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Defense of Modern Sonic
Defense of Modern Sonic, Sega, and Sonic Team
A while back, when looking for Sonic art, I came across a now popular piece of Classic-Sonic fanart. The picture itself was very well done. The glow looked realistic, and the colors on Sonic, Tails, and the environment really matched the bright yellow glow of the sunlight. As someone who has played the Sonic games since late-1991 to early-1992, Classic Sonic brings back memories and nostalgia when Sonic was at its peak in popularity.
Unfortunately, that pic is not in my favorites and very likely will never be placed there. The sole reason is the rant in the Artist's Comments section, which, to me, features nothing more than pointless bashing of Modern Sonic, Sega, and Sonic Team. Bashing that I felt REALLY spoiled the beauty of the pic.
Sadly, I continue to see all this bashing, disrespect, and nitpicking of (many) Modern Sonic games and ideas. It's not just here on DeviantArt, but in other sites like Fanfiction.
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Wii Would Like to Play
Little Susan B. stood staring at the thing before her in disbelief.
"Fat," she said. "I'm fat?"
"I'm a machine. Machines don't lie."
"But I'm ten."
"Ten and fat."
"But how can you tell? There's gotta be some mistake."
"Okay, kid, listen up. I've got your goddamn height and BMI right here. Right here inside me.
And according to my records, you suck at boxing, you suck at running, your physical age is that of a 48-year-old male and you suck at Brawl."
"Hey, you're being mean!"
"I'm not mean. I'm a machine. Can't take playing with me? If you don't like it then take yourself somewhere else and maybe go and play with the other babies outside in the sandbox. In the sun. With other actual humans. Like a sissy. Go ahead. You're obviously not man enough to play with this."
The Nintendo Wii puffed out his chest as little Susan B. ran away crying to the sandbox.
A short distance away, PS3 and 360 frowned disapprovingly. PS3 sighed.
"Man, I don't know what
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