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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 1,900 178
you're never hopeless
you tell me you feel hopeless
as you talk with tired eyes-
the sky drips with black pen ink
poured on crystal cosmic lights
your eyes become black vacuums-
your words turn to somber sighs,
and I ask you: on the darkest of nights,
have you ever seen a starless sky?
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 163 35
VLC - Slim Beam - Black Skin :iconkryptonsyt:KryptonSyt 643 108 Turtle Tots React - Bedtime stories :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,070 395
An Undertale Poem
Once upon a time there was
A war between two factions.
Two races that were different
In appearance and actions.
Humans were the stronger.
The monsters fate was tragic.
Sealed away underground with
The strongest of magic.
The war was lost
To human history.
But monsters never forgot
The source of their misery.
Atop Mt. Ebott,
A human did stray.
A place where others did
Vanish, so they would say
The child was there,
Perhaps for more than just fun.
But as they stumbled down a hole,
That's where this story's begun.
The rest of this tale,
Is now up to you.
To be cruel or be kind?
A hard choice it's true.
Whatever your choice, from
The beginning to end,
Above all else,
Stay determined.
:iconsprings-and-things:Springs-and-things 269 81
long-distance lovers
the sun and the moon-
the most dedicated
of lovers
for they soon
must depart,
before kissing
each other
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 63 26
I Am Resolved
I thought I was your knight
on the day I offered my sword and shield.
I thought I was your defender
but in the end, it was not how you'd feel...
Over time you came to look at me,
in the same way as the Demon King.
You saw a terror in how I fought for you
and truly that does sting...
But if I must make amends,
then you may have my sword as an offering.
And I'll let you behead me with it,
To prove my promise, without a hint of faltering:
'Because even if you see me otherwise. I promised I would be your shield
and I would never do anything to hurt you, so thus I yield--my life, unto you...'
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 19 8
Sam the poet :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,584 160
Love Vs. Lust
There's a quiet disorder in your eyes
and a gentle tremor on your lips tonight.
Your beating heart is black and blue
and there's rose gold in the vanilla skies.
Another lover lost in the night,
another affair of love vs. lust.
Tears sinking in cold cherry brandy wine,
this jaded soul keeps crossing the line.
Living the promiscuous life, it feels so good,
but in this world you're just branded - misunderstood.
She doesn't know how to love, to bare her soul to someone
when everyone always leaves while she falls apart..undone.
Maybe one day, she will love again,
but until then she'll be a little bit romantically insane.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 35 16
red red roses
i am not a goddess
nor do i
believe i wish to
be one.
i think
i'd rather be a half-forgotten
fairy tale
or a girl with opium
eyes and a
glass tongue;
an angel
who doesn't believe in
god, an
angel who
kisses demons with lips
that whisper poetry as artificial
as the mannequins in a
department store.
i want wings:
appendages stitched from
dying butterflies
and the feathers you
can find on
the ground - dirty,
ripped, but still
and i would soar
higher and higher
until i
couldn't breathe
and buy up
all the stars.
if i am being
i fall in love with
dragon girls
and wolf boys
much like the way a candle
melts; fast, hot, and dripping
wax down the side.
for now
i just want to fit
between these ugly bones
and the too-tight skin
that stretches across them.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 316 59
The Tree of the Dead :iconmeanhouseart:MeanHouseArt 5,647 157 Vintage Script Brush Sampler :iconasunder:asunder 512 52 The Daily Magnet #365!!!!! :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 229 115
i can't promise you anything.
i made a mistake
when i told you that i could love you
forever. i know now that the only thing
i can know for certain is that nothing
will ever be certain again. we could
wake up tomorrow and feel something
completely different. we could wake up
tomorrow and be completely different.
that's the exciting part. it's also the
part that makes it hard to even fall asleep
in the first place.
my heart attacks
my every whim and everyday is this whirlwind
of terror and elation and i don't even know
where to end or begin or if this makes sense
anymore, but the one thing i've come to realize
is the worst kind of lie will always be the
ones you don't even know you're telling. so
i'd say i'm sorry, but i'd like to think you
already know. it's nothing worth repeating.
nothing ever is.
when i'm tired
i tend to miss you in an overwhelming sort of  
way just because i'm not strong enough to fight
these feelings full time. i'm more of a halfway
girl, but there are a few things i fully understan
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 251 57
Between Heartbeats
We hold in our kiss what you once called the beauty of a fading dream,
The light to what seems to be a way of desperation,
Or perhaps just one to break down my seams.
