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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 2,146 197
.tell me a lie_
she said, "Lie to me"
     he said, "I love you"
:iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 961 54
you called me last night
a poem on the edges of your lips
something you wanted to press against me
like an imprint.
it was a poem
about a monster
and a small girl screaming for help
but no-one knew
whether she was calling
on the behalf
or because of
the monster.
you said, softly and solemnly
that you'd never considered
so many possibilities.
i laughed and said i believed in all three
isn't that a contradiction, you asked,
and i just held the phone
wanting to scream out a no
but not daring.
the next day my parents sit me down
at the dinner table
to discuss my future.
do i want to be a mathematician
or a poet?
they leave the question hanging
like a loose thread on a slashed silk duppatta,
or a scarlet parasol
caught between the branches of an oak tree
choose, they say
what will you pursue
or literature?
i stare at the floor
wanting to scream out both
but not daring.
i'm surprised
when it rains through summer
i want to call the weather forecast man
:icona-girl-named-divine:a-girl-named-divine 153 67
Sam the poet by Tsuki-Nekota Sam the poet :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,645 170 Greed by MissTsukii Greed :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 246 56
an apology to anyone who'll listen
   It begins with a wish
and ends with a sigh.
I am in love with boys who
don't exist and girls who I sometimes
pretend are myself. Spineless,
spiteful, and one hundred percent
   I'm becoming undone.
When I was
younger I thought it
was a sin if
your parents didn't
love each other. Now I
know that it's
just the way this world works.
    And hell,
I need you right now;
    to tell me that
    gaining four pounds in
    three days is typical
    to tell me that
    living in a dream every
    second is perfectly okay
    to tell me that
    I'm normal, that I'm
    still sane, that I'm not
    going to close my
    eyes one day and never
    open them again.
Don't look at me.
   Please, just
 don't look
at me.
  I can't remember
    the last time I
       had no regrets.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 348 158
Turtle Tots React - Bedtime stories by Myrling Turtle Tots React - Bedtime stories :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,148 407 I Have No One by HanyouInny I Have No One :iconhanyouinny:HanyouInny 2,143 421
Pact of Blood
You've tried to put on a smile for so long,
but I can see the strains that wear you away.
Sometimes, you feel as though you hardly belong,
and your soul simply trudges through the day.
But fear not my darling, for you are no longer alone...
I am in every breath you take;
every whisper and murmur that your heart makes.
And through your offering, we both are made whole.
I am yours, as you are mine.
Let the blood that seals our pact always remind:
That if you must suffer, so too shall I.
If you must bleed, so too will I.
But after the torment of life is shed;
It will be atop of the graves of our enemies that we make our bed...
So sleep for now and dream of better things,
For with the dawn of the morrow, our conquest begins.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 18 0
Birdcage Template 6 by sd-stock Birdcage Template 6 :iconsd-stock:sd-stock 997 110
toxicology // anthology
"you can't hear your heart pumping,
you can only hear the doors closing."

nightshade and hemlock
they had opened a window to the storm.
it rained the day she
stepped foot inside a clearing,
vertigo and photophobia
the portrait of twilight sleep.
solana, there goes the next.
she turned at the sound. looked
all around, at nothing but
found nothing but earth and the
roots against her skin
                                  and then
the belladonna singing in her sweet, venom voice—
    blind as a bat, red as a beet,
    hot as a hare, dry as a bone

she scrambled to her feet.
    mad as a hatter, bloated as a toad
impossible, impossible;
she fell to her knees.
    and the heart runs alone
through rime-coated double vision
were her own
crooked fingers reaching for dark dusty berries
imprisoned behind the serrated lea
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 31 13
Sin and Tonic by monstroooo Sin and Tonic :iconmonstroooo:monstroooo 117 25 100 Writing Prompts Challenge by Sunshockk 100 Writing Prompts Challenge :iconsunshockk:Sunshockk 589 185
Shut my eyes, I see screens
Close my ears, I hear screams
Always nightmares, no more dreams
The beat of the drum, they all sound like sirens
My feet pound the floor, my halt breaks the silence
Why am I running? There's nothing but distance
At least that's what I think 'til I hear the voices
23 storms of silence and choices
Can't see through the chaos to find where the noise is
It's all I can think of, it draws all my focus
Gotta let go of the pain, let go of the past
See death on the horizon but it's coming too fast
So focused on mirrors that the space is too vast
Can't tell the difference between opinions and facts
Every time I break through I feel more like a failure
Can't take all the blame, gotta save some for later
Who is this girl and why do we hate her?
