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Critmas: The battle is over! (Results)
WOW! Seriously... 
917 Critiques in 12 days!
That has SURPASSED every year ever we have done on critmas, 6 years of joy!
2011- 120*
2012- 120*
2013- 158
2014- 366
2015- 206
2016- 917
*exact figures unknown as we didn't record them like we do now!

The battle of the critters was huge! Those who got on board really threw themselves into the team mentality and I hope those who did made some new friends as a result! 
Despite a great effort from the Gnomes, who started so far behind then perked up higher and higher, it was the fairies whose last day attack really made then undefeatable! Although the Pixies and Elves made good efforts, nothing would deter the fairy hoarde! In fact, every team reached over 100 critiques, which is p
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 33 90
The Deerest Ones :iconkingabritschgi:KingaBritschgi 435 158
Playing With Your Hair
When everybody dreams of pixies I dream of you,
The puffiness under your eyes,
Making your smiles always so pretty,
And the sincere love in your eyes that makes me ever so happy.
It could have been your lovely voice,
Or the very act of whispering that took my heart.
Whispers of everything I ever wanted there to be,
Betraying everything I needed you to see.
And no one should let true love sift through their fingers like dreams,
Because it's just too preciously rare these days,
Unlike all the infatuations in the world,
And the unending love I have for you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 213 245
our friend Ingo and his snail :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 558 49 The Night of the Fairies :iconravenxcorpse:RavenxCorpse 622 107
(Reader x Cheater!Sollux) Pinkie Promise
False love
"_______... I'll love you. No matter what, I'll be with you until the end." Sollux said, stroking your face. You smiled. "So will I, Sollux. I will never abandon you. I promise."
He smiled back.
"Nor will I, _______. I promithe."
You both locked pinkies.
--Five years later...--
You stood behind Sollux, hand still on the doorknob. You couldn't utter a single word as you witnessed your boyfriend and this other girl from your same university in your bed with barely any clothes on. He and the girl were kissing each other all over and they didn't seem to notice your entrance. You finally managed to make a word.
They instantly stopped. Sollux looked to you. "_-_______?!"
You could feel rage building up inside of you as you glared at the both of them.
"_______, I-I can explain!!" he said and got up from your bed, pulling up his boxers.
"It ithen't what it lookth like!"
He comes toward you. "I'm thorry, _______... You'll forgive me, right?"
"You... GO
:iconmetagiga:MetaGiga 234 125
the Brown Onion Brownies came to visit again... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 843 58 Spoiled Princess :iconvladislavpantic:VladislavPANtic 768 49 Miniscule World :iconsoundstar:SoundStar 1,213 100 Shamus a Leprechaun sculpture :iconpixiwillow:pixiwillow 337 38 fantasy commission :iconstoudaa:stoudaa 1,684 99 pixie's magic . . . :iconmehmeturgut:mehmeturgut 2,300 482 Winx Club - Layla :iconkeyade:Keyade 607 98 League of Laughter :iconcaranelle:CaraNelle 1,311 72 wings sisters :iconfukari:Fukari 1,662 28 twilight shimmer :icontwosilverstars:twosilverstars 2,051 281 Fight Club - Where Is My Mind :iconmenco:Menco 646 181 a Wallpapers of a Sleepytime Picture... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 225 11 Rainy days were made for curling up in a good book :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 1,153 72 Daisy Ballerina BeadDress :iconpinkythepink:pinkythepink 340 44 a lovely wallpaper of a Brown Onion Brownie... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 212 21 pixie's dream . . . :iconmehmeturgut:mehmeturgut 1,419 319 Woodland Sanctuary :iconliiga:liiga 483 40 Pixie Hollow: Fawn :iconmangosirene:MangoSirene 296 96 Enchanted Forest :iconneonrauschen:neonrauschen 430 65 Golden Scaled Sunrise. :iconzaellrin:Zaellrin 512 105 Books are where dreams are born... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 920 98 Commission - Fairy Gossip :iconmeredithdillman:MeredithDillman 763 85 Ether Fairy :iconandrea-koupal:andrea-koupal 443 92 Pixie :icongioluengo:Gioluengo 1,171 435
Anthro Lion TF Story
Anthro Lion TF Story:
My friends and I were up to our usual games… nothing.  We had to be inside because of the heat outside, and playing our Dragon Ball Z game was getting boring knowing that I was going to win every round.  They had been over all day, but there was nothing that we've done all day.
After a while, we finally got bored and we decided that at 8:30, we were going to go outside for fun.  It was finally cool enough to go outside, and we had decided to go into the park to play hide and seek.  I was 14, but I wasn't too old to play hide in seek with the neighborhood kids, especially because I can climb trees and they can't.
At the very start of the game I ran into the woods.  Everybody was running into the woods to make it challenging for everybody.  The kid that was "it" was going to count for just 20 seconds, if he could even count to 6, but I ran farther than most kids would have thought to run. 
:iconboredbird:BoredBird 77 10
Still life...with a wee baby dragon. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 328 53 a Runnerbean and a Snifflehog :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 455 47 THE BURROW ELVES and THE CRAWLIES. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 336 33 The explorer :iconhenning:henning 478 275 Ooak Porcelain BJD by Forgotten Hearts :iconfhdolls:FHdolls 265 11
Periods and Pregnancy: A Guide
Everything You Need to Know About Periods and Baby Making
Periods: Why Periods Happen
As a young girl matures into a young adult, her body goes through many changes. One of these changes a young woman goes through is the formation of dragons in her vaginal area. These dragons generally begin spawning when the girl reaches age seven to ten, and they generally mature when the girl reaches age eleven to fourteen, even later in rare cases. It all depends on the nurturing nature of a girl's vaginal environment.
Now, once a girl has developed these dragons fully, her body begins to produce something called "hormones." Hormones are small pixies that travel through a woman's body as they please.
Every month, these pixies gather around the vagina and antagonize the dragons to the point of outrage, and they run off, leaving the dragons in an angered state.
Once in a state of outrage, these dragons sprout
:iconnikkifirestarter:NikkiFirestarter 32 33
Keecu the Gatekeeper :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 395 19