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Labour with Twins
Labour with Twins
WARNING: This story contains male pregnancy, female pregnancy, minor language, and extremely descriptive, if not graphic, labour and birthing scenes. If you are not a fan of any of these subjects, than I would prefer if you not comment on my story, just to start flame wars and explain to the world how certain things, like mpreg, are disgusting and sinful. That is only your opinion, and there are some people that actually enjoy things like this, so please keep your opinions to yourself.
Since they were born, both Mistoffolees and Victoria had experienced everything with each other. Facing exile once the tribe found out that they were the offspring of the infamous Macavity, being adopted and raised by Bustopher Jones, and now, they were both mated to two toms that they were madly in love with, Victoria to Plato and Mistoffolees to Tugger. What really caught them off guard was when they both revealed to each other that they were pregnant. Misto wa
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Two Divided By One
Your flesh, your warm
robe of mystery, moulds
to the touch. Is there
so much that I can
share with you? We
press close together,
we dream of boundaries
melted and fusing.
Can we imagine
Plato’s story true,
that a unity existed
once for every stricken
two that struggles now
to undo finally that
ancient separation?
Yet both of us can
recognise the curse
that locates within us
two separated beating
hearts. We can smile
at the ancient philosopher’s
joke, knowing that
our isolation must
choke us both eventually.
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On Platonic Love
That love is beautiful,
The apple on the tree,
Which endures every famine,
Yet lets the apple be.
That love is plentiful,
The sea that hugs the shore,
Which meets solely at the brink,  
Yet returns ever more.
That love is contentful,
The twine of You and Me,  
Which clasp our eternal strings,
Yet ne'er to become We.
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notice how
notice how
we don't
lube is
so effective and
we don't
notice what
our women
twenty thousand
armed soldiers
occupy haiti
in ruin.
this is called
when oil is
it will be called
imperialism is such a
dirty word so let us call it
from now on.
a perfect red
tomato tastes
so perfectly
notice an amputated
limb is
yet suffering
notice how
modern doctors
are the only medicine men
in history
who do not see the
notice those who do
are ridiculed,
and eventually admitted correct.
dentists say to
a chemical they say
is just for
teeth.  http://www.fluoridealert.
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Love is a Disease
Love is not an emotion.
Emotions are formed,
And can be controlled.
Plato stated,
"Love is a serious mental disease".
An incurable illness,
That makes cancer appear as
A simple head cold.
We can't choose who we love,
Nor can we choose
how it takes over.
This genetic mutation,
Passed down,
From the earliest of times,
Can send even the most normal being,
Straight to the insane asylum.
It eats away at us,
From inside-out.
Suffering until the day we die.
Love is not an emotion.
"Love is a serious mental disease."
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brief Philosophy on Equality
Aphorism: On Equality
Those who believe in equality believe it exists in two ways: 1) everything and everyone is equal, without exception and without limitation (except with some exceptions and limitations) or 2) "we are all equal, but some of us are more equal than others." (1) is self-defeating and (2) is simply honest dishonesty.
But I wonder in what way we mean "equality." Is it quantity and quality? Is it the number of choices? If so, then clearly we are unequal—some live longer, some have more options to choose from, some simply know a larger range for a singular problem. Is it quality? Perhaps not. If we claim that "he has made the better choice" at what point do we devalue such comparatives. At what point does "better" mean nothing?
If we use such a value, such as 'good,' 'beautiful,' or 'fine' what have we just committed ourselves to? There are some who will relate it to something completely temporal: 'if this things makes me happy, satisfied, confused, mystified just now
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