Your touch calls upon my skin waves upon waves of trembling need,
Leaving me in fear of your breath-taking little smiles,
A chance to lose my mind to this consolation of love in between.
But I'm the one who has been preaching the lack of beauty in a fading dream,
Lighting the light in making our own unfading dreams,
And to perhaps hoping to fall in love somewhere in between.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 101 104
absent resolve
i cradle my hope
with both hands,
as if holding it close
will give it the warmth
to stay alive.
when you come near
it flares and rustles,
begging to take flight;
yet i am both caress
and cage.
we have confused our signals,
mixed our drinks and
never together.
closure looms ominous
but i would rather forget
than be caught in this
luminous void of
perhaps -
i am weak
and perhaps
you are blind,
we, silent,
are nothing
perhaps we could be
if only we spoke.
you have unknowingly
twisted yourself
in helical fundamentals
about my identity,
shaped me in
absence and
the embers of
a chance.
i wish i knew
when to release
this frail hope.
we're both drunk
and you're shaking,
caught in a moment
neither here nor now.
entwined fingers
bring you back to
the present, and i linger
but you are eager to eclipse
this vulnerability,
so you run.
i'm too afraid to ask,
but at least the question's
we're both cowards.
:iconlissomer:Lissomer 57 20
I'm Struggling to Hold Back
There is another soul inside of me
and I often try my hardest to keep it suppressed.
Because the things that it would do to you
might leave you a beautiful mess...
He'd start by wrapping a leash around your throat;
A metal one to show your status as a pet.
And he would make you beg at his feet and toes;
simply to watch the fabric getting wet.
And when he is ready, he would make you his,
though this time he wouldn't make the same mistake.
He'd control you in the way that you desire,
because you were always his to break
And that my dear, is how you often remind me of what I really am...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 22 9
She Talks With Monsters
This girl never had a fear of monsters.
She allowed them to rest on the insides of her eyelids,
the crook of her neck, the empty spaces of her chest cavity.
She had no fear, there were much scarier things in this world
than darkness, clawing at her back.  Living for the night
she etched her dreams upon the bars of her cage
whispering of centuries past because she truly missed the sun,
grass on her back. Frosty Decembers have her forgetting
what it feels like to love, but she knows who she is—
she doesn't need the taste of cigarette ash
suffocating her inside her own flesh.
November skies tore open this night,
ripping a hole in her bedsheets.
It is in those dark spaces between
bone marrow and heartbeats that she finds herself-
tattered and breathless, whispering dark secrets
into a strangers ears.  Her origami limbs folding
like patterned paper only to reach desperately
for the sun kissed frills of Apollo's robes.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 1,146 324
Sick isn't something
You can see.
When I'm standing there -
Sweaty palms
Heart racing
Fists bracing -
Absolutely terrified
For 'no reason at all',
I hope it makes you
Feel big and tall,
To tell me I'm being stupid.
When I can't talk to someone -
Because my throat is dry,
And I feel sick,
Like I can't
Catch my breath,
Like I'm going to cry
Like I'm hurtling
Towards death -
Don't tell me to
'Get over myself'.
When I'm crying -
Can't breathe,
And my knees
Go weak
And I'm too scared
To speak
And every heart
Makes me jump -
How can you tell me
I need to 'grow up'?
When I can't get on a bus -
Because so many people,
So many eyes,
And my mind is force-feeding
Me so many lies -
Don't tell me I 'think I'm better
Than everyone else'.
I'm trying my hardest.
Really, I am.
Would you tell someone with a broken leg
To just get up and walk?
Would you tell someone with no tongue
To open their mouth and talk?
Would you tell a wingless angel
To fly?
So tell me why -
When it is
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 2,174 679
an apology to anyone who'll listen
   It begins with a wish
and ends with a sigh.
I am in love with boys who
don't exist and girls who I sometimes
pretend are myself. Spineless,
spiteful, and one hundred percent
   I'm becoming undone.
When I was
younger I thought it
was a sin if
your parents didn't
love each other. Now I
know that it's
just the way this world works.
