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Beware the Mighty Penguinator by TheWax Beware the Mighty Penguinator :iconthewax:TheWax 1,609 387 Ice Chase by Liris-san Ice Chase :iconliris-san:Liris-san 239 14 Saved? -Finished- by Aerobian-Angel Saved? -Finished- :iconaerobian-angel:Aerobian-Angel 236 161 Ice Cap Zone by lordtrigonstar Ice Cap Zone :iconlordtrigonstar:lordtrigonstar 67 28 Are you feeling it, Crabmeat? by sergeant16bit Are you feeling it, Crabmeat? :iconsergeant16bit:sergeant16bit 27 4
Ice Cap
Ponyville's town hall stood proudly in the center of the town, being the only other location besides the library to have color in the otherwise white world that Ponyville had wound up in. It wasn't just the town hall that had color, though; the restoration caused by Sonic and friends' trip to the Metropolis Zone had spread the color as far as the two bridges over the stream that passed by the town hall, the water below them once again flowing. Inside the mayor's office, Twilight took a deep breath as she finished explaining the situation to the Mayor.
The Mayor spoke slowly, "Let me make sure I completely understand what you just told me, Twilight Sparkle. Because of this mysterious creature that you saw, Ponyville has been stripped of its color in this mysterious world and everypony in it has been stopped. Yet there seems to be a way to restore it to normal, thanks to that creature appearing in their world as well."
She gestured over at Sonic, Tails, and Amy at that last part, the blu
:icongreensonic21:GreenSonic21 27 28
Penguinator by JenHedgehog Penguinator :iconjenhedgehog:JenHedgehog 23 7 NAOSTH Ad by DaveTheSodaGuy NAOSTH Ad :icondavethesodaguy:DaveTheSodaGuy 28 6 Sonic Kirbys: King Eee Gee Gee by Stoney107 Sonic Kirbys: King Eee Gee Gee :iconstoney107:Stoney107 18 7 Sonic Saturday Xmas Special by RKdiaComics Sonic Saturday Xmas Special :iconrkdiacomics:RKdiaComics 14 9 Gone Ice Fishin' by MandySeley Gone Ice Fishin' :iconmandyseley:MandySeley 29 8 Penguinator for NeedleMouse by Dr-Spudhead Penguinator for NeedleMouse :icondr-spudhead:Dr-Spudhead 8 0 Sly Cooper for Penguinator24 by HornCartoons Sly Cooper for Penguinator24 :iconhorncartoons:HornCartoons 6 7 Miiverse - Penguin Propaganda by Crabnik Miiverse - Penguin Propaganda :iconcrabnik:Crabnik 4 2 Super Super heroes by MatsiOfErebor Super Super heroes :iconmatsioferebor:MatsiOfErebor 4 11 Pat Penguinator by SuperMarioFan65 Pat Penguinator :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 4 5 Needlemouse-Penguinator by bladehandlerx Needlemouse-Penguinator :iconbladehandlerx:bladehandlerx 3 0 Penguinator by SchizophrenicPenguin Penguinator :iconschizophrenicpenguin:SchizophrenicPenguin 2 5 The Very Hungry Caterkiller by TerribleToadQueen The Very Hungry Caterkiller :iconterribletoadqueen:TerribleToadQueen 2 6 Miiverse - Zeena by Agentwolfman626 Miiverse - Zeena :iconagentwolfman626:Agentwolfman626 1 0 Penguinator by TFWTH Penguinator :icontfwth:TFWTH 4 5 Miiverse - The Almighty Penguinator by Agentwolfman626 Miiverse - The Almighty Penguinator :iconagentwolfman626:Agentwolfman626 0 0 Penguinator Concept Art by ShadowNCS Penguinator Concept Art :iconshadowncs:ShadowNCS 1 0 Penguinator Snake Edition by Yeow95 Penguinator Snake Edition :iconyeow95:Yeow95 0 0 Happy Holidays From a Gamer by ThatOtherGuy19 Happy Holidays From a Gamer :iconthatotherguy19:ThatOtherGuy19 10 6 Penguins on the March 027. by GermanCityGirl Penguins on the March 027. :icongermancitygirl:GermanCityGirl 5 0 Nuzlocke pt2 by ShortCatt Nuzlocke pt2 :iconshortcatt:ShortCatt 0 4 Penguinator T-800 by Yeow95 Penguinator T-800 :iconyeow95:Yeow95 1 0 Needlemouse - Penguinator by ShawnTheHedgehog Needlemouse - Penguinator :iconshawnthehedgehog:ShawnTheHedgehog 3 8 Penguins on the March 028. by GermanCityGirl Penguins on the March 028. :icongermancitygirl:GermanCityGirl 3 0
Hedgehog Adventures: Ep4 -C2
Chapter 2: Lockdown - City under Ice
On the Egg Carrier, Eggman was adjusting Dominoes programming as Glade got ready for his mission. He put on his black armour and put weapons in his carrier pouch on his back. He remembered what the figure had told him aside when Eggman was not listening.
'Take these...and make sure you hit each of them with one of these... Blitz is your main objective, hit him with the largest one...' The objects in question were red shards of some kind, they glowed red and seemed very sharp. Glade made his way to the deck of the ship. He was soon joined by Dominoe, Eggman and the Hedgehog Figure.
'Ok know your objectives...Go! Don't Fail me!' ordered the hedgehog
'Yes Master' Glade kneeled and left for the City. He made his way to the highway ring road.
Dominoe was also dispatched, he mission was to attract attention towards Glade.
'Will this work?' asked Eggman
'Of course it will you plans never fail' he laughed evily, as they looked off the
:iconxxblitz-hedgiixx:XxBlitz-HedgiixX 7 146
Nuzlocke pt1 by ShortCatt Nuzlocke pt1 :iconshortcatt:ShortCatt 7 7 The Penguinator by DGwar The Penguinator :icondgwar:DGwar 0 0