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DECIMA by max4ever DECIMA :iconmax4ever:max4ever 1,497 57 MirageCorp Vassal Drone by phantomdotexe MirageCorp Vassal Drone :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 213 46 Whispers in the dark by BadLuckKitty Whispers in the dark :iconbadluckkitty:BadLuckKitty 506 56 City of Peril by RalphHorsley City of Peril :iconralphhorsley:RalphHorsley 1,647 228 The Arizona Incident by The-Snake-Whisperer The Arizona Incident :iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 282 16 Double World Ninja - Interactive Fiction by phantomdotexe Double World Ninja - Interactive Fiction :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 332 126 Spider Woman down by johnbecaro Spider Woman down :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 745 14 Told you not to touch anything by OptimusPraino Told you not to touch anything :iconoptimuspraino:OptimusPraino 1,700 94 Good Triumphs Evil by phantomdotexe Good Triumphs Evil :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 179 18
The Slimy Cocoon
    Amy waved goodbye, blowing a kiss with her soft, full lips as the last of her classmates vacated the field where their charity event had taken place today. She was in charge of the entire event and everything had gone swimmingly. Now she was lingering to pick up a few discarded items and clean up the final bits of supplies before heading home herself. It was a warm, humid night, nearly one in the morning but it was still comfortable for the schoolgirl in her black tights and yellow shirt. The towering, charming platinum-blonde was a sexy, svelte young girl, with relatively large breasts, long toned legs, and slightly wild, silvery hair. Amy was desired by many of the boys at her school, and, in fact, quite a few of the girls, though they would never admit their infatuations for her.
    The student was looking forward to heading home and showering, relaxing after a long but fulfilling day. Little did she know that a predator was stalking her from the s
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The rubber shop
The shop owner told her to wait while he retrieved the latex boots she ordered.
*Please do not touch anything.* He said before going.
Despite his warning, Caroll could not take her eyes of the amazing suit hanging right next to her.
She resisted the temptation and waited for about 10 minutes. But her patience grew heavy.
*Have you found my boots yet?*
No response. She took another look at the suit. The zipper, open, left the shiny interior exposed. It felt like it was begging to be used. A suit of this quality would be very expensive, she tough. She might never have such an opportunity again.
*Hello !!!* Still no response.
*Oh... What the hell...* in no time, she undressed herself and grabbed the flask of body-lotion on the counter.
*Strange... What is that doing on the counter ? It seems a bit too convenient* But she had no time to think. There was little time before the owner would come back, and she did not want to get caught naked.
She used the oil, and sinked in the rubber suit. H
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Amy's Zoological Adventure
    She knew how dangerous it was to trace around the zoo at night, there were security cameras everywhere, catching every corner of every shadow. Dressed in her black, thief attire, the lithe blonde known as Amy Erin Blackshire had infiltrated the zoo for one reason, and one reason alone — to be eaten. It had long been the fantasy of the young, athletic, busty woman to find the largest snake in existence, and feed herself to it. However there were certain risks, such as the element of being caught or captured before such a reptile could get its coils around her. Once she was bitten and reeled in, Amy would surrender all her strength and succumb to the might of the hungry reptile. Little did she know, that security guards were posted outside the reptile house, watching over the largest captive-bred Green Anaconda the world had ever seen. Weighing in at close to four-hundred pounds, measuring over ten meters in length and over a foot wide at the thickest port
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