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England x Reader: A Pirate's Past
Arthur Kirkland
You rummaged through the mountains of cardboard boxes that didn't look like they had been touched for a lifetime; this room was filled with several centuries worth of English history and yet Arthur had never once even hinted to its existence. Every box, every item in this room held a story, and you loved stories. So far you had found what appeared to be a floor plan for the original Globe Theatre, a black and white photograph of Arthur standing outside of Buckingham palace dressed as one of the soldiers that never smile, and a rather official-looking letter from none-other than Queen Victoria herself! Just as you were beginning to wonder if anything hidden in in this place wouldn't interest you, a large cluster of pale feathers caught your eye; wasting no time in uncovering the object, you were left holding an expensive looking hat. You grinned, admiring your reflection in an ancient mirror before revealing the remaining contents of the box that the ha
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Pirate! Spain x Child! Reader - Running Away
A/N: Some swearing and abuse don't like don't read!
Pirate! Spain x Child! Reader - Running away
"Help me!" You cried out as you ran from your home.
"Get back here you fucking brat!" snarled your drunken father as he chased after you.
After drowning himself in whisky, you father would normally yell at you or hit you. Being at the young age of 4, you didn't know how to fight back, or even protect yourself. And you were certainly confused as to why he was hurting you.
For tonight as an example. You were merely playing with a toy your mother had given you before she passed, when your father burst through the door. He swayed towards you. You could smell the alcohol off him. It was disgusting. He grabbed you by your hair and threw you to the ground, causing your head to begin bleeding and you seeing spots. He then let go you and screamed at you. Calling you worthless and a wench. You got up and ran. He followed after you.
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Jack Sparrow X Pirate!Reader: Captain
You gave a small sigh, leaning against the wheel of your ship. You watched the sail flutter, the waves rocking again and again. You loved being a Captain. A well-known Captain at that. Captain (y/n) (l/n). One of the finest. You were known for being a terrific sailor. Brutally honest. Cunning. Sly. Stealthy. Attractive. Any of those words came to peoples’ minds when the topic of you and your ship were brought up. As you were reminiscing about your life on the sea, you failed to notice two of your crew members approaching you, a man in shackles in their grasp. You turned at the feeling of a tap on your shoulder, your (h/c) hair fluttering in the sea breeze. You gave the two men a small smile before noticing the one in shackles. With a bag over their head, you had no clue who it was. But they seemed familiar. They had a certain vibe. A vibe that you really wanted to hate, but almost couldn’t. Without a word, you tore away the bag. To be met with a nervous smirk. Jack. That da
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Pirate! England x Modern! Reader - Memory
Pirate! England x Modern! Reader
"Where am I?" you groaned, the scent of sea water invading your nostrils.
You laid on what appeared to be a beach in the middle of nowhere. "How the hell did I get here?!" you half yelled half whispered out loud. Then you remembered.
------- Flash Back----------
You and your best friend Arthur Kirkland were goofing around in his basement. Well, you were doing most of the goofing.
You already new that Arthur was a country, England to be exact. You teased him sometimes about being old, but not enough to hurt his feelings.
Arthur's basement looked like a wizards layer. He had potions, spell books and wands. He wore a long black cloak around his thin shoulders. He was showing you how to create small balls of light, but you weren't paying much attention. You were leaning your elbow against the cluttered wooden desk and began to close your
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Cute Laugh: Luffy X Reader

    (f/n): Name
    Luffy and (f/n) sat on the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny together after a long day of adventure. The male held her close to his body, his legs tangled with hers. His arms kept a tight grip around her waist, and he smiled a smile filled with content when he felt her lean against his toned chest.
    Hearing her sigh, the future king grinned widely, and leaned down to nuzzle her neck, which made the girl giggle.
    "You have a cute laugh, (f/n)!" Luffy exclaimed, pressing his nose to the warm skin, and holding her a little tighter. (f/n) chuckled once more, and tilted her head to the side to give Luffy some extra room.
    "You do too, Luffy," she entertained with a smile.
    At this, however, the boy frowned.
    "No way!"
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The Siren's Call - AU!Levi x Reader
Men were such fickle things. Beings enslaved to their own sexualities, desperate for the touch of a woman they couldn’t have or the riches their hands couldn’t spoil. Their endless gluttonous nature is what had strengthened you and your kind for ages beyond memory.
You were none other than a siren, an immortal creature of the sea that could seduce even the most hard-headed of sailors. You would draw them to you with your song, promising them a realm where only they ruled, where only their wants mattered, where only they were of importance. Your voice would fill them with the false hope that their deepest desires would become a reality.
But then, just as they believed you with minds and souls, you would turn on them, devour them, and take their life force to fuel your own. You had done this many times over your countless years of life; it soon became as natural as breathing to you. But then, you were practically a god, even among your own people. The seas themselves would be
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