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The Pisces swim around this Pisces
Confused but understanding as to why she’s breaking down
Miles to oceans apart from people she hardly knows
Unable to see their faces and so puts her trust into these keys
How can she tell the difference between truth and laughing things?
When they cry in these given notes, she’s crying on the inside
And when guilt and agony grasp your heart, it strikes harshly at her soul
She only wishes you were happy so that she can carry on
When you suddenly disappear, she begins to fill with fear
Unconfident lying premonitions from a vivid mind
The Pisces swim around this Pisces
Already aware of the dark fantasies she’s hopelessly lost in
Whilst reading a child’s fable, she becomes deeply influenced
She scratches at the glassy waters as she tries to escape the joke!
:iconmemoloop:MemoLoop 16 12
Kawaii pisces charm - zodiac sign - polymer clay :iconteneredelizie:TenereDelizie 89 5 My ocean emotions :iconlulebel:LuLebel 71 11
The ends of snowy blizzard waiting for warmth and rain.
Sanctuary, the final form of dual loves depiction.
Tied but not, by silver thread you hold so tight.
Depict the struggle between the spirit and the soul
Eternally will face the opposite directions.
The last of twelve possessing understanding of eleven.
Melancholy and sorrow, isolation is your prison.
Reign amongst the underground silent waters where one shall
hear hearts echo, reading livid specters of ones self.
Denies oneself in exchange for unknown wisdom.
Beyond humanities perception.
Lying underneath the sands of Neptune
Where amongst the silent darkness light remains.
Hardened tears of undines spilt,
Illuminating moonlight.
It holds presence of your spirit, of your touch.
So dual, cool and silent.
Vanity of Venus.
Poseidon’s touch leads untamable and wild,
Livid creatures born from waves and foam,
Birth of cosmic powers amongst the waters depth,
Arising within the first born ocean.
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 21 5
Pisces :iconmarendins:marendins 221 27 The Covetous Pisces :iconashdayart:AshDayArt 365 63 Stellar Spirit Zodiac Gate Keys from Fairy Tail :iconumnei:Umnei 92 20 Pisces - Genesis :iconcaleyndar:caleyndar 251 26 Sammy summoning: Pisces Mermaid :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 240 11 Feferi_says_glub :iconfedotik:Fedotik 677 36 Pisces :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 148 12 Pisces :iconmssophieart:MsSophieArt 134 21 Pisces :iconcharcoalfeather:charcoalfeather 102 61
Pisces, the insightful outsider
Feeling is everywhere. As much as I try to be so rational, levelheaded and sane, no truth about me weighs heavier than how emotional I truly am. I´m a silent one though. Deep to some (takes one to know one), invisible to others.
I seem to deeply inhale from that emotional cloud people radiate. Therefore, I often thought of myself as fearful, when I was in classes and couldn´t handle the sheer masses of People, Voices, Whispers, Feet scrabbling on the Ground, denim-wrapped Knees rubbing, Fingernails scratching heads and most of all; those meddlesome feelings, ranging from excitement to anguish and boredom that I soak up like a sponge. Throughout School, I´ve always had two ways to deal with it.; Stonewall everything around me, embody all of the three monkeys (you know, do you?), or loose myself in all of that social input I can neither filter nor dismiss. That is why I have become a person who seems to be a loner quite often, while in fact I love the company of others, an
:iconunluckyfellow:unluckyfellow 13 6
The Pisces, Aphrodite and Eros [Mother and Son] :iconremus-and-romulus:Remus-and-Romulus 112 73 Pisces Fae :iconambercrystalelf:AmberCrystalElf 142 0 Les8ifins :iconthe-darkbunny:The-DarkBunny 195 19 Pisces Lineart :iconblueundine:BlueUndine 98 44 Pisces :iconcobaltdragon:cobaltdragon 352 37