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creating something beautiful
my skin is raw red and wedding-white from when the watches' honed hands lacerated me as they melted, but i am no salvador dali.
the writer says, i can feel the words with my thoughts but not with my fingers, and i cannot trust my thoughts because objectively they are not real. repeat after me: i will only believe what i have physical, sensual proof of. i will only believe what i have physical, sensual proof of. physical sensual proof - the writer says, i process that with my thoughts; therefore, there is no proof, no physical, no sensual, no reality, and no "me."
"blood" will not splatter my fingers incriminating crimson; "skyline" can't stain my palms abstinence-blue or offer me refuge in cathartical clouds;
            but i can write. i can write something beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful i can produce.
to create something beautiful, you need a canvas: if you are no salvador dali, life will do. have your drea
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napoleon at seven
an old guitarist sitting
on a watercolor hill,
plucking on six strings absent.
two halves of breasts running near
under van gogh's starry night,
under black-white guernica.
everything in all jigsaws,
everything in trepid cubes.
a girl before a mirror
with violin and guitar,
sitting with three musicians
and a woman with her book,
stippling all realities
of intangible maternity.
hours yielding from dalí's clock,
minutes sub-the alchemist
like rain, like raining, like rained—
portraits wilt with abstract smiles.
clear sfumato, oh still life,
napoleon at seven.
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Picasso: From Harlequin to Minotaur to Eternity

Picasso: From Harlequin to Minotaur to Eternity
By techgnotic
WEARING PICASSO by WhileyDunsmoreArt
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His life was one continuous revolution of artistic experimentation and expression.
Having developed one art form to the point of germinating a school of its own artists, he would move on to discover another direction for his artistic genius. His art encompass
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Miracle Rebirth of a Tree by SillyJellie Miracle Rebirth of a Tree :iconsillyjellie:SillyJellie 168 13 Cheers by simonacandini Cheers :iconsimonacandini:simonacandini 499 48
She Frowned Like a Picasso
There were ten ways she smiled
and he knew every one by heart.
He used to paint them across his eyelids
like all the famous artists he knew:
Van Gogh;
(although he always made certain
her pieces were in the right places).
He called her his Glamor Girl
because her pupils were filled up with stars
and her heartbeats poured glitter into her veins
and she laughed,
how she laughed at his midnight-filled wink
and all the ways his breathing stopped when she was around.
He promised he'd hang her name on the moon.
He swore he'd never find more inspiration
than he did that afternoon on the pier,
the wind tangling her hair
and the sun
glancing off the sparkles of her skin.
Early September
was never more appealing to him,
and when she glanced away,
he could hear his heart break.
There was only one way she frowned
and she used it that day
and maybe his paintings of her were like Picasso's,
after all.
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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso by norbi Citroen Grand C4 Picasso :iconnorbi:norbi 276 23 Peace Process by BenHeine Peace Process :iconbenheine:BenHeine 131 14
I am not Salvador Dali
If I was Salvador Dalí I would have swallowed paint when I was a baby so my insides could match my subconscious. I would have colored my kidneys lilac and the birdcage of my ribs white gold and the length of my large intestines all the endless blues of the sea.
If I was Picasso I would have packaged up my innards like Moving Day, vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness. I would have squared away my trachea in cubes, hung my lungs from the rafters on clothes hangers and draped a billowing white sheet over my heart. I would have slid my nose three inches to the left and flattened all three of my dimensions to meet your expectations.
If I was da Vinci I would have carved open my diaphragm to show you where you fit inside. If I was van Gogh I would have given you my own ear like a bouquet, so that you could carry with you what delights in the crystal chandelier of your laughter. If I was Warhol, I would have packed myself into soup cans and delivered the entirety of my being to your visio
:iconsora-seraph:Sora-Seraph 25 14
Picasso by InfinityandOne Picasso :iconinfinityandone:InfinityandOne 184 49
Paintception - Italy x Reader
Grabbing your hand, Feliciano walked jauntily down the sidewalk towards the art museum.  You’d recently asked him to take you to a gallery that was nearby and he’d quickly agreed…just like you thought he would. 
To be honest with yourself, though, you couldn’t deny the fact that you weren’t really that much into art.  The occasional picture, sure…paintings, maybe, but never in your life would you be able to walk through an entire gallery for a full day and actually enjoy every second.  But with Feli there, you were hoping he’d change your perspective of art entirely.  Glancing down at his hand, you smiled inwardly to yourself as he continued to drag you along.
Yes, maybe he would make an art lover out of you in this one trip alone…and perhaps even…another kind of lover?  Eh, one could only hope that Feliciano would actually read the signs that you were sending his
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Vicasso Font - Elegant Display Font by DeepBlueDesigns Vicasso Font - Elegant Display Font :icondeepbluedesigns:DeepBlueDesigns 26 16 Picasso jasper pendant by ukapala Picasso jasper pendant :iconukapala:ukapala 127 17
subtle abstract.
and our poets are becoming more
and more of painters while
our painters
are taking pictures of trees
flowers and
photographers are
composing words out of
into nothing.
i fell sideways and
down into a rabbit hole to
soothe my aching
ears; but silence makes us
stronger and we
can't run too far
we were born in homes
on the street.
i'm a bit of
and insomniac and
it's morning again; but i
haven't slept in
three weeks and four days
and thirty six minutes.
i've been counting the
seconds since you left;
i'm quite pleased with
the improvement in my
math and motor skills.
now that you're gone.
:iconstuff7:stuff7 24 33
Merry Christmas 2012 by Skailla Merry Christmas 2012 :iconskailla:Skailla 278 63 Friendship bracelets by letax Friendship bracelets :iconletax:letax 89 40