    And hell,
I need you right now;
    to tell me that
    gaining four pounds in
    three days is typical
    to tell me that
    living in a dream every
    second is perfectly okay
    to tell me that
    I'm normal, that I'm
    still sane, that I'm not
    going to close my
    eyes one day and never
    open them again.
Don't look at me.
   Please, just
 don't look
at me.
  I can't remember
    the last time I
       had no regrets.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 337 156
How to pretend that you are a writer.
Act like you're not
okay when you are and
that you are when you're
not. Run barefoot in
the snow. Stand out
in the rain for an hour
and think about anything
and everything you can.
Fall in love with
riddles and things that
aren't real and the
way some stars
shine. Cry when
you realize that life is
just one big sham and write
one hundred cliché poems
about it, and then write one
that you actually mean.
Use profanity. Be the
one fucking introvert
in a room full of
extroverts and scream
shit just for the fun of
it. Swallow every goddamn
metaphor you ever dreamed
of and write them down
with your own blood.
Eulogize your own
misery. Put a crown on
it and let it rule your
heart for six years before
you throw a coup d'etat
but just end up with
your head in a basket.
Ask yourself why
you feel so
empty and when
you forgot how to
laugh and where you
last left your smile and
who you even really are
anymore. Mean every word.
Don't cry at funerals. Cry
yourself to sleep every
other night for
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 408 122
Punctuating Poetry Part One
Some people believe poetry shouldn't be punctuated and others are still taught to put a comma after every new line. So where is the balance? What does one - especially one new or growing in poetry - do? Well, that's simple: a poet must punctuate with purpose!
In order to punctuate with purpose, however, a poet must understand two things: what she wants to achieve with the poem and what a piece of punctuation can achieve in a poem. This means a poet must understand more than the common rules of punctuation; she must know the effect that certain punctuation points can have on a reader or in a text.
This overview tackles punctuation in poetry from a practical standpoint, but it's important to note that while there are "rules" for punctuation, and while there are even some "rules" for poetry, there are no set-in-stone conventional rules for punctuation in poetry.  There are schools of thought, and linguistic philosophy runs amuck, but there is nothing definit
:iconlamonaca:LaMonaca 211 55
Butterfly Effect :iconcamkitty2:CamKitty2 1,087 57
A Pokemon Love Story
Torchics are red,
Mudkips are blue.
This is the love story
of a lonely young Xatu.
All day he sat alone,
wishing things would change.
He constantly felt binded
by his imaginary chains.
Xatu thought of a plan:
call up all of his friends.
Invite them to a party,
hoping his problems would end.
He called them all up,
and now he must wait.
In order to succeed,
his party must be great!
The guests all arrived,
and all right on time.
They then got to see
the great Mr. Mime.
Juggling Poke Balls,
the crowd loved his tricks.
Next up on the stage
was the fiery Vulpix.
She spewed fire all around;
what a masterful art!
But little did she know,
she'd captured Xatu's heart.
He stopped and he stared
at the beautiful fox.
But then suddenly appeared
an old and wise Solrock.
"If it's Vulpix's heart
you wish to obtain,
you must understand
that it'll all be in vain."
"What do you mean?
Is there anything that I can do?"
"Yes, you must seek out
the Legendary Pokémon, Mew."
"You've got to be kidding!"
the X
:iconmarriland:Marriland 304 125
Birdcage Template 6 :iconsd-stock:sd-stock 997 110
I Need Feminism
I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.
I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.
I need feminism because
I believe in equality.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 3,441 5,223
I Still Can't Hate You
You left me hollow
but I'm still with you in the end.
You might have coated me in twisted colours
but the organ inside my chest refuses to bend.
And so I sit here a captive,
with ropes of emotion binding me.
And despite how far we've fallen;
By your side is where I'd like to be.
So please feel free to make fun of me,
continue to torture me all you like.
I'll keep on smiling like the fool I am
with my empty head resting upon a broken spike.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 24 7
Dear Future Self,
Dear Future Me,
I bet you weren't expecting a letter from your past self, were you?
Well, you probably were, considering we're the same person and
you'd have to know I was writing you a letter since you wrote it in the
past so I guess you know already what's in this letter, right? Do I even
need to write it? If I don't write it… will that set off a chain of events
that lead to the you who won't read this being someone completely different!?
