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a thousand voices howling in my head by Poisons-Kiss a thousand voices howling in my head :iconpoisons-kiss:Poisons-Kiss 383 152
10 ways to annoy Percy Jackson!
1. Call him seaweed, when he asks why, just tell him, " 'Cause you have no brain." 
2. Call him Perry Johansen, Perky Johnson, or P.J
3. Remind him of how Poseidon and Sally made him... (He won't be able to look at the EVER AGAIN!)
4. Hum the song... (Don't go near the water!---Beach Boys) when he's around.
5. Tell him Luke was technically his GRANDPA!
6. Ask him if he can breathe while underwater in a bubblebath!
7. Say, "Can I borrow your pen for a sec" at school, if he doesnt give it to you, take it anyway, and when it turns into a sword, yell, "HE'S GOT A 
8. If the mortals can't see through the mist, say "Just Kidding." (Make sure you do this in all your classes with him!)
9. Remind him about Iris-Messaging Reyna while she was taking a bath.
10. When he blushes, say, "YOUR BLUSHING! I TELLING ANNABETH!" and make him beg for mercy! :| (I'm SO evil. Mwa-ha-ha)
{Professional annoyers who are proffesional in the arts
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Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 1
Connor Stoll: I love my new girlfriend.
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Annabeth Chase: Of the week.
Connor Stoll: No. I love her. We'll be together forever.
Annabeth Chase: …If you say so.
Connor Stoll: I do.
Annabeth Chase: What's her name?
Connor Stoll: Crap…
Ava Williams: That's a terrible name Connor.
Connor Stoll: .__.
Connor Stoll posted a picture of Ava Williams
Description: Ha! Remember when you totally failed trying to climb the rock wall then landed on your butt like this?
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Ava Williams: HOW DID YOU GET THIS?!?
Connor Stoll: Places.
Percy Jackson: I'm guessing this is why Ava is kicking the crap out of Connor…
Ava Williams: Why yes it is.
Aphrodite: Couples of the week!
Tratie- Travis + Katie
Percabeth- Percy + Annabeth
Jasper- Jason + Piper
Leva- Le
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Why Hello, Mr. Jackson by GreyBird4 Why Hello, Mr. Jackson :icongreybird4:GreyBird4 261 84 Fell asleep by Sferalex Fell asleep :iconsferalex:Sferalex 194 39 GenderBending Persephone Jackson and Anthony Chase by renkarts GenderBending Persephone Jackson and Anthony Chase :iconrenkarts:renkarts 154 26
Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 2
Zeus: I like poopturds.
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Ava Williams: Bahahahahah! Oh, you never told us!
Apollo: But we all knew…
Zeus: WHAT?!? What is this nonsense?!?
Ares: It wasn't me… *Looks around suspiciously*
Annabeth Chase: I would run now.
Hermes posted a video of Zeus and Ares:
Desription: Why am I the god of the internet? The answer is simple: So I can post very amusing things like this. Actually… I was just walking past when I saw Zeus zapping Ares in the butt. In his bathrobe… *shudders*
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Percy Jackson: I never in my life want to see Ares in a bathrobe again…
Ava Williams: He did deserve it.
Percy Jackson: I saw this really sad movie…
Annabeth Chase: What was it about?
Percy Jackson: this couple that falls in love
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BlueFishCar by Coffee-Way BlueFishCar :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 151 13 Jackson by Coffee-Way Jackson :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 148 7 Walking on Water by AlwaysPercabeth Walking on Water :iconalwayspercabeth:AlwaysPercabeth 202 61 Piper doodle by sawebee Piper doodle :iconsawebee:sawebee 126 19 True Blue Love by Coffee-Way True Blue Love :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 179 23
PerLeo- Let It Snow
"Leo? What are you doing way over here?"
He was sitting on a big rock right on the edge of the clearing in the forest of skeletal trees, and grinned when he saw Percy peering up at him through the snow and his mop of wind-tossed hair. Percy came back to camp quite a bit during the winter, as if he couldn't bear to be away for longer than a week at a time. Leo stretched a hand down to him and Percy clasped it, climbing effortlessly up the side of the boulder in a few steps and sitting next to him, right against him, because there wasn't much of a flat surface at the top before the edges curved down at the sides.
Leo didn't mind.
After a moment, when Percy had yanked his scarf out from under his leg and almost succeeded in pitching himself backwards, his breath puffing in the air like a dragon's as he situated himself, he blinked, and glanced quickly over at Leo in wonder. "You're heating the rock?"
He shrugged uncomfortably and tried another smile. "You looked cold."
The rock had been c
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Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter by TheWandMaker Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter :iconthewandmaker:TheWandMaker 153 15 Logan Lerman by xx1wingedangel Logan Lerman :iconxx1wingedangel:xx1wingedangel 95 19 Percy Jackson - Demether by Sarunfunfeyer Percy Jackson - Demether :iconsarunfunfeyer:Sarunfunfeyer 113 26 A chance to save him by Sferalex A chance to save him :iconsferalex:Sferalex 77 19
Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 3
Nico Di Angelo:  Hey, this is math class.
