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Ti Amo (Nico Di Angelo X Male!Reader)
  You were a mistake. Why? Well, you weren't ever supposed to be born. It's a crazy situation when a goddess makes a mistake and gets a little too drunk on nectar. Also, you knew you were a mistake from your mother sending you a dream. It went a little like this;
  “Hello?” You asked, looking up at the giant glowing woman.

  “Hello (f/n).” She intoned. “I am your mother, Hera.”

  “Oh, okay.” You shrugged. “That's cool.” 

  The woman shrunk down to your size and seemed to be sizing you up. You instinctively stood a little straighter, and she smiled at you. “You were a mistake, but you will bring glory to my name. I shall claim you as my own.”

  “Thanks… mother?”
  Of course, you hadn't believed her. You had thought she was manipulating you, but when the symbol of Hera appeared durin
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Percy and Annabeth Chap. 1
1 .  PANIC
"This reminds me of Percy Jackson and The Olympians," I complained while sprinting down the side of the hill.
My name is Percy, like that guy in Harry Potter. I'm sixteen years old, and my father is the mighty god, Poseidon. My appearance isn't very important to me, not as much as the duties I'm supposed to perform for my father. However, to my surprise, my blue, discolored jeans fit in well with my short-sleeved, gray shirt. My kind of long black hair was in disarray; I'd been on the run for awhile, fleeing from monsters for a couple of days. If my appearance didn't shock you, maybe my desperate attempts at being intimidation would. I'm five by seven, pretty average, but when it comes to scaring people, I don't have the guts, or skill necessary.
"Of course it does, we're living it," Annabeth said, easily keeping pace with me.
"Yeah, yeah, don't need to remind me," I grumbled, nearly tripping over a tree root on the way down the hill. Annabeth and I came to know ea
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Ti Amo Troppo (Nico Di Angelo X Male!Reader)
  You groaned a little, rubbing your forehead as you stood up as Charon decided to circle back around to see you. “Money?”
  “I swear to the gods Charon, I told you. I'm not going unless you transport all these souls too.” You flipped up your sleep mask, which had tiny skeleton tassels, and looked the god of ferries or something in his dead eyes. “Now if you'll excuse me I'm trying to die. Again.”
  Charon sighed and moved away. You were one of the most infuriating spirits he had ever come across, refusing to get on the ferry even though you had more than enough money, until he promised to bring everyone across. Well, he sure wasn't doing that.
  Hades had called for you specially a few days ago, but you had ignored the summons, saying you'd rot in peace while Charon robbed the people. Thus was Charon’s predicament. He really liked listening to the despairing moans of the dead without money, but you were probabl
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Percy and Annabeth Chap. 13
So, Athena's voice echoed from within my mind. Up to the challenge?
I could hear the taunt in her voice, as if she was wanting me to back down. She did want me to back down, and I would never give in to her.
I shook my head, "no."
I could sense the frustration in Athena's voice as she spoke.
Foolish boy, you should just give Annabeth up while you have the chance.
"I'm not giving her up for anything," I yelled, glaring fiercely at what I hoped was where Athena was standing invisible.
Whatever, she sighed, next stanza I guess . . .
Will come in search of Annabeth
Risking everything, including death
My fall down ' pit lane ' abruptly ended when my feet softly touched solid ground again. It looked beautiful all around me. Nice, oak trees were blooming, squirrels scampered all about, and tiny sparrows flew from branch to branch. The ground was covered in Bermuda grass, all though I had no idea how I knew that. Small vegetation varying from flowers to bushes grew.
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