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Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.1
Rebuilding a Broken Heart
Chapter 1: Of Overprotective Brothers
Is the year 2007, 5 years after the end of MaloMyotismon, it was February 5, 9 days before Valentine's Day and the digidestined were at the park talking about the Valentine's Day party they're planning. The party will be held on TK and Matt's house. They are living together again since their parents remarried about 2 years ago.
"Okay guys and girls, Matt and TK are providing the house and Matt also the music, the rest of us can provide the food and we need a lot since some humans and mons can eat for more than one," Sora said glancing at Tai, Davis, Agumon and Veemon making the others stiffen a laugh.
"Hey! I can control myself if I want to," Tai defended himself and Mimi giggled.
"Yeah hon but that isn't too often," she said and then leaned close enough so her mouth was closer to his ear.
"Mostly when we make out tiger," she whispered seductively and loud enough for everyone else to hear and whistle making T
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