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Pokemon Go: Team Instinct :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 1,364 591 Pokemon Go: Team Mystic :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 895 117 Pokemon Go: Team Valor :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 841 174 Pokemon Go Trainer cosplay :iconadami-langley:adami-langley 173 8 Pokemon go Female trainer second gen :iconlogancure:logancure 417 24 Pokemon Go Trainer cosplay :iconadami-langley:adami-langley 144 7 Pokemon Go Trainer cosplay :iconadami-langley:adami-langley 166 10 Team VALOR inspired Skeleton Key Necklace :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 108 0 Pokemon Go Trainer cosplay :iconadami-langley:adami-langley 139 5 Team INSTINCT inspired Skeleton Key Necklace :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 160 3 Candela :iconliyart:liyart 392 3 pokemon go and xy team :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 290 71 Team MYSTIC inspired Skeleton Key Necklace :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 125 1 Candela :iconnamkoart:Namkoart 144 11 Team HARMONY inspired Skeleton Key Necklace :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 104 4 Eeveelution Skeleton Key Necklaces :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 114 3
Pokemon Go Group TF TG MC (Request)
Alex, Lisa, Kate, and Joey are all huge fans of Pokémon. When they heard that the very first Pokémon mobile game came out, they downloaded the game onto their phones and met each other at a mall. However, it wasn't what they expected. "I was expecting a real Pokémon game like the ones on the 3DS, not one where you waste cell phone data finding and catching things that don't exist," said Joey. "We never played this game either, but we'll all get used to it," said Alex.
They were on the Team Selection screen. "Team Mystic sounds like a cool name for a team," said Alex as he selected Team Mystic. "That's odd, my thumbs are starting to hurt." "Have you been texting too much again?" asked Kate. "I haven't been texting a lot after that incident," said Alex.
Alex's hair turned white and grew to his back while it was now held up in a ponytail. His shirt and pants turned navy blue while Alex's jacket turned light blue and white. His privates had vanished and his shoes became ligh
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 12 4
Pokemon GO: Team Valor [+Speedpaint] :iconyuuike:yuuike 507 29 The Flame of Valor :iconpayoki:Payoki 81 3 The Dream Teams :iconsangled:Sangled 157 4 Pokemon Go- Three Birds :iconvanikachan:vanikachan 114 3 POKEMON GO Team Inspired Keys :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 49 0 Pokemon GO Team Leaders :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 84 10 Team Leader of Go :iconarsonicartz:ARSONicARTZ 67 16 Team Valor - Realistic Take :iconcweinmanart:cweinmanart 41 3 Team Valor Candela :icondarkness1999th:Darkness1999th 155 2 Pokemon Go :iconrika-chuuu:Rika-Chuuu 65 8 Pokemon Go Teams :iconraposavyk:raposavyk 64 7 Candela PokemonGo :iconrhinokin:Rhinokin 58 9 Team Mystic :iconrhinokin:Rhinokin 52 11 Pokemon - Spellbound :iconzachsanomaiy:ZachsAnomaIy 99 15 UnderoGO (Flash Game) :iconxuooot:xuooot 30 145 The King of Memes and his trusty jolteon, Donglord :iconking-dweeb:king-dweeb 53 4 Pokmon GO! Team Leaders :iconbeatrice-prior:beatrice-prior 32 4 Team Pokemon GO :iconchocorutt:Chocorutt 35 6 Team leaders as players :iconyoruwish:YoruWish 150 11 Dab it Out :iconcharizartluver:Charizartluver 153 7 Pokemon Go. Leader Team Valor -- Candela :iconfreppechoco:Freppechoco 22 1 Let's GO! :iconcaptainmoony:CaptainMoony 35 1 Pokemon GO for Gameboy :iconthekindartist:TheKindArtist 64 21 Pokemon Go :icondartty:Dartty 36 4 VALOR :iconlucyanori:LucyAnori 33 7 Complete Keyveelutions- Skeleton Key Necklaces :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 28 1 Pokemon Go :iconstray-life:stray-life 79 7 Pokemon Go :icontaffydesu:TaffyDesu 90 10 Which Team? :iconmikomikisomi:MikomiKisomi 104 6 Leader Pokemon Go :iconfreppechoco:Freppechoco 24 0 PokemonGO- Candela and Blanche :iconjessiphia:Jessiphia 44 8 LVL 24 :iconinkimonster:InkiMonster 25 10 Speedpaint :iconrhinokin:Rhinokin 49 13