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Linus and the Great Pumpkin
The day was nearing, the day that all little kids looked forwards to. The last day of October, also known as Halloween. But to children, the day you get to dress up and collect candy.
But for one boy, it meant waiting in the pumpkin patch and waiting for a hero.
Linus was sitting at his table, with several sheet of paper and a pencil in his hand, getting ready to write his wish list to the Great Pumpkin.
'Dear Great Pumpkin,
It has appeared that another year has gone by, and as the date approaches, I know you are getting busier.'
He paused his writing as he noticed his sister, Lucy come by and rest her elbows on the table next to him, to read his writing.
'So, I'll try to keep this letter short enough for you to quickly read. This year, instead of asking for world peace or no drama at school (because we all know that that's impossible), I'll ask you for more simple things. I'd like that new bike in the front of the bicycle shop, to replace my old one. I'd also like the Monster Truck
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