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green goblin is a liittle bit insane by nebezial green goblin is a liittle bit insane :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,354 279 That's A Lot of Spiders by thelivingmachine02 That's A Lot of Spiders :iconthelivingmachine02:thelivingmachine02 1,453 143
My Little Girl (Peter Parker X Stark!Reader)
You hefted your bag higher on your shoulder, leaving school for the weekend.
You had a terrible day, it seemed like Stacy Evans was born to make your life miserable.
You had stacks of homework that had to be done before Monday, plus, the Stark Industries ball was tonight.
You were pulled from your thoughts by the song Back In Black playing loudly throughout the parking lot.
He wouldn't.
Oh, but he would.
You groaned and walked up to the crowd. Just as you had feared, your father was giving his trademark flirty smile to the teenage girls gushing over him.
“That's disgusting.” You thought.
You took a deep breath and ran through the crowd, grabbing your dad's hand in the process, dragging him to the car.
“I cannot believe you just did that.” You complained. He just laughed, “You're going to be popular now.”
“That's the problem.” You mumbled too low for him to hear.
This was most likely th
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The Amazing Spider-man by PatrickBrown The Amazing Spider-man :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,282 884 Stony - Super Valentine II by Vivalski Stony - Super Valentine II :iconvivalski:Vivalski 1,798 264 Iron Spider Suiting Up Animation by Z-studios Iron Spider Suiting Up Animation :iconz-studios:Z-studios 1,952 324 Auto Avenger: Venom by ChasingArtwork Auto Avenger: Venom :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,717 158 Spider-Man Hoodies by lumpyhippo Spider-Man Hoodies :iconlumpyhippo:lumpyhippo 715 97 The Amazing Spider-man by PatrickBrown The Amazing Spider-man :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 7,124 541 so i saw spiderman... by nebezial so i saw spiderman... :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,653 105 Tony Stark - Iron Man 3 by kleinmeli Tony Stark - Iron Man 3 :iconkleinmeli:kleinmeli 2,804 194 Stupid Webhead by ribkaDory Stupid Webhead :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,293 17
Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD!
You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never... you know what. Bees and birds... to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch, trying to focus on your book, as much as he was trying to focus on his. But you both were distracting each other just by existing. Finally he sighed heavily and put the book down, as you grinned with victory on your face.
"I won." You smirked and closed the book. "What would I get as a reward?" You purred silently looking at him closely. He smiled and opened his arms.
"C'mere (Nickname)." You willingly cuddled up to him, burying your face in his chest. God he was warm and so comfortable. "Happy?"
"You have no idea." You hummed hugging him tightly. "God you're a wonderful bed Peter. I'm gonna keep you." He chuckled slightly as you groaned. "Don't you dare move! I just got com
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Peter Parker by Quirkilicious Peter Parker :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 6,842 407 Lost and Found by ribkaDory Lost and Found :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 2,467 97 Hmmm by ribkaDory Hmmm :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 2,031 43 Spiderman 3 by JPRart Spiderman 3 :iconjprart:JPRart 4,982 418
I'm Spiderman
I'm Spiderman (Peter Parker x Reader)
"(Y/n)! Hurry up!" Peter yelled up the stairs.
"I'm not coming down! You go on with out me!" You yelled back.
He sighed, walking up the stairs while fixing his shirt. "Come on (Y/n). Its prom night."
Opening the door slightly, you looked at him. You had tear stained cheeks, swolen eyes, and slightly flushed face. "Peter, I don't want to go anymore."
"Why's that?" He asked, already knowing your answer.
"(Boyfriends name) ditched me at the last second. He was cheating on me the whole time." You told him, opening the door to hug him.
Peter sighed and gently wrapped his arms around your waist. He saw (B/F/N) with some other girl, but he didn't say anything. If he told her, she would wonder why he was there.
He couldn't bear to tell her he was Spiderman. At least not yet. "I'll go with you."
You looked up at him, noticing he covered up a bruises with some make-up. "What happened to you Peter?" You asked him, gently running your fingers over the largest
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Not a Hero, Just a Boy
When it began, Peter would leave without telling his parents and when they saw the bruises he'll tell them that he fell off his skateboard. It doesn't take a genius to see that those bruises could have never been caused by a simple fall, and Tony actually is a genius so he's pretty fast to find out that Peter's lying.
It doesn't take long for Steve to put the pieces of the puzzle together either, but when they have a serious talk about it, Peter tells his parents that they are crazy and leaves for his room, limping.