She is just me and she's too full of anger
Maybe that's all that holds her together
attracted to shards because at least they glitter
Fragile little doll forever trapped in the mirror
Please, oh, please just let her shatter
:iconbunnlette:Bunnlette 19 18
A Poetic Tribute to Derpy: Inspiration

Outlook unique
Source of laughter
Summited the peak
Hero ever after
Silken mane
Sun's silhouette
Life's vane
Gait, a pirouette
Joy bringer
Bubbly flair
Muffin giver
Community's creation
Birthed from adversity
Seeking salvation
Personal clarity
A spark
Verily, a barque
Wings unfurled
Abilities shining
Courage of the world
Continuously striving
Indomitable pegasus
Daughters' guardian, mentor
Mind focus
Happiness' donor
Mother's responsibility
A choice
Paragon's ability
Her voice
Hooves outstretched
Fan and producer
Rarely matched
Synergy inducer
Eyes drifting,
Never more graceful
Never more unwavering
Never more inspired
Always beautiful.
:iconlight-of-dusk:Light-of-Dusk 490 100
Girl, Fifteen, To A Lover She'll Never Meet
Thursday nights are silver screened.
At nine, it's time once again to air
the prelude to a dream.
I wait, eyes square, for the immaculate
contours of your face to appear:
the features of a lover I'll never meet.
It seems strange to say
(a kind of admission of defeat),
but to be honest I'm OK
with the pause, rewind, replay
that makes up our relationship.
You have to admit,
knowing I'd never flip
channels or walk out when
you're in a scene
is a devotion, of sorts.
I expect nothing in return.
I know you know nothing of me.
But I can't help but love you;
your close-ups, your scripted smile,
the way you lean towards the screen
of your plastic box and speak
only and always to me.
How could I not - a lonely girl,
curled on the sofa - have eyes
only for you? Think of it
(as I do) as a healthy obsession.
Because it's true, I'll say it,
I think you're perfection.
But don't worry: I'm OK with only
watching from afar, only dreaming
of a touch or a kiss. It's enough
for me just to see you on screen
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 271 50
Butterfly Effect by CamKitty2 Butterfly Effect :iconcamkitty2:CamKitty2 1,087 57
Punctuating Poetry Part One
Some people believe poetry shouldn't be punctuated and others are still taught to put a comma after every new line. So where is the balance? What does one - especially one new or growing in poetry - do? Well, that's simple: a poet must punctuate with purpose!
In order to punctuate with purpose, however, a poet must understand two things: what she wants to achieve with the poem and what a piece of punctuation can achieve in a poem. This means a poet must understand more than the common rules of punctuation; she must know the effect that certain punctuation points can have on a reader or in a text.
This overview tackles punctuation in poetry from a practical standpoint, but it's important to note that while there are "rules" for punctuation, and while there are even some "rules" for poetry, there are no set-in-stone conventional rules for punctuation in poetry.  There are schools of thought, and linguistic philosophy runs amuck, but there is nothing definit
:iconlamonaca:LaMonaca 212 56
boys who love their grandmothers
never fall in love with a boy who loves his grandmother.
he will be too gentle with your lips,
too sincere when he whispers blessings into your ears
pleading that he doesn't deserve you.
his tongue will not slither between your teeth.
instead, the heat of his mouth will melt your scar tissue
until there is no trace of your travels.
never fall in love with a boy who loves his grandmother.
he knows patience.
you will try to convince him
that it is one of the many virtues
you don't yet possess,
but he will dig through the flesh in your ribcage
until he finds it lodged beneath everything
you're too scared to confess.
he will teach you forgiveness, remind you that you are not a mistake.
he will wipe the trails of tears that always seem to decorate your cheeks
and replace them with rose petals, saying that he chose the color red
to match the passion he knows flows through your veins.
never fall in love with a boy who loves his grandmother.
he will trace the freckles on your skin
into constel
:iconlearningtobefree:learningtobefree 1,592 767
The Tree of the Dead by MeanHouseArt The Tree of the Dead :iconmeanhouseart:MeanHouseArt 5,634 158 writer's block. by patronus4000 writer's block. :iconpatronus4000:patronus4000 4,961 739
but then i remembered: my heart is a trickster.
it is really too bad that anxiety finds me when my eyes catch you, on nights when the storm in my belly is calmest; i told her to wait for me in the back of my mind, but she mistook you for the next block.
i want to die and be reborn as the press of a flower against your wrist, or maybe the sweet sun, kicking its shadowy feet while sitting on your doe-lashes. i think i find peace with the coral and the stingrays, floating inches above the sea floor and losing myself in kelp strands - kelp may indeed be the color of my eyes in my dreams (i'll never know because my mind, it doesn't dream in color);
or maybe i find serenity in the tremble of your voice as you speak to me in my loneliest nightmares.
i wish you knew that you still have a seat in the ruling chambers of my shattered heart.
