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Pokemon Go: Team Instinct :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 1,364 591 Pokemon go Female trainer second gen :iconlogancure:logancure 417 24 Pokemon Go Comic - Spark Awakens :iconyuuike:yuuike 560 106 Pokemon Go Teams :iconnarumynatsue:NarumyNatsue 208 5
Pokemon Go Group TF TG MC (Request)
Alex, Lisa, Kate, and Joey are all huge fans of Pokémon. When they heard that the very first Pokémon mobile game came out, they downloaded the game onto their phones and met each other at a mall. However, it wasn't what they expected. "I was expecting a real Pokémon game like the ones on the 3DS, not one where you waste cell phone data finding and catching things that don't exist," said Joey. "We never played this game either, but we'll all get used to it," said Alex.
They were on the Team Selection screen. "Team Mystic sounds like a cool name for a team," said Alex as he selected Team Mystic. "That's odd, my thumbs are starting to hurt." "Have you been texting too much again?" asked Kate. "I haven't been texting a lot after that incident," said Alex.
Alex's hair turned white and grew to his back while it was now held up in a ponytail. His shirt and pants turned navy blue while Alex's jacket turned light blue and white. His privates had vanished and his shoes became ligh
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 12 4
Genderbent Pokemon GO :iconshayepurr:ShaYepurr 135 18 Spark - Team Instinct :iconnarumynatsue:NarumyNatsue 89 0 Surge And Spark :iconhielorei:hielorei 96 11 Red Blue Yellow Assembled! :iconshinryushou:ShinRyuShou 85 9 Team Leader of Go :iconarsonicartz:ARSONicARTZ 67 16 Pokemon GO - here come dat boi :iconakkame:akkame 41 5 POKEMON GO - Spark with a Pokemon egg :iconmaphin:Maphin 42 5 Spark The Child :iconyanstarprior250:YanstarPrior250 52 23 Denmark x Spark :3 :iconmiyajiyukki:MiyajiYukki 100 13 Pokmon GO! Team Leaders :iconbeatrice-prior:beatrice-prior 32 4 Team Pokemon GO :iconchocorutt:Chocorutt 35 6 Team leaders as players :iconyoruwish:YoruWish 150 11 MMD: Pokemon GO team leaders DL :iconteal-eri:Teal-Eri 64 16 Team Instinct :iconjosephinekazuki:josephinekazuki 25 1 Dab it Out :iconcharizartluver:Charizartluver 153 7 Let's GO! :iconcaptainmoony:CaptainMoony 35 1 Pokemon GO for Gameboy :iconthekindartist:TheKindArtist 64 21 Pokemon Go - Spark XPS DL :iconsovietmentality:SovietMentality 39 22 [Blanche + Spark FUSION] NEON APATITE :iconseikiei:Seikiei 51 0 Pokemon GO- Spark :iconluckygirl88:luckygirl88 22 14 Small Team Instinct Comic :iconsmabbles:Smabbles 35 8 LOOK AT MY DAB // Spark and 707 ::Commission:: :iconblushingbats:blushingbats 46 33 Pokemon Go Leader of Team Instinct in Hijab versio :iconridjam:RIDJAM 17 2 Spark :iconsabriei:SabrieI 20 7 Team Instinct : Spark (Pokemon Go) :iconbarbyluna:BarbyLuna 42 6 Spark x Blanche :icondersedragon:DerseDragon 38 12 POKEMON GO :: Spark :iconxmelonhippo:xmelonhippo 28 1 Spark :iconbaka-kiiro:baka-kiiro 56 4 Spark :iconaki5:aki5 49 12 Switch around meme : Pokemon Team Leaders :iconcorelle-vairel:Corelle-Vairel 31 2 It Looks Like You Might Be One of Us - Pokemon :iconaixaah:Aixaah 20 8 Spark :iconnunchifox:NunchiFox 26 61 sparks :iconckaitlyn:CKaitlyn 48 4 Pokemon Go Spark :icontheartofchoken:TheArtofChoKen 55 8 Almighty egg overlord :iconkimbap-chan:kimbap-chan 33 5 -Trainers- :icontama-lynn:tama-lynn 26 8
He's My Dork: SparkXReader (1/?)
“Wow! They look so good mama!” the little girl beamed as she watched her mother take out the puffs from the oven. Witnessing PokePuffs come out fresh from the oven was one of the simple privileges of being a baker’s daughter that (y/n) enjoyed to the fullest. She loved watching her mother make new creations, especially since she was usually the one to taste-test them.
“I’m so glad you think so (y/n)!” her mother said smiling, placing the pastries on a small rack to cool, “I’ve put my homemade jams into this batch, I thought it would be nice to have puffs with a more fruity taste to it.”
(y/n)’s eyes sparkled at the idea, “Oh! Can I have one now!?”
“Patience, they’re still very hot, you don’t want to burn your tongue now, do you?”
“No I don’t,” (y/n) said with a pout.
“Then be a good girl and wait.” Mother and daughter watched the puffs cool down together, and wh
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 31 14
Hatching Eggs :iconfightmeinthedesert:Fightmeinthedesert 19 0 Pokemon Go: Spark :iconkxela:Kxela 19 3 Triple Team Go :iconyoruwish:YoruWish 16 0 Team Leader Spark :iconnessiemccormick:NessieMcCormick 20 11