I've watched 'Back to the Future' far too many times.
Well, I'm going to write it. I guess I can't offer you infinite insight
about your future since I'm writing forward as opposed to back, and I
don't know what the future is going to be like, but I want to reiterate
a couple of things for you that might be weathered by time.
Alrighty, for starters:
a) Zombies will always be awesome. Forever and always. Don't lose your love for the genre, buddy.
b) There's always time. When it comes to projects, the less of it you have, t
:icondemachic:Demachic 2,356 229
he works rhythmically
over the still girl on the table.
the surgeon’s incisions are steady,
as scalpel hews flesh from hip to hip
and near-tender, his hands and wrists
were it not for all the blood –
she wakes in fluorescence from
to the flutter of a phantom limb,
some precious unnamed thing
shorn from her
and discarded.
the amputation is final.
she often counts backwards
from ten, awaiting anesthesia
that does not come.
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 75 11
When I'm Home Alone :icondemachic:Demachic 4,918 556
I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.
I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger
I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you
I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is
I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew
I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you
I am gay.
And I wont change.
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.
I am gay.
And that's okay.
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 10,003 7,394
Cold Breath :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 1,050 15 Poetry In Motion :iconmsch:Msch 2,201 485 Happiness is just like Paint :icondemachic:Demachic 1,344 103
I cross my arms and take a sigh
I wish these hours would go by
One two three and then a pop
Oh my god, no, please stop
You look at me and give a smile
This is never going to be worth while
I hold my hand out for the gum
You shake your head and stick out your tongue
Three two one and then a pop
Listen now, you better stop!
I move one over from my seat
You move one closer right by me
You blow a bubble, I roll my eyes
You won't do it if you're wise
Took one quick second and another pop
I yelled out this has to stop!
I reached for the gum inside your mouth
You pull away and start to pout
Pop pop pop, ugh, not again
Give me the gum and let me win!
I nurse my temples on my head
And know my face is becoming red
My lips meet your's and then my tongue
I will get it, I'll find that gum!
My tongue takes wonder inside your mouth
I find the candy and my heart shouts
I start to chew what was your's
You glare at me down to my core
Then, I swallow, the gum is now gone
You knew this was coming all alon
:iconsasurealian:Sasurealian 220 168
Dear Poetry,
You will find out that I am not a strong person. Dragons do not make a home beneath my skin to hoard their treasured princesses.  I am not that lucky. For I have misplaced collarbones just as quickly as I’ve misplaced hearts, a pulse still rhythmic against my fingertips. I am a monster of words, devouring Cummings and Plath with no ounce of self control left in my body.  I promised myself this weight would not fall for the sharp edges of stars ground into your knuckles.  But, write air into my lungs, poetry.  Give this wild thing a reason to learn the definition of tamed.
Write me a poem, and I will promise to fall in love with you, slowly and then…all at once.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 444 129
what does it feel like to be sober at a party?
sometimes you want to spit out your teeth
because you’ve been grinding them so hard
under a diaphanous coating of crimson lipstick;
but you know the floors already freckled with confetti-
aluminum and glass and paper-
and the eburnean pearls tucked away in your mouth
are not able to be recycled
and sometimes it’s rivulets on the back of your neck,
droplets dripping like honey,
because the rooms heating up from people swarming like bees;
as your cheeks burgeon like crimson roses
your oversized sweater becomes your only source of safety-
maybe from the constant touch of others,
as they bump around like lost passengers at a train station,
or maybe protection from those seeking pollination
you see mouths painted
with the liquid limerence, the daunting dalliance,
of any boy or girl with a tongue;
as their veins pump with effervescent liquid,
and their hearts turn to corks and bottle caps,
you can’t help but wonder what it’s like
to dance with something other
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 46 19
The Future- by Neil Hilborn (Spoken Word)
The worst thing about being naked and then being hit by a car is that road rash is a problem for skin.  
Why was I naked in the middle of the road at noon? I'm glad you asked, imaginary other half of this conversation! I have no idea. Some characteristics of bipolar disorder include dissociation, hallucinations, and fugue states, so sometimes, I wake up in places I didn't go to sleep.
