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Flat Charm Necklaces 3 :iconoborochann:Oborochann 799 98 Lackadaisy Flapdoodle :icontracyjb:tracyjb 6,410 820 Lady Grace :iconyamio:Yamio 2,085 217 Sushi and Hamburger :icontalty:Talty 436 253 SONIC ORIGINS: 60 Years Ago [Cast Lineup] :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 450 57 Sad Robot :iconlilyondine:LilyOndine 1,631 76 Handmade Fully Poseable Pickle Creature Sold :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 337 8 Chimicherrychanga :iconthex-plotion:theX-plotion 1,550 304 Kawaii Attack :icontrace-elements:Trace-elements 627 84 1:12 Scale Mini Foods :iconmothermayijewelry:MotherMayIjewelry 233 19 COMM: I Promise :iconglitcher:glitcher 554 82 Open for Lunch... :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 163 163 Comic- Sleepwalking... :iconbiigurutwin:Biigurutwin 660 175 Petit Picnic Contest :iconkayanah:kayanah 125 70 Mutant Moon Buns :iconmoonyen:MoonYen 472 174 1650's Pirate coat :iconpicklethis:Picklethis 442 32 :PowerOpenPickleJar: :iconzeraga:Zeraga 1,351 286 -Squidward x Pickle Stamp- :iconknightofcandy:KnightofCandy 1,621 184 craving :iconcrazi-beautiful:Crazi-Beautiful 191 10 SD: Pells and Pickle chilling :iconcosmicspectrumm:CosmicSpectrumm 1,268 14 Ska Robot Colored :iconzatransis:Zatransis 471 67 Pickle Fursuit Head :iconcuriouscreatures:CuriousCreatures 160 19
Our Beautiful Sins
The last time you came to visit
I showed you my collection of sins
in their mayonnaise jar on the shelf
and you took it down and poured them out
and turned them over one by one
in your callused palms and between your fingers,
feeling their textures against your lips and across your windburned cheeks,
like so many pebbles plucked from the shore.
They were red and green,
a few of them purple
either smooth as lies or jagged as bitten nails
and some of them made you cry
and some of them turned you on
and I added a few more purple ones that night.
You kissed away my doubts
and in the morning we buried the jar in the back yard
with the other things that have no place
in the here and now
between the row of goldfish and the row of hamsters
under the blazing pyracanthas.
You even put up a little cross
made of popsicle sticks, still sticky (so were our mouths)
as a touch of irony.
You were already gone by the time I found yours,
your pickle jar full of brightly-coloured sins
hiding in the bottom
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 42 50
Zerebrale Dichotomie :iconzerebraledichotomie:zerebraleDichotomie 737 169
Pickle art doll :iconhikigane:hikigane 100 13 PI: Be Crocheted :iconatmcnmbr80:AtmcNmbr80 86 7 Pickle (commission) :iconrens-twin:Rens-twin 120 15 Glass jar of Pickles - Gherkins DRAWING :iconmarcellobarenghi:marcellobarenghi 199 25 cucumbers captured in a jar :iconaleksandracupcake:aleksandracupcake 340 55 Whiskey Cake Greek Inspired Sandwich :iconmantiswind:mantiswind 181 29 Meet Pickle :icongutterface:gutterface 221 72 Kitty Pickle :iconshidonii:shidonii 241 58
Crazy English Laws ReaderXEngland ~Crack~ Part. 2
You walked around London enjoying the sites when you decided to go into the House of Parlement and met up with your dear old friend, England.
"HEY ENGLAND!"you yelled and waved wildly while bystanderds gave you strange looks.
"[Name], Stop it!"he yelled at you.
"Stop what?"you said smiling at him kindly.
"Oh, You know what!"he yelled.
You listened to him rant until he was interupted by a slurrrrrping sound.
"What the bloody hell was that-!"he started but looked up at you and saw a 'GULP' in your small hands.
"[NAME]!"he shouted.
"Hahaha! Chill England!"you laughed as you took a bite of your burger.
"Your being extremly unlady like!"he yelled but you just laugh at him.
"I think your over reacting-!"you said when a pickle got stuck in the back of your throat.
You instantly dropped your food and grasped your neck while making choaking noises.
"[N-Name]! This isn't funny!"England growled but soon relized you were actually choaking.
"Crap!"he said as he went behind you and gave you the
:iconcheezit1x1:Cheezit1x1 69 30
Toothless and Hiccup :iconlilyondine:LilyOndine 650 34 Pickles :iconsirpayne:SirPayne 337 130 What pumpkin? :iconmrcrapinson:Mrcrapinson 426 77 Pickles' Nickels :iconpirateking42:pirateking42 81 48 Pickle Moon Bun Ornament :iconmoonyen:MoonYen 82 28 Twilight Isn't Literature? :iconinu-kiky:Inu-Kiky 152 46 i am an excellent diplomat. :iconquickmanx:QuickmanX 323 18 Have a Pickle :iconakane-the-fox:Akane-The-Fox 145 70
Hell is Cold Too
"What's this?"
I bent down to the asphalt-covered ground and picked up the blue piece of paper with a red and white ball on it, flipping it over. A blue dragon with a red head covered in spikes stared at me menacingly, the Pokemon card calling it Druddigon.  "You're pretty beast, y'know, Druddigon?" I whispered softly, slipping the card into my pocket and walking inside. I was sure the owner wouldn't miss it.
I plopped down next to my brother, who was playing Black Ops. He shot a virtual person then growled at me, "Get yer leg offa me, it's freezing." I felt my leg, and sure enough, he was right. I instinctively removed the Druddigon card from my pocket, then dropped it with a yelp - it was steaming hot!
Ignoring the weirdness of it all, I reached back and wrapped my cold leg in a blanket. I turned to pick up my hopefully cooled down Druddigon card, but it was gone. "That's weird..." I whispered shakily. Trying to take my mind off it, I grabbed and X-box controller and got re
:iconkibago-mayfan:Kibago-Mayfan 21 14
Funeral of theFermented Pickle :iconstuckwithpins:stuckwithpins 163 27 Valentine's Day :iconawkwardalpaca:awkwardalpaca 287 34 Sonic Origins - Wendy Witchcart :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 132 40 Unleashed X or something :iconthe-gitz:the-Gitz 216 10 heaven beside you hell within :icondisgustiphage:disgustiphage 213 30