And I just hate thee,
But here's a pencil.
So stab me maybe.
Likes: everyone
Jason Grace: Epic bro, just epic.
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Frank Zhang: S.W.A.G. Something We Asians Got. Boom.
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Percy Jackson: S.W.A.G. Something We Americans Got. Win.
Hazel Levesque: S.W.A.G. Something's Weird About Giraffes…
Annabeth Chase: S.W.A.G. Something We're All tired of hearing.
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Ava Williams: On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping. (…Yeah. That's always the best time to dry your hair.)
On a bag of Fritos: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (Wouldn't I have to open it, therefore buy it, to learn more?)
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Percy and Annabeth by xx1wingedangel Percy and Annabeth :iconxx1wingedangel:xx1wingedangel 230 141 Percicoou by Coffee-Way Percicoou :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 87 19 Percy Jackson Stamp by iSquirrely Percy Jackson Stamp :iconisquirrely:iSquirrely 321 20 IF IT WAS OUT!!!! by PrinceNicodiAngelo IF IT WAS OUT!!!! :iconprincenicodiangelo:PrinceNicodiAngelo 140 50 Percy and Annabeth - I Trust You by xsweetsillygirl Percy and Annabeth - I Trust You :iconxsweetsillygirl:xsweetsillygirl 135 13 Percy Jackson Quote 1 by AlwaysPercabeth Percy Jackson Quote 1 :iconalwayspercabeth:AlwaysPercabeth 116 7 Son of Poseidon by xx1wingedangel Son of Poseidon :iconxx1wingedangel:xx1wingedangel 72 26 Hey, hug. by Coffee-Way Hey, hug. :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 133 12
Percy Jackson - The Lost Quest
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lost Quest - Chapter One: I Find Myself Thinking About Annabeth in Blush-Worthy Ways.
To put it bluntly, the mission was a failure.
Not only did we lose to an oversized rodent, but it also took a chunk out of my armor with its pointy little teeth. Stupid rat, stupid day, stupid-
"PERRRRCY, LOOK OUT!" A bleated yell came from my left, and I whirled around to face the rat-on-steroids coming straight at me. It bowled me over, sending us both rolling on the tile floor in a flurry of fur and armor.
"Reeeet, reeeeeeeeeeet!"
It squealed, so loud that it ruffled my hair like wind in the grass.
"Okay, now what?!?!" I yelled at Grover, who was standing uselessly frozen to my left, as if he'd just seen Pan dance around like a showgirl in ladies underwear. At my voice, he seemed to snap out of his trance, looking over at me with a still panicked, yet serious expression on his face. "See if Riptide is back in your pocket!"
That was all he could come up with?! G
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Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 5
Piper McLean: What's the point in a bicycle cop? I mean really? "Pull over!" *brring brring* "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to get in the basket."
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Jason Grace: Maybe it's a large basket. (A/N: Just so you know, I was dying to add an "If you know what I mean. ;D" at the end of it. Sadly, I restrained myself)
Piper McLean: But what if it's a large sir?
Jason Grace: Then that sir will just have to walk behind.
Piper McLean: Oh no. Not behind.
Ava Williams: ^ LOLOL
Travis Stoll posted a video: The typical life in the Hermes cabin.
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Percy Jackson: Anyone catch the part where Connor said "I got new deodorant yesterday and the instructions said remove top and push up bottom. My butt really hurts, but every time I fart the room smells awesome."?
Jason Grace: Or when he says "Hey baby… just waddl
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HAPPY B-DAY PERCY JACKSON by Coffee-Way HAPPY B-DAY PERCY JACKSON :iconcoffee-way:Coffee-Way 86 3 Percy Jackson Quote 2 by AlwaysPercabeth Percy Jackson Quote 2 :iconalwayspercabeth:AlwaysPercabeth 39 4 Percabeth by KatnissJackson Percabeth :iconkatnissjackson:KatnissJackson 45 5
Life Beyond the Living -Ch 1-
A story about a boy's journey to knowledge and self-discovery. The questions Riordan left about his little Nico di Angelo will perhaps be answered.


“Go Away!” He yelled. “I hate you! I wish you were dead!”
The ground didn’t swallow me up, but Nico ran down the steps, headed towards the woods. I tried to follow, but I slipped and fell to the icy steps. When I got up, I noticed what I slipped on.
I picked up the god statue Bianca had retrieved from the junkyard for Nico. The only statue he didn’t have, she’d said. A last gift from his sister.
I stared at it with dread, because I now understand why it looked so familiar. I’d seen it before.
It was a statue of Hades, Lord of the Dead.
