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Beauty Retouch by BigBad-Red Beauty Retouch :iconbigbad-red:BigBad-Red 766 66 Media - Part Twelve by maryana01 Media - Part Twelve :iconmaryana01:maryana01 1,083 343 ''No one will love you if you're unattractive'' by yuuike ''No one will love you if you're unattractive'' :iconyuuike:yuuike 1,023 116 i try by suzi9mm i try :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 1,268 482 Never good enough by Fatooome Never good enough :iconfatooome:Fatooome 1,444 372 The World Wants Me Perfect by AnjaRoehrich The World Wants Me Perfect :iconanjaroehrich:AnjaRoehrich 1,814 409 Awakes To The Truth by AnjaRoehrich Awakes To The Truth :iconanjaroehrich:AnjaRoehrich 797 45 Plastic by PorcelainPoet Plastic :iconporcelainpoet:PorcelainPoet 484 52 a little repairing by imxanxillusion a little repairing :iconimxanxillusion:imxanxillusion 370 94 Plastic Surgery Editorial by dustsplat Plastic Surgery Editorial :icondustsplat:dustsplat 682 63 The Invention of Beauty by videovida The Invention of Beauty :iconvideovida:videovida 151 37
Body Modification
Paint your skin in several colors.
Pierce every part of you with metal.
Plug implants under your skin.
Cut deep into your flesh.
Change your body.
Pimp your body.
Hurt your body.
C'mon, waste your body.
Boost your lips.
Size up your boobs.
Correct your nose.
Slim your hips.
Change your body.
Pimp your body.
Hurt your body.
C'mon, waste your body.
What is next?
Amputate your legs?
Plug cables into your head.
Go, become a Cyborg.
Get better, bigger, thinner, faster.
Change your body.
Pimp your body.
Hurt your body.
C'mon, waste your body.
You're just a puppet now.
When have you lost your feelings?
No matter, just get better, bigger, thinner, faster.
Change your body.
Pimp your body.
Hurt your body.
C'mon, waste your body.
What is wrong with us?
Why is it never enough?
We can not love ourselves like we are
Change your body.
Pimp your body.
Hurt your body.
C'mon, waste your body.
Get better, bigger, thinner, faster!
:iconclaw-ravenscroft:Claw-Ravenscroft 18 52
Modern Plastic Surgery by steelgohst Modern Plastic Surgery :iconsteelgohst:steelgohst 140 41 Vanity by yana182 Vanity :iconyana182:yana182 231 30 Potential: 1 by Iznanka Potential: 1 :iconiznanka:Iznanka 145 16 Part of The Crowd by catchingfyre Part of The Crowd :iconcatchingfyre:catchingfyre 143 25
Change your nose,
change your face.
It's now so easy,
to win the aging race.
Take these drugs.
and maybe those pills.
Time to cheat death,
no need to sign wills.
Lots of cosmetic surgeries,
any procedure you want.
You can have that body,
you'd love to flaunt.
If you have the money,
you're in luck.
Go get a boob job,
then maybe a tummy tuck.
This world is sad;
see what we've become.
Look-a-like Barbie machines;
are we proud of the outcome?
~Ashley Tia Long~
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 15 26
Pretties Alternate Cover by nickywa321 Pretties Alternate Cover :iconnickywa321:nickywa321 80 29
Confessions of a Model
I play into this chauvinistic  world,
I perpetuate the stereotypes!
I'm just an insecure woman,
Like everyone else who was deemed unfit.
I need bigger breasts!
I need to lose weight!
I need to fix my face!
What's wrong with me?!
What happened to heart?
Does anything matter but looks?
Now we have plastic surgery,
I can fix myself!
Surgeons feeding off of insecurities.
I need more to be beautiful!
I'm a size 4,
But I'm a plus sized model?
I know I'm not fat,
But I need to lose weight!
When did throwing up start to look glamorous?
When did carrot sticks start tasting delicious?
When did not eating make me feel pretty?
And when did cake start looking like poison?
Enjoying my life?
What a laugh!
I pretend to be happy for the camera,
But I'm a glutton inside!
Last week I craved ice cream!
(So shameful.)
I dared to eat chocolate!
(So sinful.)
They fired me!
I'm too fat again!
Maybe dieting just isn't enough,
I have to be skinny at all costs.
Return to the surgeon
:iconiluvarbok:iluvarbok 15 21
What you don't like about yourself? by Flobelebelebobele What you don't like about yourself? :iconflobelebelebobele:Flobelebelebobele 102 123 Snip. by rosiehardy Snip. :iconrosiehardy:rosiehardy 41 17 Cut up by hennatea Cut up :iconhennatea:hennatea 34 6
Vanity Kills
Plastic surgery
A slap in the face of God.
Look at Megan Fox.
:iconfundelstein:Fundelstein 14 28
Stitched Smile - Lrg by ashsivils Stitched Smile - Lrg :iconashsivils:ashsivils 106 16 artificial beauty by InsanityIsMyReality artificial beauty :iconinsanityismyreality:InsanityIsMyReality 58 17 Wishing Well Redux by Dynamoob Wishing Well Redux :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 1,181 28 Goth Turned Bunny by Dynamoob Goth Turned Bunny :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 588 16 Business Professional by Dynamoob Business Professional :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 644 18 Barbie - Overdose by Dynamoob Barbie - Overdose :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 520 44 Huge Boobs in the Bath by Ariane-Saint-Amour Huge Boobs in the Bath :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 495 37 Mother Nature by Ariane-Saint-Amour Mother Nature :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 310 21 Red Leaves by Ariane-Saint-Amour Red Leaves :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 315 14 Oval Bathhub by Ariane-Saint-Amour Oval Bathhub :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 398 14 Pink Balloons by Ariane-Saint-Amour Pink Balloons :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 303 24 Barbie - Girlfriends by Dynamoob Barbie - Girlfriends :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 404 11 Sorority Pledge - Final Exams by Dynamoob Sorority Pledge - Final Exams :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 332 17 Candy Lipstick by Ariane-Saint-Amour Candy Lipstick :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 281 21 Self Surgery by Anathema-Photography Self Surgery :iconanathema-photography:Anathema-Photography 422 99 Marge's Mega Mammaries by expansion-fan-comics Marge's Mega Mammaries :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 309 6 Jordan: Red Velvet by Dynamoob Jordan: Red Velvet :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 330 25 Bimboization 2.0 page1 by Avaro56 Bimboization 2.0 page1 :iconavaro56:Avaro56 318 31 Sexy Yukata by Ariane-Saint-Amour Sexy Yukata :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 102 4 Cassee by samutoka Cassee :iconsamutoka:samutoka 161 12 Extra Grande by KimJongWin Extra Grande :iconkimjongwin:KimJongWin 52 1 Mighty Mounted Michelle by CeBe2008 Mighty Mounted Michelle :iconcebe2008:CeBe2008 164 6 The Secretary - 1 by Dynamoob The Secretary - 1 :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 262 14