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Ultra Beast Celesteela Pheromosa Nihilego Buzzwole :iconlogancure:logancure 739 73 Pokemon Personas :iconcjsux:CJsux 488 41 Lotsa Pheromosa :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 579 46 four whole pheromosas :icontalbyt:talbyt 212 15 Pheromosa :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 157 71 Pheromosa :iconsylvaur:Sylvaur 312 7
No Difference|Ultra Beasts x Reader
You hummed a tune as you walked down the street, looking around at the buildings and clouds. On your shoulder sat your Shiny Furret, Scarf, who was also marveled by the sights and sounds of Hau'oli City. Glancing over at the other side of the street, you saw a cart being pulled by a Tauros, children running down the sidewalk laughing, and a market where many tourists, like yourself, stopped by.
Seeing the fruits made your stomach growl a bit, but you were too shy to go over and talk to the sales lady. In general you were just shy around most people, though not so much around Pokemon. Sometimes you considered them to be better than your human friends.
Distracted by the sights, you didn't realize you accidentally bumped into someone.
"Ack! Hey watch it!"
"O-Oh! I-I'm sorry!" You squeaked in surprise, apologizing as your face flushed with embarrassment. Looking up, you saw that the person was wearing a black and white attire, with a hat and bandanna on that resembled a skull.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 79 57
UB-02 Staring at you :iconanzhyra:Anzhyra 159 27 UB-02 Beauty :iconyami-angel-and-devil:yami-angel-and-devil 160 14
Ultra Space
While the consequences of its existence have been known to the people of the Alola region for some time, the Ultra Space is nonetheless a bizarre world that has only recently become the subject of great study as a result of the Aether Crisis in the region. No probe has ever been successfully launched into the Ultra Space in order to examine it, so the true nature of its existence is unknown, but there have been several theories posited and the sum of their data suggests that the Ultra Space may be a world far separate from our own but perhaps not as different as one might think. It is the purpose of this analysis to provide the most likely identity of what the Ultra Space is, and in association how the Ultra Wormholes that lead from it are constructed, why they exist, the types of life forms that have been observed to exist in the Ultra Space, the effects transportation between realms has on travelers and how the world as a whole has handled said travelers in the absence o
:iconmutitus:Mutitus 21 38
BUY NOW! New years sale plug: MegaPherovoir :iconmtc-studio:MTC-Studio 271 17 [POKEDDEXY] Day 1 :iconglistenwolfy:GlistenWolfy 72 10 Ride - Agent Ridley and Pheromosa :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 56 26 Untitled :iconsylvaur:Sylvaur 205 9 --- ULTRA --- :iconspinoone:SpinoOne 188 72 Ultra Beast :iconmimida21:mimida21 180 25 Ultra Beast Gijinkas :iconjinchuurikihunter:JinchuurikiHunter 201 34 UB-02 :icona-bumbling-idiot:A-Bumbling-Idiot 116 6 Ultra Beasts and Where to Catch Them :icontails19950:Tails19950 234 56 Ultra Beast sprites part 2 (wip) :iconleparagon:leparagon 98 23 Alola Shenanigans : The Job :iconvelink:Velink 115 37 UB-02 BEAUTY :iconanzhyra:Anzhyra 212 5 Pokemon Sun and Moon: Darkness is Beauty :iconzionworldartist:ZionWorldArtist 199 20 Pheromosa :iconxxsacrosimxx:XxSacrosimxX 195 16 Ultra Beasts. :iconjustarandomgourgeist:JustaRandomGourgeist 86 25 Oddmachine Commission: Three Pheromosa Pin-Up :iconmichaeljlarson:MichaelJLarson 129 9 ay que ASCO!!! :iconphangman:PHangman 63 76 What Are These Things? :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 59 45 Pokemon Moon :iconliptonpee:LiptonPee 54 6 Love Pheromosa :iconweeeps:weeeps 56 9 Pheromosa / UB-02 Beauty :iconawokenarts:AwokenArts 115 7 Lillie and Neb #1 :iconozonefruit:OzoneFruit 43 6 Kartana, Nihilego and Pheromosa Base :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 78 5 La Cucaracha Pheromosa :iconsindraws:sinDRAWS 41 9 Pheromosa and Celesteela :iconmisconda:MisconDA 85 7 OU Party :iconanzhyra:Anzhyra 85 12 Pheromosa [Commission] :iconastr0nautical:Astr0nautical 34 9 Pheromosa :iconlightdragon87:LightDragon87 104 6
Pheromosa Report
Pheromosa (the Lissome Pokémon), also known as UB-02b Beauty, is a Bug/Fighting-type Ultra Beast originating from the Ultra Space. Though their thin bodies may look frail and weak, Pheromosa are dangerously fast and incredibly powerful insectoids that can move faster than the human eye can detect them and more than quick enough to outrun nearly anything that dares to attack them. Their elegance might seem to make them look and feel a bit arousing, but you would best hold off on trying to get too close to them; let yourself fall under their spell, and becoming a slave to them might be the least awkward thing that you end up having to go through under their charge!
The Ultra Beasts are a class of extradimensional Pokémon originating from a place known as the Ultra Space, a dimension that seems to lie between the fabrics of two alternate universes. Periodically, though only ever observed in the Alola region, portals open up that enter into their world, and while this normally do
:iconmutitus:Mutitus 25 101
Pheromosa Com :iconcarafalsa:CaraFalsa 104 42 Pheromosa :iconthebig-chillqueen:TheBig-ChillQueen 52 18 Pheromosa Spring :iconanzhyra:Anzhyra 32 4 Pheromosa Minimalist Wallpaper :iconmorshute:Morshute 27 6 fatally beautiful :iconsayonararevival:SayonaraRevival 72 2 GottaDrawEmAll- Pheromosa :iconsiitric-acid:siitric-acid 41 13 ULTRABEASTS + NECROZMA :iconsplendidland:splendidland 115 5 My Pokemon Moon Team :iconmorenclose001:Morenclose001 26 0