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Today's the Day - Phan
P.O.V: Dan
Today’s the day. 25th of October, 2022. I am going to propose.
It was like a normal day, Phil on the internet at the table, probably looking up something weird while I’m on my laptop in my sofa crease. Nervousness eliminated throughout my body. My heart rate a bit faster than usual. I stood up, moved my electric device over onto the sofa and walked to Phil. My mind compiled with overwhelming questions: What if he says no? Of course he won’t say no, he’s my boyfriend, my soulmate. What if he thinks I’m joking? What if he actually thinks I’m joking? Why would he think that, Dan? Wait, what date is it it? What if I went into a coma for a whole day and miss the 25th? Oh god! What am I going to say? I don’t want it to be cliche!!
“Hi” Phil smiled at me, aware of my presence being near.
“Uh, so you know how, I, we” I paused, not sure what to say. A blush developed within my face.
“Uhhh? What?” Phil laugh
:iconthegemsproduction:TheGemsProduction 9 23
Punk! Phil :iconsgpaige:SGpaige 8 2 Punk! AmazingPhil + SpeedPaint :iconalexanderthepanda:AlexanderThePanda 8 1 Dan the Notepad and Phil the Computer :iconszyszcone:Szyszcone 10 3 Cuter Than U :iconaphsteve:aphsteve 7 0 get festive-y :iconcheythecat337:CheyTheCat337 6 2 Dil Howlter GIF :iconhulkinia:Hulkinia 6 3
Internet Boyfriends
Chapter one- The Message
It was 12:26 am when Dan woke up. He had stayed up 'till 1:00 am yesterday and now he was really going to suffer the consequences. He stirred around in his  warm bed, trying to get comfortable once again. But alas, his attempts to get cozy failed and he was forced to escape that warm blankets that seemed to consume him
. He yawned and picked up his phone, flinching at the bright light when he turned it on. "Nggnn.." Dan groaned and turned down the brightness. "Bloody bright lights..." Dan mumbled to himself, before thinking to himself "that sounds like a band name." 
He shrugged off the thought and unplugged his phone from the charger before walking to the bathroom and taking a long, warm shower. Once he finished his warm shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out of bathroom. He got dressed and finished his hygiene routine. 
After brushing his teeth, he walked over to the small kitchen with the glass door that he runs into on a d
:iconleroithegriffon:LeroitheGriffon 5 20
Cheater! Dan x Reader - No more chances part 1

-Dan’s point of view-
I sighed as I walk the streets of London, running my hand through my hair out of complete frustration. Why am I so stupid? Why was I so blind? If only I could just turn back time, none of this would’ve happened.
As I was quietly sneaking up to the flat me and ____ lived, I peeked at the window to see her on the couch crying. Why is she crying? Okay, I may have come home late (again) but it’s not something to cry over, unless she…
I just sighed and shrugged it off; she might not even know about it, I’m just exaggerating about this. I walked straight to the door and used one of my spare keys to open it, strangely though it’s already open. I quietly opened the door, got in and closed it. I walked to the living room and hugged her from behind. I heard a light gasp from her.
“Hey love, sorry I came home late…” I said as I nuzzled her neck, although sh
:iconbasicjo:BasicJo 4 0
Game Bros :iconexleston:Exleston 5 3 Dan and Phil as dogs :iconpaxx551:Paxx551 5 4 The City :iconmmdfuntime:MMDfuntime 3 0 Reunited :iconmmdfuntime:MMDfuntime 3 0 Ladybug Lester. :iconcheythecat337:CheyTheCat337 0 7 Phil Lester :iconaromoon:aromoon 3 0 TOP!Dan Howell :iconbluedakat:BlueDaKat 2 0 Phillio :iconcandystarss:candystarss 3 5 Dan and Phil Sketchies :icontriplestabber:TripleStabber 3 0
Cereal - Phan
P.O.V: Dan
“Phil’s making fun of me!” Jule complained from the kitchen. Jule is once again hanging out with us while Jaelin's at work. The two insane human beings were loudly bickering in the kitchen. I could hear the nonsense of the argument travel to the lounge where I’m perfectly sitting in my sofa crease.
“Phil, why are you making fun of Jule?” I called back with low amount of interest. More authorized in my illuminating electric device on my lap.
“She’s making cereal wrong!” Phil criticized greatly with a deep hatred in his voice.
“How the fuck did she make cere- did she burnt it? JULE YOU DON’T COOK CEREAL!”
“I didn’t burnt it!” She squawk back supplied with a giggle. Now invested with my own curiosity, I got up and investigated the crime scene. Which was the kitchen…. If you didn’t yeah.
Quickly as I entered the next room, Phil pointed to the victim!
“See!!” He yelle
:iconthegemsproduction:TheGemsProduction 2 2
Pastel!Dan x Punk!Phil :iconcandlekate:CandleKate 2 0 Dan and Phil :iconfanficwriter4:fanficwriter4 2 0 Pastel! Phil :iconfanficwriter4:fanficwriter4 2 0