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 135 43
Dreamspace Reloaded 36 by DenisOlivier Dreamspace Reloaded 36 :icondenisolivier:DenisOlivier 1,274 193 iris by neo-innov iris :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 6,269 551
I remember thinking:
"I'm too young to be this hurt.."...
Every now and then I open up a bit
and I let the light in.
And every time I get burned.
I wasn't born a cruel person...
But your obsession with me and your empowers me.
I like it too much,
it's like my own personal high.
All miseries catch up eventually.
I don't know how to explain this to you,
but I'm not in love,
I just love the attention.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 38 15
Remember the Angel?
Remember the angel that wiped your tears and made you brightly smile?
You always told her to let you be; you were always in denial.
Remember the angel that sang you to sleep and played with your hair?
You never cared to have her near you, though that smile was still there
Remember the angel that waited for you, the one who waited countless hours?
You never seemed to even notice, I guess that was your power
Remember the angel that saved your life, risking also her own?
You ran away and left her there, you left her there alone
Remember the angel that fell from heaven, only to be with you?
You marked her with your sin and made her feel brand new
Remember the angel with crystal eyes and long white hair let down?
You see how she feels alone; do you see that awful frown?
Remember the angel, please remember her now, can't you feel her love?
All of that was only for you , sent from above
Remember the angel, don't you remember the angel,
:iconsasurealian:Sasurealian 2,586 570
The Babadook
If it's in a word
or if it's in a book,
you can't get rid
of the Babadook.
Only when the sun goes down
it appears, wearing a hat on top,
tall as a house, darker than a crow,
pale face, long arms, mighty claws.
It will try to scare you first
so you can see it
now and then
slowly crawling up your bed.
When you feel its presence near,
even if you cover your face with your sheets,
you'll be able to hear
its voice, whispering your name in your ear.
"Let me in", it will then shout,
and you must not open your mouth
or it will haunt your soul
using your own demons and ghosts.
The more you deny its existence
the stronger it will get.
It will make you an offer
you cannot reject.
It will fool you with tricks,
it will laugh and howl loads.
It will make you feel sick,
it will twist all of your thoughts.
But you must remain still,
keep your mouth tied up,
so you can use your will
to defeat it at last.
Once it comes to you again,
your inner voice you must not restrain.
:iconelukia:Elukia 112 38
The Wind by mel-face The Wind :iconmel-face:mel-face 2,606 428
I Need Feminism
I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.
I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.
I need feminism because
I believe in equality.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 3,420 5,245
Between Heartbeats
We hold in our kiss what you once called the beauty of a fading dream,
The light to what seems to be a way of desperation,
Or perhaps just one to break down my seams.
Your touch calls upon my skin waves upon waves of trembling need,
Leaving me in fear of your breath-taking little smiles,
A chance to lose my mind to this consolation of love in between.
But I'm the one who has been preaching the lack of beauty in a fading dream,
Lighting the light in making our own unfading dreams,
And to perhaps hoping to fall in love somewhere in between.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 101 104
I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.
I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger
I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you
I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is
I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew
I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you
I am gay.
And I wont change.
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.
I am gay.
And that's okay.
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 10,106 7,484

Ticci-Toby, Ticci-Toby,
Twisted thoughts in mind.
With your father's hatchets,
A bloody trail you leave behind.
You are Slender's proxy,
For certain that's no joke.
And the voices in your head say,
To kill all random folk.
Your father may he rot in hell,
For leaving your sister to die,
Who whenever that you think of,
makes you want to cry.
But as you wrestle with your sanity
With your bloody, bandaged hands,
The law will search for you
Through all the wooded lands.
As well as through the cities
And hills and valleys too.
But you know that they
Will never get a hold of you.
For you're one of Slender's proxies
You can go from there to here,
In the blink of an eye
To cause them mortal fear…
:iconshadowkitten12:shadowkitten12 263 35
Empty Vanity by eclipsy Empty Vanity :iconeclipsy:eclipsy 1,372 228
Pacific Eyes
Once upon a time you were my everything.
Now, every time I look at you all I see
is a wild heart and a man that only
brings disappointment.
I won't be sacrificed by a soul
made of lies and chocolate eyes.
You kept coming and leaving,
so I mastered the art of letting you go.
I'm just a girl with pacific eyes,
a silver tongue and a wandering mind.