-Rick Riordan “The Titan’s Curse.”
He ran as if he had death at his heels. His breath was released in tiny puff
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Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 4
Ava Williams: Okay, let's get one thing straight here. Leo and I are NOT dating nor will we EVER be. That's all. Bye now.
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Leo Valdez: That is kind of insulting… but true!
Aphrodite: That's really not fair. We all know you are.
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Ava Williams: NOO!
Ava Williams: So you guys seriously still think we're dating? NO. Proof is my relationship status:
[] Single
[] Taken
[x] Will die alone with 73 cats.
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the lightning theif echasketch by rubersoulbritt the lightning theif echasketch :iconrubersoulbritt:rubersoulbritt 73 173 Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo (PDF) by Ederl-xD Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo (PDF) :iconederl-xd:Ederl-xD 13 11
Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 6
Ava Williams: So I was thinking we should make a whole song out of what Nico posted. Yeah?
I threw a wish in the well.
That math class would go to hell.
I guess dreams don't come true,
Because I wished it was gone.
Percy Jackson: Now we're learning PEMDAS.
How much longer can we last?
Half an hour 'til we're done,
Then we can go and run.
Leo Valdez:  The teacher is droning.
Everyone is zoning.
I am almost moaning.
When can we go have some fun?!
Nico Di Angelo: Hey, this is math class.
And I just hate thee,
But here's a pencil,
So stab me maybe.
Thalia Grace: And it's hard to focus…
Without going crazy!
But here's a pencil,
So stab me maybe.
Jason Grace: You talk to me all the time.
I'm silent just like a mime.
I never talk back to you,
But I get in trouble too.
Piper McLean: The teacher always will scream:
"Just how dumb do I seem?!
You will learn this math,
Or you will taste my wrath!"
Frank Zhang: Before you came into my life,
I was s
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McDonalds obsession by EmmyMaxie McDonalds obsession :iconemmymaxie:EmmyMaxie 101 25
Percy Jackson The Lost Quest 5
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lost Quest - Chapter 5: It Sucks to be me.
"What's up, Rachel?" I sighed and thought of a question to ask. After a minute of racking my insufficient brain, it clicked.
"Hey, Percy!" Rachel tackle hugged me, and got the breath nearly knocked out of me.
"Er... I kinda need your Oracle services, because of the situation..."
"Oh...right..." She looked kinda disappointed, and I flinched a bit. We both knew very well what she'd said last Summer, that the Oracle's fate did not include romance; she'd already cut me off once, and I wasn't about to deal with that again. "Tell me of the quest that I am required to know." I felt pretty smug about my smooth wording of that, and watched as Rachel's eyes changed to an unseeing, bright green. A vision appeared in a mist, showing 3 figures running across a bridge that buckled behind them. I couldn't tell who they were since they were so far away, but I had an idea it wasn't going to be fun to find out.
The visions
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My biggest What if by BoffieXD My biggest What if :iconboffiexd:BoffieXD 47 19 Love... by Percabeth-is-4ever Love... :iconpercabeth-is-4ever:Percabeth-is-4ever 77 25 Caleo by percyjacksonsister Caleo :iconpercyjacksonsister:percyjacksonsister 46 5 Nico Di Angelo by xsweetsillygirl Nico Di Angelo :iconxsweetsillygirl:xsweetsillygirl 48 3 Silena Beauregard by xsweetsillygirl Silena Beauregard :iconxsweetsillygirl:xsweetsillygirl 123 30 Jasico by devanshe Jasico :icondevanshe:devanshe 45 14 Calypso by SophieAlexer Calypso :iconsophiealexer:SophieAlexer 56 8 Percico by SophieAlexer Percico :iconsophiealexer:SophieAlexer 18 1 NICO by Art1st1cPasta NICO :iconart1st1cpasta:Art1st1cPasta 33 6 Percy Jackson Quote 3 by AlwaysPercabeth Percy Jackson Quote 3 :iconalwayspercabeth:AlwaysPercabeth 42 3
Percy Jackson The Lost Quest 4
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lost Quest - Chapter Four - A Bad Day in Endsville
Once I'd reclaimed my normal state of mind, I pulled ahead of Annabeth and led her towards my cabin, my thoughts a jumbled mess of confusion and slight anger against the stubborn goddess. Once she was inside I slammed the door shut, locking it with a sigh as I hesitantly walked to my bed, where she already sat. I sank down on it beside her, immediately falling back and staring at the ceiling. For a while we just stayed there, silent, both of us thinking everything over.
Then Annabeth did something I didn't expect. She leaned back against my chest and turned her face into my neck, suddenly starting to cry. I could feel her warm tears run onto my neck, and her golden hair tickle my cheek. Bewildered, I gently moved her hair out of my face, leaning my cheek on the top of her head.
"Hey, what's wrong?" I murmured against her hair, beginning to feel strung out and stressed because of her misery. She did
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