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Planet Hulk: Tear of the Green Scar :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 1,858 112 The Last Hope :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 589 49 Hulk Expressions :iconphilbourassa:philbourassa 990 91 Hulk :iconkamgates:kamgates 874 57 Ship concepts :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 177 32 Emperor Hulk :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 348 81 World War Hulk :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 918 57 Planet Hulk :iconjimbo02salgado:Jimbo02Salgado 320 89 Avengers vs Green Scar poster :iconspidey0318:spidey0318 548 55 Planet Hulk finished sculpt :iconaliasghost:AliasGhost 108 31 Planet Hulk pin-up :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 658 118 Thor VS. Hulk :iconbrianskipper:Brianskipper 168 21 Planet Hulk: Gladiators :iconphilbourassa:philbourassa 565 62 Hulk Korg and Thor :iconvshen:vshen 423 47 Caiera the old strong :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 472 67 Planet Hulk: Imperials :iconphilbourassa:philbourassa 463 39 Planet Hulk 2 variant :iconcinar:Cinar 216 12
The Green Scar
The Green Scar
My Friend, My Love
I've known you for many years.
In short, I've known you for a long time.
When I needed a friend...
When I needed someone to love me, to accept me for everything that I am without judgement...
When I needed someone to save me, to protect me from harm...
You were always there for me.
Both of you were.
It had been months since we last met.
I went out to find you, searching the entire globe.
Then I discovered what happened to you.
Reed Richards.
Tony Stark.
Dr. Stephen Strange.
Black Bolt.
A group of heroes otherwise known as the Illuminati.
After I found out what they've done to you, I wanted to kill them all.
They took from me my closest friend.
They took away the only man I ever really loved and cared about.
I wished I could've stopped them.
I would've done anything to save you.
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Hulk vs Silver Surfer :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 375 102 Hunting Hulks :iconmax-dunbar:Max-Dunbar 215 43 Star-crossed :iconwrathofkhan:wrathofkhan 123 17 Green Scar v Silver Savage Dio :iconlokoboys:Lokoboys 72 14 Planet Hulk 2 :iconaliasghost:AliasGhost 62 26 HULK SMASH :iconuminga:UMINGA 307 12 Planet Hulk :iconemilcabaltierra:emilcabaltierra 244 18 Hulk Vs Korg :iconvshen:vshen 338 24 World War Hulk :iconchuekjai:chuekjai 49 1 Hulk 105 page 21-22 :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 362 78 Green Scar :iconwrathofkhan:wrathofkhan 135 89 green scar color :iconlogicfun:logicfun 89 13 Steve Rogers - Marvel's Planet Hulk Series :iconthe-physicist:the-physicist 64 12 Planet Hulk WIP :iconjimbo02salgado:Jimbo02Salgado 49 49 Planet Hulk Bust Shot :iconstevensanchez:StevenSanchez 151 16 Planet Hulk Sketch Shot :iconstevensanchez:StevenSanchez 109 20 hulk 105 page 12 :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 280 30 Green Scar by logicfun :iconwrathofkhan:wrathofkhan 53 10 World War Hulk Portrait :iconlokoboys:Lokoboys 39 11 Planet Hulk Sketch Shot :iconstevensanchez:StevenSanchez 118 8 Planet Hulk :icon1314:1314 53 2
The Balance of Power- Chapter 2
The Balance of Power
Chapter Two
Visions and Awakening
Cool, mysterious, silent.
It surrounded her, making up the very environment that she walked amongst. Korra couldn't make out where she was, for how could she or any person in her position? The mists that covered the landscape made it all appear to be completely indifferent, every square inch no more distinguishable from the rest.
"Hello?", Korra calls out, finding herself wondering through the mists.
"Is someone there? Anybody?", Korra calls out once again, her only answer being that of the silence that surrounded her.
Suddenly, two humanoid figures appear in the distance, causing her to slowly make her approach in the intended direction. When she got within distance of the two humanoid
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Planet Hulk :iconaliasghost:AliasGhost 43 7 Planet Deadpool :iconvulture34:Vulture34 277 86 Hulk 105 page 14 :iconguisadong-gulay:guisadong-gulay 256 41 World War Hulk vs The Illuminati :icontonyperna:tonyperna 95 23 Skaar Son of Hulk Portrait :iconlokoboys:Lokoboys 27 2 Sketch 487 :iconmatteoscalera:MatteoScalera 252 6 Planet Hulk :iconmelciah1791:Melciah1791 28 12