Sorry, but you'll have to find
another heart to break.
Because this pulsing thing in my chest,
hidden behind my ribs beats for me alone,
not for a man who tells me that I'm
beautiful while he rips out
pieces of my soul.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 26 18
The Impenetrable Wall
There is something I want to say,
:iconmagneticecho:magneticecho 74 29
Lets Get Exquisite: The Results!
Gah, my laptop has been choking and winding me up with poor connection issues, if anyone awesome out there knows how to fix stupid laptops please drop me a line!
Personal gripes aside, guess what-     

Lets see shall we?
Team Burpee
This doesn't mean what you do after drinking too much fizz!
In my pocket was a lie
that burned a hole and clattered down
the artery of a pyromaniac's racing heart
Bleeds cataclysmic tears of her face in the flames
to pool at her feet, where crystaline lilies would grow.
Shivering frail flowers, so shall my inked words flow
Translucent petals, syllables in the moon's cool glow
A taste of eclipse on the skin of a mouthless dream
Like marmalade too high for two small hands
Sluggish and sticky sweet, those lost summer days.
Melted memories tell tales of what was and could have been
Love, life - happiness! All a g
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 38 20
Coeur de pirate by neo-innov Coeur de pirate :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 904 64 Wolverine by neo-innov Wolverine :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 960 45 Acacia by neo-innov Acacia :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 927 75
Reign in Blood
I have seen the fears that scar you so deeply,
the blood that boils inside these constricted veins.
I see the hatred that burns so brightly,
and the anguished soul amongst the remains.
I can taste of your insecurities
and I know they wound you like the sharpest of blades.
They are the fuel for the worst of your nightmares
and through the terror, humanity fades.
So sleep and dream deeply,
as you are fed from agony's cup.
For soon the Mad King will march again,
And he will need a scion to reign in blood...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 17 0
Y by neo-innov Y :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 969 148
Sick isn't something
You can see.
When I'm standing there -
Sweaty palms
Heart racing
Fists bracing -
Absolutely terrified
For 'no reason at all',
I hope it makes you
Feel big and tall,
To tell me I'm being stupid.
When I can't talk to someone -
Because my throat is dry,
And I feel sick,
Like I can't
Catch my breath,
Like I'm going to cry
Like I'm hurtling
Towards death -
Don't tell me to
'Get over myself'.
When I'm crying -
Can't breathe,
And my knees
Go weak
And I'm too scared
To speak
And every heart
Makes me jump -
How can you tell me
I need to 'grow up'?
When I can't get on a bus -
Because so many people,
So many eyes,
And my mind is force-feeding
Me so many lies -
Don't tell me I 'think I'm better
Than everyone else'.
I'm trying my hardest.
Really, I am.
Would you tell someone with a broken leg
To just get up and walk?
Would you tell someone with no tongue
To open their mouth and talk?
Would you tell a wingless angel
To fly?
So tell me why -
When it is
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 2,190 683
Umbrella Girl by septian93 Umbrella Girl :iconseptian93:septian93 684 391 Seeing Undertail be like: by PoemsAndSuch Seeing Undertail be like: :iconpoemsandsuch:PoemsAndSuch 205 67 Cold love by eclipsy Cold love :iconeclipsy:eclipsy 1,454 191
It is 9 in the afternoon
& I have forgotten
how to write in poetics-
tongue kissed & gaping like
a siren missing from her sea.
I have been coughing up black
for days.  Unable to clean the taste
from my mouth, these broken
typewriter keys sewn into my
fingertips scream something fierce.
They ache with longing
to tell of a story
that left them
for a better high
years ago
a story that never deserved
to make a home under the skin,
to crawl breech through an
unsuspecting womb.
-& out through the wrists
of young girls much too ripe
to fall from their beds.
I am so damn tired
of looking over railings
& wondering what
it would feel like
to fall.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 228 42
When I'm Home Alone by Demachic When I'm Home Alone :icondemachic:Demachic 4,902 556
1. artemis ascends
she strings her bones tightly when the wild hunt comes,
constellations of wolfteeth staccato against her skin.
midnight beckons until she can be still no longer; she runs,
leaps skywards, misty feet skimming smoke and threads of
stormcloud, arrow-arcing up and up until the horizon breaks
beneath her with a clap of thunder and above the aurora is
blooming. celestial goddess-not-girl perched on the rim of
heaven, the music of the spheres calls the planets to
orbit and she waxes timeless amid stars and satellites,
dancing a saturnalia with venus, whirling to the immortal
moonspun madness of the universe and tonight
all the world below breathes alive to her song.
:iconkittify:Kittify 69 40