Has this ever been a problem? My, you are inquisitive, imaginary conversation partner! And also a bad listener. See aforementioned attempt to befriend a windshield.
So there I am, nude, rolling on the hood of a car screaming about the government conspiracy to take away my feet. Not my real feet, just my brain feet.
I'm about six inches from the concrete when I realize, in slow motion: like the exact opposite of a bank robbery, this... is not how I imagined my life would turn out.
When I was young, I broke both of my ankles because I was sure a cape would enable me to fly. My parents attributed this t
:iconmisscoffeedrinker:MissCoffeeDrinker 18 1
It's not hatred, it's incredulity.
when i was ten years old my
teacher asked the class,
"if you were god, what would
you change?"
and i remember
biting my lip so hard
that it bled. carefully,
i wrote about
how i would teach
kids from an early age on how to
love yourself and no one
else and that there is no such thing as
an almighty power that will pity
you and answer your desperate prayers
at three a.m. because you're the only one
who has that kind of control.
when i handed it in she just looked
at me like i was the
monsters under
her child's bed. the next day i
was sitting in her office wondering
why it was so wrong to
talk about what's in your heart at a catholic
school when that's what the priest tells
you to do at every sunday mass and
the teacher asked me
another question, "do you
hate god?" and i
wanted to scream "yes, yes!" because
how can a god let the world
slip through their fingers like this one has?
but instead i answered,
"no. i just don't think there is one."
and sat in the chair,
staring at the cross on t
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 487 196
The Grammar Gangsters
Beware the grammar gangsters!
The mafia of the literary underworld.
They saunter into stanzas,
Weapons concealed
Under their trench coats
Or in violin cases.
They can make you talk,
"With just a few well-placed speech marks,"
Leave you shouting! Where you should have whispered!
And pulp your bold statements into quavering questions?
They can, pepper, your, phrases with, commas,
Or bring your piece to a dead.
They'll trap you (between brackets)
As you - dash - to the exit.
Then: punch a blunted colon
Into the gut of your text
Or worse;
Force-feed you a poisonous semicolon,
Then hack/slash your work to shreds.
The grammar gangsters
Never leave survivors.
Readers discover the victims
In the back alleys of the library,
Left unfinished,
In a tommy-gun ellipsis...
:iconcyberphantom:CyberPhantom 683 506
Ever wanna be Anywhere but Here? :icondemachic:Demachic 1,322 174
A Storm Cloud is Coming
There's a storm cloud coming.
I can feel the thunder blasting through my body.
It's the same fear and anxiety I had,
before you told me I'd be alright.
And that is why I now stand beside you,
with a wide umbrella held in my hands
and I'm going to be waiting on the road right next to you,
until you find the strength to stand up once again.
Because I know there is a storm cloud coming,
but I promise you'll be alright.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 18 4
Seeing Undertail be like: :iconpoemsandsuch:PoemsAndSuch 170 59
Tribute to zelda
From hearts of young to hearts of old
Link's adventures will be told
In our hearts it's set in stone
In our minds the name is known
The legend flies from near and far
Makes no difference where you are
At some point you must have heard the name
As many others play this game
Around us all for many years
The name alone can spread some cheer
The magic holds onto our hearts
Truly is a work of art
Speak it loud for all to hear
Say it to all that are near
We will always remember it's name
The Legend of Zelda is a magical game.
:iconultimateifrit:UltimateIfrit 299 71
Humans are cruel.
Humans are killers.
Before guns it was knives
Before that it was stones
Invasions, burning homes,
Stealing lives and loves
Releasing crows and
Slaughtering doves.
Humans are good.
Humans are kind.
They live, love and laugh
They have the gift of hope
Helping them all to cope
Through evil human things
Sowing seeds and
Sewing angel wings.
Humans are strange.
Humans are incomplete.
Punches to kisses to games
Anger to love to insanity
Tragedy to crystal clarity
Whirlwinds of empty whims
Empty prayers and
Honest pseudonyms.
Humans are living.
Humans are dying.
Ashes to ashes, soul to Hell
Or perhaps to Heaven
No human can really tell
If even either is real.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 1,236 377
Tree :iconabcat:AbCat 292 64 My angel (destiel) :iconpinkbucky:PinkBucky 147 23