iconjeshika-haruno:Jeshika-Haruno 339 114 Aggron Steel Tail by RhythmAx Aggron Steel Tail :iconrhythmax:RhythmAx 381 25 Hoenn Overworld Map by Jay21310 Hoenn Overworld Map :iconjay21310:Jay21310 167 37 Landwalker's Nuzlocke- part 30 by land-walker Landwalker's Nuzlocke- part 30 :iconland-walker:land-walker 332 137 Mega Rayquaza by Noboru-ru Mega Rayquaza :iconnoboru-ru:Noboru-ru 412 29 Mega Sableye by AlouNea Mega Sableye :iconalounea:AlouNea 420 41 Wild N Appeared by tremblinglight Wild N Appeared :icontremblinglight:tremblinglight 155 66 Team Magma Admin Courtney by ApexxWolf Team Magma Admin Courtney :iconapexxwolf:ApexxWolf 195 9 [pkmn] Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by Edo--sama [pkmn] Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire :iconedo--sama:Edo--sama 254 27 Mega Marowak by Phatmon Mega Marowak :iconphatmon:Phatmon 368 29 The Desert Spirit by Bedupolker The Desert Spirit :iconbedupolker:Bedupolker 103 4 Steven Stone by reddii Steven Stone :iconreddii:reddii 404 14 Alpha Kyogre by Marxhog Alpha Kyogre :iconmarxhog:Marxhog 235 74 Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 20 by land-walker Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 20 :iconland-walker:land-walker 153 66
Evolution (Trade)
   “Welcome to Goodwill, may I help you with anything?”
   “Uh, yeah; where do you guys keep old game cartridges?”               
   “Ah, those; I think they are in a cabinet in aisle five.”
   “Thanks, ma’am.”              
   I politely wave to the cashier as I head over to where she pointed out.  Though I don’t usually come to any thrift shops for a specific purpose, today I’m on a mission: Buy an original cartridge of Pokémon Sapphire.         
   You see, my love of Pokémon started up over ten years ago, around the time I got a Game Boy Advance.  I always watched the show, and when I heard that a new Po
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 113 18
Landwalker's Nuzlocke- part 29 by land-walker Landwalker's Nuzlocke- part 29 :iconland-walker:land-walker 182 67 Pokemon - Duskull by oddsocket Pokemon - Duskull :iconoddsocket:oddsocket 264 23 Franticshipping by Kazuyo49 Franticshipping :iconkazuyo49:Kazuyo49 326 12 Pokemon - Haruka / May / Aura by Viper3n3n3 Pokemon - Haruka / May / Aura :iconviper3n3n3:Viper3n3n3 94 6 Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by Mizutsuneh Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire :iconmizutsuneh:Mizutsuneh 98 3 Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 21 by land-walker Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 21 :iconland-walker:land-walker 139 38 Hoenn's Triumphant Return by Bedupolker Hoenn's Triumphant Return :iconbedupolker:Bedupolker 184 30 Archie by In-The-Machine Archie :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 395 90 Snorunt Splat by SteveKdA Snorunt Splat :iconstevekda:SteveKdA 193 46 Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 18 by land-walker Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 18 :iconland-walker:land-walker 135 30 PokeSpe: girls and my OC by Jeshika-Haruno PokeSpe: girls and my OC :iconjeshika-haruno:Jeshika-Haruno 360 125 This is so embarrassing ... by kuatakeru This is so embarrassing ... :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 387 40 #281. Kirlia by TheAdorableOshawott #281. Kirlia :icontheadorableoshawott:TheAdorableOshawott 50 7
Glitched Out
Treeko TF
Requested by RocketSkarmry
Daniel pushed the blue Pokemon Sapphire cartridge into his Gameboy Advance. He watched the intro and selected "New Game". He went through the "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokemon!" scene quickly and had his character climb out of the moving truck, set his clock, and meet up with May. He went north of Littleroot to find the professor being attacked by a wild Poochyena. He opened the nearby bag and pulled out the Pokeball containing the Pokemon Mudkip. After easily defeating the opponent, he set out to battle May and her Treeko. But once it looked like he had won, the screen glitched out.
"What the f***?"
The music distorted with the graphics, and both eventually faded to static. Then it all cleared up, but it all looked different. He was back in the overworld, but it was a huge forest rather than a short path, and the player character had been replaced by a Treeko. The music had switched to the haunting Lavender Town theme. Daniel had no idea h
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 31 22
Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 19 by land-walker Landwalker's nuzlocke-part 19 :iconland-walker:land-walker 134 32 Primal Kyogre by Marxhog Primal Kyogre :iconmarxhog:Marxhog 61 8 Golem Trio by bluedemon00 Golem Trio :iconbluedemon00:bluedemon00 80 26 Kyogre's Lair by Bedupolker Kyogre's Lair :iconbedupolker:Bedupolker 156 17 Landwalker's Nuzlocke - title by land-walker Landwalker's Nuzlocke - title :iconland-walker:land-walker 89 18 Pokemon cover page by nerugirlvocloaid91 Pokemon cover page :iconnerugirlvocloaid91:nerugirlvocloaid91 77 16 And Ocean Calls Thee by Sai-shou And Ocean Calls Thee :iconsai-shou:Sai-shou 49 6 Pokemon RSE by Natx-chan Pokemon RSE :iconnatx-chan:Natx-chan 93 28 May/Aura - Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald by ilovetheanime May/Aura - Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald :iconilovetheanime:ilovetheanime 130 13 Deep and more deep by nyanlynne Deep and more deep :iconnyanlynne:nyanlynne 41 4