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Saying Please (Claude Faustus x Reader)
Saying Please
(Claude Faustus x Reader)
“Why not?”  You puffed out your cheeks and crossed your arms over your chest in a pouting manner as Claude continued stirring the cookie-dough.
“Because,” he said simply.  You rolled your eyes and groaned loudly.
“You sound just like a parent…”
Claude turned, his face completely serious, with the spatula in his hand.  He held it out to you.
“Bribing me with cookie-dough?”  You asked flatly.  Your eyes flickered from the spatula, to Claude’s expressionless face, then back to the spatula again.  Finally, you snatched it from him.  “This doesn’t make me happy, but it doesn’t hurt things.”
You thought you might have seen the smallest ghost of a grin on Claude’s face as he lifted you, with little effort, onto the kitchen counter.  You opened your mouth to protest, but Claude’s intense gaze stopped you.
“You wer
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Please Take Me Home - Sebastian x Neko! Reader
Living on the streets was not easy.
There was murderers, rapists, and not to mention the God-awful drunks that threw glass bottles at you. 
But one could guess such was the life of a cat. A cat in Victoria England.
You gazed at your surroundings in disgust. Being in the alley of a bar was gross. You couldn't believe this actually happened to you.
One day you were taking a stroll in the park and lightly bumped into a man in a cloak. In surprise he yelled "Abracadabra" and poof! Your life as a human was over.  
You growled bitterly recalling that awful memory. 'That stupid man! If only I scratched him with my claws maybe he would have turned me back...' 
Sadly that wasn't the case because you ran away in disbelief to what just happened. You ran and and ran. You ran until your paws were bleeding. Until your breaths became diminished to hurried pants. Until exhaustion overtook your tiny body and made you succumb to a nightmarish sleep.
Coming out of that
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Monogamous Yu-Gi-Oh Ship List
This is an ongoing project that is open to contributions.
Please read the description before critiquing or asking questions.
Generally Accepted Shipnames
Admireshipping - Kotsuzaka x Mokuba
Adoptshipping - Gozaburo x Seto
Adviseshipping - Priestess Aishizu x Mana
Agileshipping - Anzu x Vivian
Airshipping - Thief King Bakura x Priest Shaada
Akinshipping - Sugoroku x Ryouta
Anagramshipping - Priest Karim x Marik
Angelshipping - Rafael x Ryou
Angstshipping - Marik x Ryou
Anruishipping - Shaadi x Yuugi
Antagoshipping - Yami Bakura x Seto
Supreme Antagoshipping - S0 Kaiba x Yami Bakura
Apparishipping - Roba x Kotsuzaka
Apprenticeshipping - Mahaado x Mana
Aptshipping - Hiroto x Isis
Aquaintanceshipping - Hiroto x Roba
Ardentshipping - Hiroto x Shizuka
Argenshipping - Pegasus x Ryou
Arrogantshipping - Seto x Mai
Artichokeshipping - Yami M
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NEW 100 Themes Challenge
1. Names
2. Hardship
3. School
4. Opinion
5. Break Up
6. New Love
7. Alley
8. Riddle
9. You and Me
10. I Do
11. Secret
13. Colors
14. Cruel
15. Kings, Queens, and Jokers
16. Run Free
17. Where are the Crackers?
18. Life
19. R is for Revenge
20. Burning
21. Do You Want To Know?
22. Discovery
23. Birthday
24. Rocks Aren't the Same
25. Shadow
26. Fate
27. Freedom Isn't Free
28. Wildflowers
29. Energy
30. Notes
31. Numbers
32. Dying Fire
33. Breaking Point
34. Fish
35. Trapped
36. Dancing
37. Don't Go
38. Alone
39. Betrayal
40. Due Date
41. Sealed in Blood
42. Impossible
43. Party
44. Sparkle
45. Be a Man
46. Go For a Swim
47. Am I Dreaming?
48. Too Good To Be True
49. BAD
50. 50%
51. Elemental Tempest
52. Too Late
53. But I DIDN'T Do It
54. Hot
55. Optimism
56. Lucky 13
57. I'm In
58. Slightly Disturbed
59. Loathing
60. Worse
61. Speak
62. Toys
63. Ocean
64. Deceived
65. Black and White
66. Whatever
67. Death
68. Jump
69. Broken Promise
70. All the Little
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Please Don't Run Away - Lelouch x Reader
Lost in thought, I walked the stairs to the second floor of the school where my biology class was being held. My steps were slow, my limbs weighed down by depressing thoughts. It was only second period and I didn’t know how I would get through the day. I wanted to lie down on the floor and forget the world. But I dragged myself along, only the rigmarole of school keeping me going.
Unfortunately, my thoughts elsewhere, I wasn’t paying particular attention to my surroundings and didn’t realise I’d already reached the top of the staircase until I tried to mount another step and fell forward when my foot fell through air. My brain registered this quickly and shock coursed through me like an electric current. I started to cry out and held my arms out in front of me in a vain attempt to keep from falling – and my body came to a sudden stop as I fell into something.
It took me a second before the true horror of my situation hit me. My face was pressed into someon
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100 things, I Arthur cannot do
1.I shall stop referring to people with degrading racial and ethnic slurs.
2.Such as frog.
3.Or Yankee.
4.Or Jap.
5.Or Nazi.
6.I shall stop treating America with distain.
7.Even if he is a complete and utter idiot.
8.I shall stop coming to world meetings under the intoxication of alcohol.
9.Only in my waiter apron.
10. I am no longer allowed to offer Prussia beer.
11. Even if it is hilarious to watch him beg at Hungary drunkenly.
12. I shall no longer be allowed to reminisce about the good old days.
13.Even though Britannia rules the world.
14.I will stop trying to poison nations with my cooking.
15.Even though it is delicious, thank you very much.
16.I shall stop telling America exactly why the rest of world does not like him.
17. Even if he is an ignorant child with delusions of grandeur.
18. I am no longer allowed to ask Sealand whether he would mind if we DNA tested him.
19. For I know he is not mine and Alfred's child.
20. He looks much more like Francis than Alfred in any case.
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