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Old memories 2 by FrancescaDelfino Old memories 2 :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 411 19 Burning Lust by Xerces Burning Lust :iconxerces:Xerces 357 99 :: Passion :: by Liek :: Passion :: :iconliek:Liek 430 86 Aria by vtas Aria :iconvtas:vtas 1,518 92 Poise in Silhouette by ryoung Poise in Silhouette :iconryoung:ryoung 636 48 All About Passion by WishmasterAlchemist All About Passion :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 487 26 Just you and me 1 by FrancescaDelfino Just you and me 1 :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 226 9 Of Passion And Sorrow by Kythra Of Passion And Sorrow :iconkythra:Kythra 180 54 Soft and delicate by FrancescaDelfino Soft and delicate :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 171 8 Red passion by Tania-S Red passion :icontania-s:Tania-S 379 103 Red rose 3 by FrancescaDelfino Red rose 3 :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 161 6 passion by meyrembulucek passion :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 235 125 The look by loreelamia The look :iconloreelamia:loreelamia 543 151 Passion by optiv-flatworms Passion :iconoptiv-flatworms:optiv-flatworms 88 32 Dark passion set by JuliaKotreJewelry Dark passion set :iconjuliakotrejewelry:JuliaKotreJewelry 188 22 Fruit Rainbow Ponies by Vampasaurus Fruit Rainbow Ponies :iconvampasaurus:Vampasaurus 215 48 Marunae Ignis Pi by CelticBotan Marunae Ignis Pi :iconcelticbotan:CelticBotan 203 38 S e r e n i t y by arslansinan S e r e n i t y :iconarslansinan:arslansinan 245 82 Passion Play by bittersweetvenom Passion Play :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 183 8 A flower's heart by Kami-no-kuroi-namida A flower's heart :iconkami-no-kuroi-namida:Kami-no-kuroi-namida 147 23 Open book 1 by FrancescaDelfino Open book 1 :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 119 4 Passion by anotherphilip Passion :iconanotherphilip:anotherphilip 166 16 Dark passion necklace by JuliaKotreJewelry Dark passion necklace :iconjuliakotrejewelry:JuliaKotreJewelry 142 18 Passion by MiaJitaru Passion :iconmiajitaru:MiaJitaru 254 44 DiAgNoSiS:amorousness by starlit-sky DiAgNoSiS:amorousness :iconstarlit-sky:starlit-sky 82 88 Passion and love by FrancescaDelfino Passion and love :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 160 6 Orgasm by FlexDreams Orgasm :iconflexdreams:FlexDreams 191 4 Passion by Ellohine Passion :iconellohine:Ellohine 127 28 Passion And Lust Diptych by Xerces Passion And Lust Diptych :iconxerces:Xerces 136 52 Loveless: Akame Nisei by Rosenbraut Loveless: Akame Nisei :iconrosenbraut:Rosenbraut 125 26 nature's passion by tsiapas nature's passion :icontsiapas:tsiapas 128 40 Dawn of the Light by WyldAngel Dawn of the Light :iconwyldangel:WyldAngel 91 33 The Fire of Passion by rinaswan The Fire of Passion :iconrinaswan:rinaswan 202 45 Red rose 2 by FrancescaDelfino Red rose 2 :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 125 5 First Morning Touch by PendulumPhotography First Morning Touch :iconpendulumphotography:PendulumPhotography 101 95
One Shining Star
Another angel
Has gone and lost her halo
Another young man
Has gone and pulled her down
Perhaps he's guilty
Of bringing her perspective
It's far too early
For tears to hit the ground
He isn't sorry
For knocking down her pedestal
Though he's sympathetic
It's all she's ever known
He wouldn't have done it
If he hadn't thought her worth it
But can she see it
For once she's not alone
One shining star
Fallen so far
Somehow she feels out of place
And yet she's excited
She's just another girl
Exploring new worlds
And though she's not used to it
He makes her feel wanted
Her eyes have lifted
For once things aren't so easy
She feels a twinge of anger
Though she pushes it back down
It's just like her friends said
Welcome change isn't always invited
She's overwhelmed by emotion
But it's far too soon to drown
Somehow she's floating
Because he's buoyed up her spirits
Inside she's still shaking
Because inside she's still afraid
He's all she's got now
And she wonders if it goes both ways
But when it co
:iconazialsilvara:AzialSilvara 15 5
A Moment to Themselves by Shadow-Ninja-Zero A Moment to Themselves :iconshadow-ninja-zero:Shadow-Ninja-Zero 54 3 Love Recipe by CRISTYNNA-NECROPOLIS Love Recipe :iconcristynna-necropolis:CRISTYNNA-NECROPOLIS 53 46 Age of Passion by AndreaAndrade Age of Passion :iconandreaandrade:AndreaAndrade 67 9 63. :La metaphore de l'amour: by bittersweetvenom 63. :La metaphore de l'amour: :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 271 13 Cry me red roses by bittersweetvenom Cry me red roses :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 169 10 .LoVeDrUnK. by CozyComfyCouch .LoVeDrUnK. :iconcozycomfycouch:CozyComfyCouch 35 19 u p p s by arslansinan u p p s :iconarslansinan:arslansinan 35 36 Dancers by Shinetop Dancers :iconshinetop:Shinetop 112 36 Burning Passion by Xerces Burning Passion :iconxerces:Xerces 98 30 Reminiscence by Lady-Tori Reminiscence :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 360 37 Dark Elegance by Winged-Creations Dark Elegance :iconwinged-creations:Winged-Creations 83 5 A Passion For Fall by zoozee A Passion For Fall :iconzoozee:zoozee 94 93 Alois' teapot by aliceprewett Alois' teapot :iconaliceprewett:aliceprewett 59 15 Broken Hearts, Burning Passion by VFallingV Broken Hearts, Burning Passion :iconvfallingv:VFallingV 88 35