That went on for weeks, until Tony decided that 'screw his privacy, he's my son and he's lying to me' so he plays dirty. It was one of those nights when everything was way too quiet in Peter's room, save for the music playing in his computer, and Tony knew he was out. So he simply got in and waited in the dark until Peter came in through the window. The blue and red suit was ripped and stained dark from blood and Tony was not sure if he was more angry or worried. He went fo
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Advice (Avenger!Loki x Avenger!Reader)
-Avenger!Reader, fluff, all Avengers included
"Do you ever wonder why you're so beautiful?"
You grunt as you dodge yet another one of the monster’s attack, quickly rolling to your feet and sending a rush of fire its way. The monster keens in pain and takes a step back, it massive footstep shaking the ground.
"Loki! Shut up and help me!"
"I just a minute!"
You make yet another hard juke to the right, stopping just in time to avoid falling off the roof.
"Loki!" you demand as you briefly glance at him lying wistfully on the ground across the way.
"No, you simply don't understand. This is something that's been plaguing my mind for quite some time now."
"Loki I swear to God...!"
Loki sighs dramatically before swiftly rising to his feet and turning to face the violent beast. With the graceful swish of his hand, the creature is riddled with enormous icicles and it falls lifeless to the tattered Manhattan streets below.
"Oh, now where was
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Spiderchibi 10 Drunk by OrangeBlueCream Spiderchibi 10 Drunk :iconorangebluecream:OrangeBlueCream 576 188 sketches by nebezial sketches :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,756 97 Worlds Collide by ribkaDory Worlds Collide :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 6,869 288 Spider-Couple by ribkaDory Spider-Couple :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,636 45 I just wanted to be special... by ribkaDory I just wanted to be special... :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 2,144 103 CODENAME: THE SPIDER by AdamLimbert CODENAME: THE SPIDER :iconadamlimbert:AdamLimbert 827 101 Dump 13 Jan. Feb. by ribkaDory Dump 13 Jan. Feb. :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 949 34 SpiderKiss by ribkaDory SpiderKiss :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,829 48 Papa Peter - Spideypool by ribkaDory Papa Peter - Spideypool :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 2,121 61 For the fans ENG [Spideypool] 6/7 by RockingTheWorld For the fans ENG [Spideypool] 6/7 :iconrockingtheworld:RockingTheWorld 569 13 The Amazing Scarlet Spider by Zimonini The Amazing Scarlet Spider :iconzimonini:Zimonini 797 77 Birth control is not a mutant power by o-rlyization Birth control is not a mutant power :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 2,397 313 Marvel-come on Spidey by Athew Marvel-come on Spidey :iconathew:Athew 2,740 86 DressUp Game - Create ur Irken by InvaderKel DressUp Game - Create ur Irken :iconinvaderkel:InvaderKel 1,753 930 Spiderman x Black Cat by Heylenne Spiderman x Black Cat :iconheylenne:Heylenne 2,611 174 6 Spider-Man Versions by jbyrd117 6 Spider-Man Versions :iconjbyrd117:jbyrd117 493 53 The Amazing Spider Man by biggreenpepper The Amazing Spider Man :iconbiggreenpepper:biggreenpepper 1,997 68 AVAVP by Res-Gestae AVAVP :iconres-gestae:Res-Gestae 1,547 191 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN by Pryce14 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN :iconpryce14:Pryce14 1,751 42 Discount Halloween by naomi-makes-art73 Discount Halloween :iconnaomi-makes-art73:naomi-makes-art73 1,015 44 Cletus Kasady Vs. Carnage by ProfessorAdagio Cletus Kasady Vs. Carnage :iconprofessoradagio:ProfessorAdagio 471 23 The Amazing Spider-man by kanapy-art The Amazing Spider-man :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 5,007 176 GHOST RIDER by nachomolina GHOST RIDER :iconnachomolina:nachomolina 1,544 147 3 girls from Marvel new one by PauloSiqueira 3 girls from Marvel new one :iconpaulosiqueira:PauloSiqueira 1,979 315 CHASING THE GREEN GOBLIN by nachomolina CHASING THE GREEN GOBLIN :iconnachomolina:nachomolina 1,519 109 The Hybrid Symbiote by ProfessorAdagio The Hybrid Symbiote :iconprofessoradagio:ProfessorAdagio 410 7 One On One (clean version) by kopfstoff One On One (clean version) :iconkopfstoff:kopfstoff 3,700 433 Tony Stark by kleinmeli Tony Stark :iconkleinmeli:kleinmeli 4,736 432 Did you just draw on our son? by LadyCibia Did you just draw on our son? :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 1,520 233 Hero School: The Avengers Take Classes by lostatsea101 Hero School: The Avengers Take Classes :iconlostatsea101:lostatsea101 1,361 541