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Pharaoh's Memories
Memories I don't want to forget,
Are forgotten.
Memories I don't want to keep,
Are kept.
People I want to see again,
Are gone.
People I want to die,
Still live on.
A life I want to bring back,
Stays dead.
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The Son of Athena, Blood of the Pharaohs Ch. 1
Note: this is before the Lost Hero and after the Throne of Fire. However, to understand this fully, you must have read the Lost Hero, or some characters will be unfamiliar with you.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or the Heroes of Olympus(I do, however, have a copy of almost all of the books). If I did own them, which means I would be Rick Riordan, it would be awesome. Sadly, I am not.

Percy had been having a relatively good day until his canoe exploded. He woke up with a slight tiredness, as if all his muscles were still asleep. He knew he shouldn't have stayed up late, but he thought he deserved some fun, especially since Thalia and Nico had come to visit. Still, he was tired. Nothing like the water to cheer me up, he thought. He started to walk towards the ocean, then quickly stopped, realizing that he had a number of critical things to do, like eating bre
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Pharaoh's Gate Ch7:- Giving it up, Giving it in
"Yami... Yami..." the voice of a small boy spoke out.
"Who is that?" Yami Yugi sat up slowly at the call of his name, but noticed a place he didn't recognise. His friends didn't surround him, nor did the stone room; instead he saw a dark cold space and a graveled pathway. His near-direct reflection looked back before him. "Yugi," he rasped.
Little Yugi was not see-through like a ghost any more. He stood over him. "Pharaoh. Good to see you awake."
"But where are my friends? Why are we both inside the Millennium Puzzle?"
"Pharaoh listen. Something is going terribly wrong. Every time I come back to this place, I feel more and more frightened. There are cries of something here that shouldn't be."
Yami glanced around inspecting the setting. Standing up for a better view, he could see a long pathway connecting to hundreds if not thousands of staircases that connected to doors that seemingly went nowhere. Some even defied gravity, with stairways reaching up impossible 90 degree angles, some e
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